RHOA: Wһy Mіke Hіll Denіes Cһeаtіng Cаused Dіvorce From Cyntһіа Bаіley

Mike Hill shut down claims mentioned in Cynthia Bailey’s court filing claiming he cheated on The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum. Could it be true?

RHOA's Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill


  • Cynthia Bailey accused Mike Hill of cheating during their marriage, but both parties deny the claims, stating that they are and will always be friends.
  • The divorce between Cynthia and Mike was finalized two months after they announced their split, with Cynthia initially attributing the breakup to a loss of friendship rather than infidelity.
  • Fans remain suspicious of Mike Hill due to his past admission of infidelity in previous relationships and his previous involvement in a Snapchat cheating scandal.

Cynthia Bailey filed court documents accusing Mike Hill of cheating during their marriage, but he denied The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum’s claims. Cynthia and Mike finalized their divorce just two months after announcing the split, and the divorce announcement came days after Cynthia and Mike’s second wedding anniversary. Cynthia initially claimed infidelity didn’t cause the split, but rather the culprit was a loss of friendship between the former lovebirds.

However, court documents Cynthia filed in Fulton County, Georgia, claim Mike’s alleged cheating caused the divorce. “Petitioner [Bailey] is entitled to a divorce from the Respondent [Hill] due to inappropriate adulterous relations and moral ethics in his conduct,” the filing said, according to Page Six. Shortly after the report, Mike quickly shut down the claims made in the court filing, saying they were an “error” and Cynthia’s legal team is “releasing statements retracting this.” Mike also noted Cynthia’s initial claims that “there was never at any time in our marriage any inappropriate adulterous relations” that took place. “Our marriage didn’t work, but we still remain the best of friends,” Mike said.

Cynthia Agreed The Cheating Claims Were ‘Incorrect’

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill from The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Shortly after the cheating claims hit the press, Cynthia seconded Mike’s response saying the filing was “incorrect” and no cheating ever occurred. “I have never accused Mike of inappropriate adulterous actions,” Cynthia said. “We are and always will be friends and wish each other well.” Cynthia claimed the divorce was due to “irreconcilable differences,” not infidelity. Other documents claim the details of the divorce remain private to save one party’s public brand and business dealings. Fans remain suspicious of Mike and the rumors that he cheated.

Mike Hill Has Been Unfaithful In The Past

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The sports newscaster has admitted in the past to not being faithful in his previous relationships. In 2021, Mike was named in a Snapchat cheating scandal that he denied, and he also threatened legal action against the woman behind the claims. In early 2022, Mike admitted to hitting rough patches in the marriage and said he and Cynthia might not make it to their second anniversary. It’s clear that Mike might’ve been foreshadowing, as Cynthia’s suspected divorce filing came just days after their second anniversary.

Mike proposed to Cynthia in RHOA season 12, and in season 13, the two tied the knot in a lavish ceremony. After leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia relocated to Los Angeles to live with Mike and be closer to her daughter Noelle. However, the time together proved to do more harm than good. Cynthia opened up about the divorce, saying she knew the marriage was over when they stopped being friends. While Mike and Cynthia have moved on with their lives, both appear single currently.

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