RHOBH Recap: Erika Cries as She Forces Apology From Cast Over Legal Trouble, Kyle and Mauricio Discuss Challenging Year in Marriage, and Annemarie & Crystal Make Amends

RHOBH Recap: Erika Cries as She Forces Apology From Cast Over Legal Trouble, Kyle and Mauricio Discuss Challenging Year in Marriage, and Annemarie & Crystal Make Amends

On this episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Sutton gets back in the saddle, literally and figuratively, while Garcelle continues to work on her relationship with her sons. Annemarie‘s diamonds and champagne-themed Mother’s Day brunch serves as the setting for make-ups (I’m looking at you, Crystal and Annemarie) and overdue apologies, if you’re asking Erika…

Erika rolls up to her therapist’s house and she shares how in awe she is about her life these days. The Las Vegas residency has good pressure on her, but she admits that she is afraid to fail, considering she no longer has Tom’s unlimited resources. Erika explains that Tom was always her safety net, but she is now ready to keep moving forward. She shares how she won “a nice appeal” the other day and got a favorable ruling. Erika goes on to explain how things are very unresolved within the group due to the judgment and criticism she has felt from the ladies. Erika realizes she won’t get what she wants from the group, but she does know who has her back any time something sh*tty happens.

Sutton is back with the main man in her life, Santos, her horse… even though she doesn’t even recognize which horse is him. Sutton explains her thrill in having her own horse again, and she likens riding Santos to when she’s dating: “I get to know him first before I ride him.” Avi, her assistant, is there to photograph the momentous ride, and Kyle comes to meet Santos — but not before making fun of Sutton’s horse-riding abilities, or lack thereof.

The way Avi just disappears when Sutton sits down with Kyle is something else. Sutton talks about how emotional the Spain trip was, especially the day she let go of the ashes and her marriage. She shares that she texted her ex-husband goodbye before he leaves the country. This will be a lifestyle change for Sutton, as he used to live down the street from her. Sutton opens up and tells Kyle she never went to therapy with her ex, but Kyle jumps in to say she has been going with Mo.

Kyle talks about how their work life really plays a role in the strain on the marriage. The changes in their lives have made life hard, but Kyle is tired of making sacrifices and compromises. Kyle now wants Mauricio to prioritize *her*, but she also wants to be an independent woman. It’s a delicate dance of figuring out the balance.

Garcelle talks about her GoFundMe campaign for Cybersmile, a foundation addressing cyberbullying. When her son Jax was getting the messages from “bots or whomever” a few years back, it was really hard. CyberSmile came to Garcelle’s family to ask if they would partner to help. Jax and Garcelle are able to get through the filming for the campaign, with little to no help from Jaid for the cue cards.

Garcelle applauds her son, Jax, for teaching her how to parent the boys differently as they get older. Garcelle decides to allow Jax to take Ubers to meet friends, a sign of independence… although she can still track their whereabouts.

Sutton’s not only getting on her horse, but she’s getting back on her dating game. She has a second date with Steve, and she is excited to see if the baggage she got rid of in Spain will translate to this date. The date is going quite well, and it is showing a new chapter of Sutton.

Kyle and Mauricio toast and discuss Kyle’s upcoming therapy session. As things get harder to communicate for Kyle and Mo, the therapist has been super helpful — however, when Mauricio refers to the therapy as “fun,” Kyle gets defensive. They agree that “good” is a better adjective to describe therapy, and Mo admits that it helps him get in tune. Mauricio feels like they are in a way better place, and that after 27 years, they are busier than ever, and so it has become harder.

He repeats himself and talks about almost being empty-nesters. Kyle feels like she isn’t being heard and refuses to stay in a situation that she is not happy in. He tries to ease Kyle’s fears by reminding her that they’ve never stopped loving each other, and Kyle awkwardly ends the convo by slugging back her non-alcoholic beer.

Annemarie talks about her Mother’s Day diamonds and champagne brunch. She claims to “know her crowd,” (and yet she still manages to push everyone’s buttons) so this theme is on point. She knows that she has to talk to Crystal about getting to a better place because she doesn’t like the negative energy. Crystal feels a bit weird about all the conflict, but she is hopeful to make good.

Each woman gets ready differently. I am living for Sutton getting a very STRONG “roadie” from Avi, and when Dorit questions PK about Mother’s Day via FaceTime, his response is cringe. PK tries to explain that Mother’s Day is not a big thing in England and reminds Dorit she isn’t HIS mother. Naturally, Dorit demands that she should be celebrated for being the mother of HIS children, but it’s lost on PK.

Garcelle is the first to arrive at Annemarie’s. She is in awe of the jeweler Annemarie provided, and it’s clear that it’s a try-hard move, especially when Kyle claims the party is over the top and Annemarie replies, “Good.” Erika talks with Annemarie about Spain, and Annemarie admits she hasn’t come to a resolution with Crystal yet, but she plans to do so today.

Crystal comes in bearing gifts, and Sutton comes bearing her road soda, claiming she came here to have fun. They peruse the jewels, and Erika thanks Crystal for being the only one who apologized for contributing to her pain. As their convo wraps up, Annemarie steps in to pull Crystal aside.

Crystal first fills Annemarie in on her current health state (she needs to work out more and eat less salt — and in that moment, I realize Crystal is just like us!), and Annemarie wants to talk through their differences that have been piling up for quite some time now. Crystal realizes that they have to just agree to disagree, and they both want to move forward and move on. The rest of the ladies linger and try to listen, and Crystal and Annemarie make up.

Sutton talks about her second date and how they haven’t even kissed yet, and some typical Housewife banter about blowjobs happens… especially ones that equate to jewelry afterward.

As the laughter subsides, Erika explains how she went through something tough and shares that she is disappointed by the group as a whole. She wants an apology from certain people who did not believe in her.  Erika reminds Dorit that she said Erika pulled everyone into her legal mess, and Dorit lets us all know that Erika made it very difficult to support her.

Kyle explains that she took issue with how Erika handled the situation, and Garcelle admits that she had an opinion that she would stick by forever. Sutton, however, does apologize because she feels like she may have caused a lot of blame on her end. Maybe it’s the heavily poured road soda, but Sutton repeats that she is sorry to Erika. Sutton realizes that Erika really needs this apology, and Kyle lets Erika know that she’s always been an amazing friend to her, so she is sorry, too… clearly just to cover herself.

Erika believes that she has received a lot of closure, and she is shocked to get the acknowledgment. She is happy to have finally been heard and is looking forward to fighting about someone else, which we know is not entirely meant as a joke coming from Erika.

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