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The game was originally created by Markus Persson, a Swedish video game developer. He created the video game company Mojang Studios, with which he developed the famous game.

The Alpha version of Minecraft APK was released on May 17, 2009. And just over a year later, on December 20, 2010, the Beta version was released. It was not until 2 and a half years after the first version was released, on November 18, 2011, when, after the execution of various patches and updates, the full version was released.


Thanks to the resounding success that it achieved, about 3 years later, Microsoft bought the rights to Minecraft for a total value of 2.5 billion dollars. With the purchase by Microsoft Markus, the creator of Minecraft APK Mod moved away from the project and the company.

After a few years, different editions of the game have been released by Microsoft, such as the Minecraft Education Edition version or the Dungeon version.

Minecraft Genre and Game Development- Download Minecraft APK

We can consider Minecraft as a construction game, Sandbox type and open world. As there is no specific objective, you will have freedom of movement and choices when playing.

General data about Minecraft-Minecraft Java Edition APK

Minecraft has been generating different updates over the years. At the moment, the latest updates are from versions v1.18, v1.19.

Although you will like to know that Mojang confirmed in a digital event (Minecraft Lives) that a new Minecraft update will be released in 2022. The update will be called the Wild Update.

Minecraft is one of the games available on more different platforms. Although its availability was progressive over time, it is currently available for: Windows, macOS, Linux (compatible with Java), Android, iOS, iPad OS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Raspberry Pi, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS, Windows Phone, Fire OS and tvOS.


How is Minecraft developed? – Minecraft APK latest version

When you play for the first time you will find yourself on a map that will be generated little by little by an algorithm and that is made up of chunks (or pieces) of sixteen by sixteen blocks.

As you move around the map, new “pieces” of that map will be generated, while those you have already visited are saved, so we can say that the world you will find in Minecraft is practically infinite

The original thing about this game is that the algorithm makes it almost impossible for 2 equal worlds to be created. Maps can be based on different types of terrain. They can be deserts, plains, oceans, jungles, tundras,…

In addition there are different day cycles and night cycles, which more or less last about 20 minutes in real life. This will be important for the development of the game because during the day you will have to prepare for what will come at night when the different creatures that you will have to protect yourself from begin to appear.

During that time you will have to destroy blocks and store materials to create different tools that will help you advance. The blocks or cubes that you will have to destroy/store are made of different elements found in nature. For example, stone, coal, wood, iron, etc…

Although by default the game mode will be in first person, you can change it to play in third person.

Finally, although as we have mentioned, you can play in a game mode without clear objectives, you will have an achievement system that will make any type of game mode you choose very enjoyable.

Game Modes Available in Minecraft Standard Mode- Minecraft APK Mod

Minecraft APK has several game modes depending on your tastes, which makes it one of the most complete games on the market. Let’s take a look at the different modes available to you:

Minecraft Survival- Free Minecraft APK for Android

We can talk about the mode most used by Minecraft APK players, so it will be more available on most servers and we will have access to a greater number of options and challenges.

In this mode you decide the type of game you want to have or you want to play.

You can enjoy it in a peaceful way, just exploring the map for treasures and different hidden wonders.

But you can also play in warrior mode and go in search of adventures such as reaching the center of the earth, searching for bastions and netherite, or reaching to find the dragon and face him.

However you want to enjoy Minecraft, you will have an almost infinite world of possibilities to have fun.

Another factor to take into account in this game mode is the difficulty. Depending on the one you choose, your experience will be a little different.

In the peaceful level you will be able to play practically without danger of dying since you will not be attacked by the creatures and your life will regenerate without having to do anything. You will only be in danger of dying if you fall from a considerable height or drown. Unlike the creative mode, which we will talk about later, in this mode you have to collect materials and process them.


The easy level is usually a good way to start if this is your first Minecraft experience. The creatures will attack you, but they will do little damage so it will be difficult for you to die easily.

In the normal level, the most used by the players, you will have to be more careful with the creatures outside and not to go too hungry, since you can practically become lifeless if you do not pay attention to your physical needs. To play at this level you will need a better level of strategy and planning.

Hard mode is reserved for experts in the game. It is usually widely used by Youtubers to make Gameplay videos. In this mode, the creatures deal a lot of damage and tough armor and there are zombies that can even enter your shelter.

The command to play this mode is: /gamemode survival

Minecraft Extreme- Minecraft APK latest version for Android 2022

If the hard mode of Minecraft Survival is made for a select few, the Minecraft Extreme mode is even more exclusive.

It is chosen in the initial selector when creating a new Minecraft map. The development of the game in this mode is very similar to that of the difficult level. The differences are that you will not be able to activate any of the available cheats during the game, you will not be able to change the difficulty level at any time and you will only have one life.

If you die in solo mode, the game is over. If you are in multiplayer mode, your game will be over, but you can continue in spectator mode.

Minecraft Creative- Minecraft APK 2022 for Android

This is another of the Minecraft game modes most used by players. In this game mode you don’t have to worry about fighting creatures or collecting food or materials. With a single blow and without the need for tools you can break any block.

This game mode is designed for people with unlimited imagination potential, as you will have unlimited materials to create your own structures. Here the limit will only be in your imagination.

Minecraft Adventure- Minecraft APK Android Free Download

This is a mode that is not meant to be played per se. In fact, it is the least used mode by players. Rather it is intended for people who are dedicated to creating maps.

This mode will let you modify certain game mechanics to fit your preferences and thus be able to create maps with unique experiences. Therefore, it is designed to create maps that you will later share with other players.

The command to play this mode is: /gamemode adventure

Spectator Mode- Minecraft APK mod infinite money

As its name suggests, this game mode is prepared to see and access any part of the map. You will be able to cross the blocks as if they did not exist. You will not be able to interact with any blocks or creatures and although you will be able to see inside the chests you will not be able to use what is inside, since you will not have an inventory.

As you can imagine, it is a way to spend time in the magical world of Minecraft without too much stress.

The command to play this mode is: /gamemode spectator

Minecraft extra game modes

Currently Minecraft APK has 2 additional alternative game modes to the original mode. These are Minecraft Education Edition mode and Dungeon mode.

Minecraft Education edition mode

Microsoft created this new mode for educational distribution. Minecraft is currently being used in numerous schools around the world.

With this tool, teachers can create different learning experiences to help their students develop various skills. For example, to work in a team, to solve problems or to improve their creativity.

Minecraft dungeon mode

A game mode, again, different from the rest. If what you like are action games in cooperative mode, this game mode will be more adapted to your needs.

In this mode, they can play from 1 to 4 players and you will have to go through different dungeons. In each of them you will be able to find valuable treasures, carry out risky missions to save the villagers and fight with the evil Arch-Illager.

At the moment there are 7 different packages available for download.

We are going to make a brief summary of what you can find in each package:

  • Ultimate DLC – A compilation of all packs into one. With DLC Ultimate you can play the entire story from start to finish.
  • Echoing Void – The final chapter of this interesting series of quests. With this package you can finally finish these challenges.
  • Hidden depths: this time you will have to dive deep to discover the new quests and hidden treasures.
  • Flames of the Underworld: According to the creators of Minecraft, the most ambitious project in Dungeon mode to date. Isn’t it starting to get hot in here?
  • Howling Peaks – Only suitable for players without fear of heights. This package will take you on a special mission to the top of the peaks.
  • Spooky Winter: In this adventure you will have to defeat the Dragon Specter in a frozen environment. Do you bear the cold well?
  • Jungle Awakens: This pack will test your skills when it comes to saving the hidden life of the jungle dwellers.

Minecraft Latest Impressions- Minecraft APK All Unlocked

As you may have seen, this is a very complete game, with numerous game modes adaptable to all the tastes of each player and available on practically any platform that you can have access to.