Mike Tyson Religion: Is Mike Tyson a Muslim Like Muhammad Ali?

Fans have witnessed numerous athletes converting from one religion to another, such as Djibril Cissé to Christianity and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar converting to Islam. Speaking of the boxing world, several prominent figures converted to Islam, which means surrender to the will of God. It’s safe to say this trend began with Muhammad Ali, and even in recent times, boxers like Gervonta Davis have undergone religious conversions. Given the many big boxing superstars who have changed their religion, many fans have questioned whether Mike Tyson has also changed his faith and what religion he currently follows.

When it comes to religion, it’s about different ways of living and philosophies of life. Sometimes, people are drawn to certain ideas and teachings from other religions. In Tyson’s case, he idolized Ali from a young age, and like his idol, he eventually converted to Islam. So answering it simply, Tyson, originally a Christian, later converted to Islam and now follows that religion. But when did he change it?

When and why did Mike Tyson convert to Islam?
In 1992, while in prison for a rape conviction, Tyson converted to Islam. While he was giving a thought before his incarceration, but solidified during his time at the Indiana Youth Center in Plainfield. When he was asked about what gravitated him to Islam, he stated,

“That’s just who I am as a person.”

Did ‘Iron Mike’ Change His Name after converting to Islam?
While we have seen Cassius Clay becoming Muhammad Ali and Gervonta Davis becoming Abdul Wahid, the question is, did Tyson also change his name after conversion? Well, to answer it in one word no, he didn’t change the name, but many reports suggest he did change it to Malik Abdul Aziz, which Tyson later denied.

Is Tyson a hardcore Khabib Nurmagomedov-like Islam practitioner?
Khabib Nurmagomedov is a devoted follower of his religion. When discussing Tyson, he mentioned that he wanted to die as a Muslim. However, he admits to being a lazy Muslim who doesn’t have time to follow every custom and ritual, but he emphasizes that he prays regularly. In his words,

“Yes, but I’m one of those lazy Muslims who constantly postpone everything, all my rituals because I’m constantly at work. I am a bee that cannot stop, I don’t work for money anymore, but I can’t stop. I want to be with my family, and do some of my work until I go somewhere again. Life flies fast. I will soon be left with only pictures.”

In simple terms, just like his idol, Tyson is a Muslim, though not a strict one due to the challenges of practicing, but he follows the ideology and philosophy of Islam.


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