Muhammad Ali’s Footwork or George Foreman’s Power? Olympic Medalist Ends the Debate

Boxing is a sport that involves countless skills. The most important being Footwork and power. A choice between the two is not an easy one. There is no one better to answer which skill prevails over the other than Olympic medalist Tony Jeffries. Jeffries, now retired, has been writing countless boxing and health articles.

Jeffries, a 2008 Summer Olympics Bronze medalist, made a post in response to a fan’s question on Instagram. The fan asked Jeffries to choose between footwork and power. As a reply, Jeffries chose an example to highlight his point. He pitted Muhammad Ali‘s footwork against George Foreman‘s power and gave his analysis on the topic. Jeffries being a trained fighter, and a celebrated one at that, answered the question in the post. Let us see what he had to say.

Tony Jeffries makes his pick between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman

Ali’s worldwide popularity is largely attributed to his unmatched skill in the boxing ring. His style was a captivating combination of agility, speed, and strategic brilliance that mesmerized audiences globally.

On the other hand, Foreman’s punches were synonymous with raw power, capable of delivering devastating force with each strike. His formidable punching prowess struck fear into the hearts of his opponents, earning him a reputation as one of the hardest hitters in boxing history.

The Silver Medalist chose Muhammad Ali’s footwork without hesitation. “I would pick the footwork day long because if you can move your feet like Muhammad Ali, George Foreman’s punches is not gonna be able to land, and yeah, although being able to knock anyone out, just for any punch you want would be very nice but yeah, the footwork all day long,” he said.

Ali’s footwork is not the only thing people remember him for.

How did Ali help Michael Jordan with racism?

Michael Jordan’s upbringing in Wilmington, North Carolina, was marred by pervasive racism. In contrast, the Ku Klux Klan’s presence influenced daily life, even extending to Jordan’s school supplies and sports equipment. Roland Lazenby’s biography, ‘Michael Jordan: The Life,’ published in 2014, details Jordan’s early encounters with racism and his struggle to overcome biases while navigating hatred. However, Muhammad Ali, the legendary heavyweight champion, played a pivotal role in reshaping Jordan’s perspective.

Watch This Story: 8 Muhammad Ali Quotes That Will Live Forever

In a 1993 interview, Jordan acknowledged Ali’s profound impact, crediting him with breaking down racial barriers and emphasizing the importance of rights for the colored community. Jordan expressed his aspiration to follow Ali’s example, striving to be recognized as a person first, irrespective of his black identity, echoing Ali’s legacy of transcending societal divisions.


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