Paige DeSorbo Is Calling This Update to Craig Conover’s House “So Freaking Cute” (VIDEO)

Plus, the Southern Charm cast member shared more cozy home updates in his Charleston, South Carolina, abode.

Craig Conover continues his journey to being the male “Martha Stewart” with his gardening efforts.

The Southern Charm-er has previously shown off his indoor herb garden as well as his vegetable garden he worked on for years. Now, Craig is giving another green thumb update, and his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, has thoughts.

Paige DeSorbo thinks Craig Conover’s “gardening journey” is “so freaking cute”

“Ask me anything during my 2024 gardening journey,” Craig captioned a March 17 Instagram video of himself tending to several “tomato seedlings.”

In the video, which featured a voiceover from Craig, he stated he was “thinning” the seedlings (and later some herbs) by cutting some parts out, noting that it was a “heartbreaking but essential step to grow strong plants.” OK, we’re learning so much.

Paige, who often lovingly pokes fun at her boyfriend via social media, took a moment to gush about Craig’s accomplishment. “Not snark alert,” the Summer House cast member began in the comments section, adding, “[T]his is so freaking cute.”

Craig also shared in the video that “thinning” helped to prevent “overcrowding” in each pod as the seeds grow into plants, showing how he continued the process with his basil plants for a “bountiful harvest.”

“I hope everyone has a great growing season!” Craig exclaimed at the end of the video.

Craig Conover’s living room and kitchen updates

In addition to his gardening, Craig also shared more home updates via his Instagram Stories. On March 15, Craig hopped on his Instagram Stories to share a view of the incredibly chic white espresso machine gifted to him via Paige.

“Thanks chicken,” he adorably wrote over the snapshot (ICYMI, “chicken” seems to be the couple’s term of endearment for each other).

Craig's espresso machine via his Instagram story.

Later, over the weekend, Craig again took to his Stories to give another look at his cozy living room setup as he watched Harry Potter movies.

Craig's television above the fireplace via his Instagram story.

Just below his large flatscreen TV, Craig showed off his gorgeous brick fireplace that featured a glowing fire as he lounged on the couch. In addition to his cream-colored furniture, Craig accessorized his living room with a coffee table that featured stylish coffee table books a candle, and what appeared to be a tray.

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