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One and Done Real Housewives Who Only Lasted One Season

The Real Housewives franchise, as stated in our Real Housewives guide, has aired for 17 years, with hundreds of women seen on Bravo. However, some of these ladies didn’t last long. In fact, here are 30+ Real Housewives who only lasted just one season on air before getting the ax.

Kimberly Bryant – RHOC Season 1

Kimberly Bryant
The Daily Dish/Bravo

Kimberly Bryant appeared on Real Housewives of Orange County. After raising awareness for skin cancer, Kimberly moved to Chicago. This founding Real Housewife is the first one and done star.

Quinn Fry – RHOC Season 3

Quinn Fry
Nicki Swift/YouTube

Quinn Fry joined RHOC as a single mother who loved younger men. She was only brought back in lesser roles for Seasons 5 and 6 though. This makes her a one season and done full-time Real Housewife.

Peggy Tanous – RHOC Season 6

Peggy Tanous
The Daily Dish/Bravo

Peggy Tanous brought an awareness to mental health issues on RHOC. However, Peggy ultimately departed due to anxiety. She made appearances later on, but as for her full-time status, Peggy is another one-season wonder.

Lizzie Rovsek – RHOC Season 9

Lizzie Rovsek
The Daily Dish/Bravo

Lizzie Rovsek was on RHOC, where she held her own against Tamra Judge, which we loved. Lizzie wasn’t asked back, but she did pop up in Season 14 alongside Emily Simpson. One season on Real Housewives was enough for Lizzie.

Peggy Sulahian – RHOC Season 12

Peggy Sulahian
Watch What Happens Live/YouTube

Peggy Sulahian brought awareness to breast cancer on RHOC, but her narrative was confusing. This saw her on the defense often. Peggy was canned, as her one season spent on Real Housewives was enough.

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas – RHOC Season 15

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas shared about her cult upbringing on RHOC. Her revelations about her childhood were heartbreaking. However, Elizabeth never reappeared, as she was fired from Real Housewives after just one season.

Jen Armstrong and Noella Bergener – RHOC Season 16


Cindy Barshop appeared on Real Housewives of New York as a mother of young twins. This is why Cindy failed to bond with her cast, who all had older children. Therefore, Cindy was not asked back for a second go on Real Housewives.

Cindy Barshop – RHONY Season 1

Cindy Barshop

Cindy Barshop appeared on Real Housewives of New York as a mother of young twins. This is why Cindy failed to bond with her cast, who all had older children. Therefore, Cindy was not asked back for a second go on Real Housewives.

Jules Wainstein – RHONY Season 8

Jules Wainstein

Jules Wainstein brought a lot to RHONY. From asking a potty training coach how to wipe, to sharing her journey with disordered eating, Jules was a mixture of fun and fragility, but yet, she wasn’t asked back. This makes her another solo season Housewife.

Eboni K. Williams – RHONY Season 13


As the first black cast member on RHONY, Eboni K. Williams aided in important conversations. Sadly, some of her costars weren’t having it, notably Ramona Singer. Following this, the series was reboot. As no one returned, Eboni’s first season was her last on Real Housewives.

DeShawn Snow – RHOA Season 1

DeShawn Snow
The Real Estate Insider/YouTube

DeShawn Snow was calmer than her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars, but her gala, with a failed auction scene, still makes us cringe. DeShawn didn’t return, so she earned only one season of credit on Real Housewives.

Claudia Jordan – RHOA Season 7

Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM/YouTube

Claudia Jordan clashed with NeNe Leakes on RHOA. When NeNe called Claudia “starless,” Claudia responded that she preferred money, not clout. After one season on Real Housewives, Claudia left to focus on her radio career.

Kim Fields – RHOA Season 8


Kim Fields wasn’t a good fit for RHOA. As she was older, Kim failed to enjoy the antics of the other women. It wasn’t a shock when Kim didn’t return, as her one season on Real Housewives was enough.

Shamari DeVoe – RHOA Season 11


Shamari DeVoe walked onto RHOA as a friend of Kandi Burruss. Her lesser impact this season made Shamari another one-hit wonder, but only on Real Housewives, as she’s an established R&B singer with more than one bop.

Teresa Aprea, Nicole Napolitano, and Amber Marchese – RHONJ Season 6


Teresa Aprea and her twin, Nicole Napolitano, were introduced alongside Amber Marchese on Real Housewives of New Jersey. All three brought drama, alongside Amber’s husband, who also fought with the women. This trio of Real Housewives were all fired after just one season.

Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia – RHOBH Season 4

Daniel Staub/YouTube

Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia appeared together on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Joyce was chill, but Carlton, a Wiccan, loathed Kyle Richards, dubbing her “Vile.” However, neither of these women returned. They are both one and done Real Housewives.

Kathryn Edwards – RHOBH Season 6

Kathryn Edwards
Watch What Happens Live/YouTube

Kathryn Edwards joined RHOBH as a friend of Lisa Rinna’s, but as one of the blander Real Housewives, she failed to bring the drama. This was her one-time showing.

Diana Jenkins – RHOBH Season 12


When Diana Jenkins wasn’t licking her lips on RHOBH, she was teaming up with the Fox Force Five, while fighting with the others. Diana didn’t return, earning her a spot on this one and done Real Housewives list.

Cristy Rice – RHOM Season 1

Cristy Rice
The Healthy State/YouTube

Cristy Rice was on Real Housewives of Miami alongside her then-husband. Yet, Cristy lacked enough drama to remain on-air, making her the first one and done cast member for RHOM.

Ana Quincoces and Karent Sierra – RHOM Season 2

Real Housewives Recap/YouTube

Ana Quincoces and Karent Sierra showed differently on RHOM. Ana was sweet, while Karent felt fake. Neither was asked back to the cast, making this another one-season Real Housewives situation times two.

Tiffany Hendra – RHOD Season 1

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Bye Wig, Hello Drama/Instagram

After her season of Real Housewives of Dallas ended, Tiffany Hendra tore Andy Cohen apart. Labeling Andy a “crack up” who profits off of women, perhaps Tiffany will join the reality TV reckoning? Either way, Tiffany’s a one and done Real Housewives.

Tiffany Moon – RHOD Season 5


Tiffany Moon struggled with her RHOD castmates over racially insensitive conversations. This city was then put on a hiatus, where it remains. For now, Tiffany is just a memory in Real Housewives history.

Jennie Nguyen – RHOSLC Season 2

Entertainment Tonight/YouTube

Jennie Nguyen was on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. However, when anti-Black social media posts surfaced, Jennie was fired. This earns her a spot on our one and done Real Housewives list.

Katie Rost – RHOP Season 1

Shantelly Lace/YouTube

Katie Rost thrived on Real Housewives of Potomac. Quick-witted, Katie roasted her co-stars well, but she still never returned to her full-time Real Housewives status after one season.

The Entire Cast of Real Housewives of D.C.

Real Housewives WORLD/YouTube

Real Housewives of D.C. was canceled after only one season, as Michaele Salahi and her then-husband crashed a state dinner at The White House. Therefore, she, Cat Ommanney, Stacie Scott Turner, Mary Amons, and Lynda Erkiletian are all now no longer Real Housewives.

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