NeNe Leаkes’ Son Bryson Bryаnt Served Pарers After Cһіld Suррort Lаwsuіt - Apkcombat

NeNe Leаkes’ Son Bryson Bryаnt Served Pарers After Cһіld Suррort Lаwsuіt

The legal trouble keeps on rolling in for NeNe Leake’s son, Bryson Bryant. Last month, we shared that he pleaded not guilty in a felony fentanyl possession case. Now, he just got served papers over thousands of dollars of unpaid child support.

NeNe Leakes and her sons walking down the aisle during a wedding rehearsal on I Dream of NeNe

Radar Online reports the details of the latest in the ongoing saga between Bryson and the mother of his son Blaze. The mother’s name is Symone Davis (her legal name is Erin), and she filed a lawsuit claiming that Bryson hadn’t been paying his fair share for their little one. Allegedly, he was supposed to pay $708 every month starting on August 1, 2020. She said that hasn’t been happening, further, she wants Bryson to face punishment for his negligence.

Symone wants her money ASAP

In Symone/Erin’s lawsuit, she made it very clear how Bryson dropped the ball with his child support payments. She said she considered legal recourse for nearly a year before finally pulling the trigger. After nearly four years of no payments, the amount he allegedly owes comes up to nearly $30,000.

Previously, Bryson asked the courts to lower his monthly child support obligation. However, it was determined that the $708 monthly payment was the lowest possible payment. Raising a kid isn’t cheap.

It’s not clear if Bryson is currently employed. We do know that he spent three months in jail over his fentanyl case before eventually being able to scrounge up $6,100 for bond. If that’s any evidence of his financial status, this child support bill is nothing to scoff at.

In the court docs, Symone said that Bryson was “able to perform” his child support obligations. She alleged that he’s just simply refusing to cooperate. For that reason, she wants the courts to send him to jail in addition to making him pay.

In the lawsuit, Symone and her legal team said, “The Respondent should be held in contempt and incarcerated for failure to comply with the Court’s Order.”

For Blaze’s sake, we’re hopeful that the courts can determine a peaceful way to get this situation sorted out. In the meantime, NeNe has remained uncharacteristically quiet about her kid’s legal trouble. She admitted that she’s grown “numb” to his addiction problems, but she said he’s hopeful he can grow through rehab and counseling.


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