Monica Garcia Needs to Lead the Next ‘Ultimate Girl’s Trip

Monica Garcia won’t be back for ‘The Real Housewives Salt Lake City’ Season 5, might as well send her on an Ultimate Girl’s Trip! Viva Monica Mania!

Monica Garcia wears a birthday tiara at the beach for 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City'
Image via Bravo

The Big Picture

  • Monica Garcia deserves a chance on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girl’s Trip to prove her worth as the next big reality star.
  • Placing Monica among the biggest and baddest villains on the trip could help her make amends and show if she is truly a big baddy.
  • The future of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girl’s Trip may be uncertain, but including Monica could create television gold.

The ladies of Salt Lake City won’t film with the brains behind Reality Von Tease, but the fans are craving more Monica Garcia. After her single-season stint on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Bravo needs to capitalize on the momentum and send some of the franchise’s biggest villains and bad girls on an Ultimate Girl’s Trip! With a cast of housewives we love to hate, it’s bound to be spicy! Hey Bermuda, are you ready for some stormy weather again with some reality TV villains?

Coming off of their strongest season, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s fourth season ended with breathtaking reveals. Had Heather Gay not proven that she would make a brilliant undercover detective, the biggest shock would have come when Heather revealed that the culprit of her infamous black eye was caused by the now-imprisoned Jen Shah. But once Heather revealed to the girls that Monica Garcia was the mastermind, or, as Monica claims part of the group, behind Reality Von (Tea)se, all bets were off and The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City would never be the same again.

Unless you’re living under a rock, in the season finale, Monica Garcia was confronted with the accusation that she was behind the social media account that trolled and bullied the original cast members of the Salt Lake City series. Throughout the final Bermudian dinner and the three-part Reunion, Monica owned up to only part of the scandal while trying to deflect as to the motivation behind the social media-hit jobs. Since the airing of the reunion special, Andy Cohen has stated on Radio Andy that The Real Housewives and Monica Garcia are taking a “cooling off period.” He said he didn’t shut the door while The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City showrunner Lori Gordon said, “Never say never.” The ladies may need a break from fan-turned-reality star, perhaps Bravo is not quite ready to cut the chord.

Monica Garcia Deserves an ‘Ultimate Girl’s Trip’ For Making Iconic Television

Monica Garcia shows Andy Cohen her burn book at the season four reunion of 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City'
Image via Bravo

Monica Garcia has become one of the most divisive characters to appear on The Real Housewives for some time. It may be best to keep Monica Mania alive while they still can. The perfect place to do so is by placing her straight in the middle of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girl’s Trip. Imagine sending Monica and some of the biggest Housewife villains and bad girls in Bravolebrity history on an extravagant vacation. And to ensure that the fans know Monica is their centerpiece, sending her back to Bermuda for her unfinished business would make excellent television. Will she connect with her family? All signs point to no.

From a moral perspective, rewarding Monica for what some would call vile behavior might be questionable. But her debut performance on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City proved she infused new life into the hit series. While many of the Housewives are known for their elaborate houses and unachievable wardrobe and accessories, Monica came in as an accessible lens for the regular person viewing from home. Though her intentions may now be called into question at this point, watching Monica call out fellow housewife Lisa Barlow for being materialistic a few episodes following her sobbing that she bought a designer bag just to fit in, Monica still ended up being relatable. As the season continued and the truths came to light, figuring out if Monica was genuine or not is now the biggest mystery.

It’s very easy to go back and rewatch Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and not think every move Monica made was calculated. Monica Garcia exhibited chaotic behavior from start to finish. Did she purposely bait the rumors of Angie Katsanevas’ husband? Was there any fabrication about her relationship with her mother? Did she need to bring up the sex life of Heather’s daughter? Even when exposing her insecurities and occasionally becoming the voice of reason, Monica’s range and versatility helped elevate her as not only a brilliant reality television character but an excellent antagonist. She is the villain you love to watch because she’s unexpected. While at first, she seemed like any of the housewives that had graced the screens, Monica’s intentions became the center of her character. If she is disingenuous, the villain crown will be bestowed on her head as she lands on the Mount Rushmore of Real Housewives Villains.

These ‘Real Housewives’ Bad Girls Need a Trip With Monica Garcia

They say that time heals all wounds, but the pain Monica Garcia inflected on her Season 4 cast mates might have been eternally damaging. It’s clear that they, and the show, want to see if Monica will learn and grow from her antics. Perhaps a way to see if she can make amends is to see how Monica can handle The Real Housewives’ biggest and baddest villains. Placing Monica in a luxury villa among villainess legends might allow her to discover if she is truly a big baddie. As they say, “Put up or shut up!” Just like E!’s House of Villains displayed reality television gold through their experiment, this experiment may be exactly what it takes to see if Monica is as tough as she says she is. If Monica can survive an Ultimate Girl’s Trip with these women, then maybe the ladies of Salt Lake City could welcome her back simply for the stories.

If House of Villains is any precursor, put a group of strong personalities together, they will battle to take the ultimate title. And if a bunch of these ladies are stuck in a stunning villa together, they will all try to claim the title of the ultimate villain on the Ultimate Girl’s Trip. To kick off this trip, Lisa Rinna must get a first-class ticket to paradise. Even though she was accused of being a bully and the fans called for her head, Lisa Rinna’s antics made her a star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Rinna “owned” her villain moniker and while she may have walked away from 90210, she might accept an invitation for a vacation. Especially if she knows another lady who went after their entire cast is present. Perhaps Rinna and Monica could be thick as thieves. When it comes to an invitation from a lady from New Jersey, the dream would be to bring their original villain Danielle Staub. She is notorious for creating some of the most iconic moments in the early days of The Real Housewives and would not shy away from a battle. As long as no one snatches her wig. She is no stranger to accusations, both towards her and coming from her, Monica could easily be her kid sister. If Danielle passes, call on the longest-tenured Housewife Teresa Guidice.

And if she passes, surely Jennifer Aydin is free and would love a chance to be considered relevant! While The Real Housewives of Dubai is only a season old, their second season is on the horizon and, while Caroline Stanbury may not appreciate being labeled a villain, she is a bad girl without a doubt. If Monica took issue with Lisa Barlow’s fancy lifestyle, Caroline Stanbury trumps her. When it comes to the legends of the franchise, Kenya Moore is a stunning queen. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was never shy about making the moment about her. From flirting with her costar’s ex or bringing a full marching band to a wig launch, Kenya Moore and Monica Garcia would be birds of a feather.

Perhaps the fandom, who loves to share their opinions, can vote on the final spots for this trip, but regardless of who’s there, Monica Garcia needs a second chance to prove her worth as the next big reality star. The future of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girl’s Trip may be up in the air due to the lawsuit coming from Caroline Manzo following her alleged incident with Brandi Glanville during the filming of their UGT. Bravo and Peacock could have television gold should they make this fantasy season. And maybe, just maybe, Monica Garcia could get her own spin-off series if she continues to shine.

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