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Porsha Williams Better Address Her Husband’s Controversy on ‘RHOA’

Porsha Williams is returning to RHOA and has fans giddy, and now there are several things they’re hoping to see in season 16.

(l to r) Phaedra Parks, Porsha Williams, and Sheree Whitfield  sit during season 9 'RHOA' reunion
Image via Bravo

The Big Picture

  • Season 15 of RHOA was the weakest, causing Bravo to make changes for season 16.
  • Porsha Williams’ return sparks excitement due to past drama with Kenya Moore.
  • Porsha’s now-estranged husband Simon Guobadia’s controversial past has been revealed, and it may lead to deportation, adding more intrigue.

Season 15 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was its weakest in its 16-year history. Because of its low performance, Bravo swiftly shared that there would be changes for season 16 of the reality series. Speculation has been high ever since the casting change was officially confirmed. Many fans were hopeful that NeNe Leakes would make her return, as her social media activities hinted at a reconciliation between the former Housewife and Bravo. Unfortunately, recent reports have shared that the rumors were nothing more than fake news. A scathing analysis from Reality Tea stated, “See, you can be racially insensitive, fired, and Bravo will give you another show. Or you can even allude to one cast member allegedly committing sexual assault on another, and Bravo will put you on another show. BUT, if you say bad things about Andy Cohen or the network, Bravo will be done.” This assessment makes sense, considering the contention between NeNe and the network during the lawsuit in 2022. Thankfully, NeNe wasn’t the only person fans were wishing would return to the show, as Porsha Williams is making a comeback.

Porsha Williams Guobadia first joined the RHOA cast during season 5. Kenya Moore recently shared in an interview with Carlos King that Porsha was not actually up for a spot on the show. When the cast got sick of the diva-ish antics of Kim Zolciak-Biermann, they went on strike. Kenya had already been filming her audition for the show, which had been going on for a month, when they filmed her attending an event that was being hosted by Porsha. When Porsha and Kenya were first introduced, she used the wrong title when referring to Kenya as Miss America instead of Miss USA, which is the title she won Miss USA in 1993. The producers must have noticed the opportunity, and soon, the ladies were fighting, and a peach fell into Porsha’s lap.

Porsha’s presence was immediately game-changing, as she came with the drama and the storylines. Fans were extremely dismayed when she left the series, especially when she announced her new relationship. Now that she’s coming back, viewers are excited to see her (hopefully) go toe-to-toe with Kenya again. Even Kenya is looking forward to Porsha’s return. She shared during an interview with Page Six, “I think we made great TV together. You know, I think we’re the best frenemies. Some of the best times on that show have been created with me and Porsha.” However, seeing Kenya and Porsha battle it like old times isn’t the only thing viewers look forward to.

Porsha and Simon’s Initial Engagement Cannot Be Ignored on ‘RHOA’

Porsha Williams WHHL
Image via Bravo

Shortly after Porsha left RHOA, she announced her engagement to Simon Guobadia. The engagement announcement was a shock for a multitude of reasons. The couple had allegedly only been seeing each other for a month before getting engaged, and then, of course, there’s Simon’s ex-wife. Falynn Pina ironically made appearances as an unofficial friend of Porsha’s in season 13 of RHOA. When she joined the series, she and Simon Guobadia were still married. And Falynn claimed she befriended Porsha in 2019.

RHOA filmed two parties attended by Porsha at Falynn and Simon’s former home. At both parties, there was hardly any indication that Simon and Porsha were anything other than social with each other. Falynn later shared her regrets about filming the show. She shared in an interview with ESSENCE, “I would have never done Housewives, to begin with. They ruined my life… they came into my home, and it all went to hell after that.” While she shared that she feels the show ruined her life, her marriage to Simon was not blissful by any means, as she also made sure to mention that Simon was overly controlling. Simon and Falynn decided to end their marriage in April 2021. In May of 2021, Porsha announced that they were engaged. Interestingly enough, there were whispers that Simon was still with Falynn when he and Porsha made the announcement and working on their marriage.

Porsha Williams poses for RHOA promo

Porsha denied this, saying that their relationship began only a month prior, a timing that aligns pretty well with the announcement of his divorce. Simon alleged Falynn was unfaithful with Jaylan Banks, whom she later had a daughter with. The timing almost aligned too well, to the point in which many fans believe that their relationship began way before they said it was. Now that Porsha has announced her return to RHOA, many are hoping that she’ll answer more questions about how she and Simon got together, especially since Porsha exited the series before being able to be held to the fire by her co-stars.

Simon Guobadia’s Alleged Scammer Past Mey Get Him Deported

In addition to the mysterious origins of their relationship, Simon is also facing issues that are even more problematic. Simon is originally from Nigeria and has been working on getting his American citizenship. It was the pursuit of his citizenship that opened up an even bigger problem. Simon first came to the United States in 1982. He overstayed his visitor visa and then tried to extend it after getting married in 1985. The government deemed the marriage to be a fraud, and he was sent back to Nigeria. He then came back to the US one year later and, once again, let his visitor visa expire. This time, however, Simon engaged in criminal activities. According to All About the Tea, “…in 1987, Simon was arrested for bank and credit card fraud — to which he pled guilty to all the felony charges. In 1989, he was arrested again for unauthorized use of a vehicle and in 1990 for fraud. After multiple arrests spanning between 1987-1990, Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) once again began deportation proceedings against Simon. Then, in 1991, Simon committed credit card fraud again.”

Charges were pressed, and a judge determined that Simon should be deported. Simon, however, did not listen to the judge, as he had already established a new identity to live under, making it possible for him to stay in the country. New Simon received his green card in 1992, the same year he was technically deported.

Reports have surfaced that Porsha has filed for divorce from Simon after just 15 months of marriage. The filing came just days after Simon’s immigration issues became public. Sources claim the divorce filing isn’t related to Simon’s citizenship. It’s a messy situation both on a personal and federal level, and it’s an issue that cannot and should not be ignored.

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