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“Not buying that sh**” – $10 million man Mike Tyson leaves fans outraged after promoting iHerb ‘processed’ supplements

Even at 57 years old, Mike Tyson is still in incredible shape, even after 20 years of retirement. Just a couple of days ago, one of Tyson’s training videos went viral on social media. Furthermore, not only did the former heavyweight champion show off his toned and strong body, but he also showed off incredible speed while punching. In addition, Tyson showed off how well he was able to utilize his footwork to create power in the ring.

The reaction from the boxing community was one of shock and disbelief. This is because, even at the age of 57, Mike Tyson is still as strong and fit as ever. Furthermore, Tyson revealed the secret behind his incredible strength and conditioning on social media. As such, Tyson promoted and spoke about the iHerb supplement and stated:

Using high-quality supplements is essential to feeling your best, and that’s why I trust iHerb.

Tyson and the iHerb Global Advisor, Dr. Mehmet Oz, appeared in the video and spoke about the advantages of the supplement. As such, iHerb is one of the world’s largest online wholesale distributors of vitamins, minerals, supplements, and health and wellness products. Furthermore, Tyson vouched for the product and stated that he trusts it and the results it provides.

Subsequently, Tyson mentioned that iHerb provides genuine-quality products that improve an individual’s physical well-being. In addition, Tyson posted a coupon and urged his followers to buy the products. However, fans were not convinced, even though Tyson personally vouched for the product.

Fans react to Mike Tyson’s video

Tyson is known for being one of the greatest heavyweight boxers and was once the pinnacle of strength and conditioning. Even after his retirement, Tyson continues to leave fans in awe of his physical prowess. As such, Tyson has now stated that he credits his impressive physical condition at the age of 57 with iHerb supplements.

Subsequently, Tyson, in collaboration with iHerb Global Advisor Dr. Oz, uploaded a video promoting the product. While Tyson personally vouched for it, fans were still not impressed and remained doubtful. In addition, fans reacted, stating, “We are not buying that sh*t, Mike.”

Fans expressed their stigma about the iHerb product because it is a processed supplement and not an organic one. Furthermore, some fans who have used iHerb products are angry with Tyson. Some fans mentioned that these kinds of supplements are only good for boosting the performance of athletes.


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