Project Makeover


Download the latest version of Project Makeover Mod Apk for free and become a fashion guru in absolutely no amount of time.
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Bubblegum Games
Android 4.0+

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The game is all about fashion. If you are into fashion designing, then this is the best game for you. It has a story mode, where you start from scratch as a makeup artist. Now it is up to you and your make up skills how much progress you will earn.

The game starts as a lone fashion artist in dire need of work and money. You will have to work from scratch and then move to the top. Working from giving makeovers to nerds to styling big celebrities, the game has almost everything in it. Other than the struggling career, there’s a lot happening backstage, solving mysterious kidnapping, driving red convertibles, dealing with tough clients, and much more.


Scheme and hire multiple assistants to help you manage work when it overloads.

Dealing with tough clients or egoistic celebrities will be a tough task to handle. Make sure

you don’t ruin their face.

Buy more makeup pallets and kits to give your clients the best makeover of their lifetime.

Choose your own wardrobe and hair accessories to help your clients achieve that perfect



The interface of this game is extremely easy. Anyone who knows how to operate a phone can understand it. After you have played the game for more than a couple days, you will be able to memorize the interface.

Project Makeover FAQs

How much does the Premium Cost?

There’s no particular monthly subscription of this game, although you can buy in-game products, like pallets, straighteners, and much more.

What makes project makeover so special

Project makeover has an upper hand over its competitor apps because of the brilliant story mode. The story mode gives brilliance to the game.

Project Makeover Mod Apk Latest Version

The latest version of project Makeover Mod Apk is user-centric. The premium becomes free for you. All the paid products are now for free and can be used anytime anywhere. You can give your clients the best makeover without having to think about purchasing tools anymore.

Features of the Mod

There are several features of the mod. Most importantly it makes the whole makeover experience interesting for you. You don’t need to worry about the payments anymore, just relax and start your makeovers.

Everything aside, the best feature of the mod is;

Unlimited Money

There is no limit to money now. Your pocket will never be empty again. Buy as many pallets and brushes as you want. Make your wardrobe stand out and buy the best furniture which will attract more and more clients.

Project Makeover Mod Apk Download

Project Makeover Mod Apk brings the best in your virtual life. You can become the fashion guru you dream of. Your dreams are now just a click away, so click on the link and download project Makeover Mod Apk and get started with your own virtual career as a fashion guru.