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NBA Veteran Declines Michael Jordan and LeBron James Long-Standing GOAT Debate for 2 Reasons

Even the NBA might shut down, but the fans cannot stop taking sides between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. The trend is so powerful that the hosts of basketball podcasts and interviewers make it a habit to force their guests to choose one between the two icons. However, that does not work with former Portland Trail Blazers star Damon Stoudamire, who gave a unique set of reasons to justify why the debate is not necessary. Well, this doesn’t happen a bit too often. Moreover, it’s surprising that Stoudamire has shied away from answering, despite playing against both the King and his Airness.

But also, that is one of the reasons why he knows they are different. Stoudamire was asked to choose between LeBron James and MJ, but he answered, “They really wanna know only one debate though but I don’t really debate it. You know, they debate, you know Michael Jordan than LeBron, you know because, this era they know LeBron… but my thing is like, I just don’t it debate it.” It’s not because he does not want to participate, but he has his own set of reasons for it.

Stoudamire revealed, “Number one, I think they different players…number 2 is, I just think it’s different eras of basketball. Every era changes”. However, Stoudamire did not hesitate to give the NBA scoring leader an upper edge in one aspect.

Stoudamire gives LeBron James a slight upper hand in the GOAT debate

As soon as Stoudamire hesitated to choose a player, the host decided to ask if LeBron James could survive in Jordan’s era. “Easily”, said the Blazers icon, without a doubt. This is another side to the debate which has often been controversial. ‘Can LeBron James sustain the physicality of the 90s NBA?’. Stoudamire shared, “LeBron big as hell”. The netizens have always disregarded the Lakers superstar when it comes to the 90s physicality.

However, Stoudamire knows best. The 1996 ROTY has played both against Jordan and James. Most importantly, he has been a coach both in the NCAA and later in the NBA. The 50-year-old was the assistant coach of the Boston Celtics until last season. Stoudamire made it clear that James can go both ways, in the modern and old era, but can Michael Jordan do so?


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