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Name Zombie Frontier 4 APK
ID com.feelingtouch.zfsniper
Developer FT Games
Category Games
MOD Features God Mode
Size 293M

Zombie Frontier 4 – The #1 sniper game

Zombie Frontier 4 Mod Apk is a super attractive sniper game from the publisher FT Games. The game is set in the chaos of the world after a radioactive leak. It directly affects people's lives. The radioactive substances created genetic mutations and triggered the return of the Zombie.
Humans must stand up to fight them to regain their lives and the world. You will play the role of a hero to save humanity, using a sniper rifle to kill all kinds of zombies. Zombie Frontier 4 will give you missions, try to complete and win as quickly as possible. Therefore, the game requires players to have skills in aiming and using guns to be able to defeat enemies.

The gameplay is simple but attractive

Zombie Frontier 4 God Mod is loved by its simple but attractive and dramatic gameplay. Throughout the game, you just need to aim and shoot to destroy the undead with fast speed. The tasks in the following rounds are more difficult than the previous ones. When shooting, you need to accumulate experience and skills to apply for the next round. When completing the mission, you will receive rewards and items, use it to upgrade weapons, making it easier to fight zombies.

Attractive features of Zombie Frontier 4

With the mod of Zombie Frontier 4, FT Games wants to bring the best experience to players. Therefore, the new features are improved more optimally.

The ability of the undead to grow rapidly increased. Their growth rate will be a pressure on players. Not only in terms of speed, but also the number of spawns will overwhelm players. Gamers will face many challenges in the process of destroying them. So you need to kill them quickly and accurately to save time and prevent them from multiplying faster.
Find and collect state-of-the-art weapons. Weapons are an indispensable element in every battle. In this game, the most important weapon is the gun. Each type of gun has a different damage ability. Like AWM, Barret, .. are commonly used types and have high damage. In addition to sniper rifles, there are also field guns and machine guns, giving players the freedom to choose
Upgrade equipment. The game allows you to upgrade other equipment, to serve the best combat. Players can collect or unlock items such as grenades, rescue items, etc. These items can be upgraded for better use.

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