Mike Tyson Struggles Breathing After Taking an “Uppercut to the Lungs” Draws Wild Fan Reactions: “Undisputed King of Smoke”

Ever since his retirement, Mike Tyson has been a big proponent of cannabis and its effects on health. However, in an Instagram post today, cannabis left ‘Iron Mike’ unable to breathe. The retired heavyweight champion kickstarted his Tyson 2.0 brand, selling cannabis products in America, which has since taken off immensely.

With the help of its parent company, Tyson 2.0 has partnered with other big names in the industry, introducing several brands and products under the umbrella of Carma Hold Co. Meanwhile, in a recent collaboration with Vape City, ‘Iron’ Mike showed up in one of their stores to promote his products. However, it led to the incident that led to Mike gasping for air.

Mike Tyson attempts a daring feat


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Sharing a clip from Mike’s visit to Vape City’s store, Tyson 2.0 wrote in the caption of the post, “[Vape City] brought all the smoke.” In the meantime, the clip showed Mike breathing in clouds of smoke from a custom vape shaped like a Gatling gun. However, as Tyson drew in the fumes through his lips, a fit of coughing and heaving seized the champion.

Accepting the fact that he had taken on more than he could chew, Tyson limited himself from giving it another go, gesturing to the person holding the custom vape that he had had enough. However, when the pugilistic world chanced upon the clip on Instagram, it provoked responses unforeseen and peculiar from its denizens.

Fans crown Tyson as the king of smoke

Despite being a connoisseur of the product for years, Mike’s attempt at filling up his innards with the white fumes sent fans into a frenzy, expressing their thoughts. One user reflected on the clip, wishing their life could mirror Mike’s. “I wish I could just enjoy life like you [Mike],” the user wrote. Only a couple of decades of hard work and defeating numerous formidable fighters stand on the path to a life resembling Mike’s.

Another user expressed joy at witnessing Mike undertaking great things. “God, it’s good to see our legends doing big things,” the user commented. Someone else took a wild guess, claiming the store Mike was in could be in the state of Texas. “Willing to bet this was in Texas too,” wrote the user.

Witnessing Mike’s struggle with the clouds of smoke, the next user suggested it was an “Uppercut to the lungs.” Meanwhile, another user crowned Tyson the “Undisputed king of smoke” after witnessing the clip.

As Mike struggled to draw in a breath after inhaling the fumes from the vape, fans expressed thoughts like they are in the wild wild west. What did you think about the clip? Would you attempt it?


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