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Patrick Mahomes, NBA star? Chiefs QB compares his basketball game to Warriors’ Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry vs. Sabrina Ionescu is poised to be a compelling matchup of basketball’s best 3-point shooters. And Patrick Mahomes might be trying to stake his claim as a third contestant in the NBA All-Star festivities.

The Chiefs quarterback is earning comparisons to Tom Brady for his prowess on the gridiron, but Mahomes measured himself against the greatest 3-point shooter in NBA history ahead of Super Bowl 58.

“If I played basketball, I’d be just like Steph Curry,” Mahomes said Monday. “I mean I’ve got the shot. I just got a little couple extra reps, couple shots up and I’d be shooting just like him. That’s who I would be.”

It should comes as little surprise that Mahomes was a talented athlete across multiple sports. He played varsity basketball and baseball in high school in addition to football, and he was selected in the 37th round of the 2014 MLB Draft by the Tigers. The son of former MLB reliever Pat Mahomes, he had a no-hitter and was rated as the No. 389 prospect in the 2014 draft class.

Mahomes starred on the court as well, averaging 19 points and eight rebounds per game. He was recognized as the All-East Texas Most Valuable Player in basketball, according to his Texas Tech profile page.

While he won’t beat Curry in a 3-point contest anytime soon, a middle ground for the two respective stars could be on the golf course. The friends met up before in the 2023 edition of The Match, which pitted Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce against Curry and Warriors guard Klay Thompson.

Mahomes and Kelce prevailed in that meeting. But while Mahomes prides himself in his golf game, it’s likely Curry is the better golfer one-on-one. Mahomes has a reported handicap of 7.7, while Curry’s is a minuscule 0.1. The difference in The Match could well have come down to Kelce’s handicap of 10 compared to Thompson’s 11.


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