RHOBH Recap: Kyle Gets Candid About Her Marital Woes, Says Her Marriage to Mauricio Will Never Survive If He Doesn’t Put in Effort, Plus Annemarie Questions Erika & Sutton Holds a Healing Ceremony - Apkcombat

RHOBH Recap: Kyle Gets Candid About Her Marital Woes, Says Her Marriage to Mauricio Will Never Survive If He Doesn’t Put in Effort, Plus Annemarie Questions Erika & Sutton Holds a Healing Ceremony

RHOBH Recap: Kyle Gets Candid About Her Marital Woes, Says Her Marriage to Mauricio Will Never Survive If He Doesn’t Put in Effort, Plus Annemarie Questions Erika & Sutton Holds a Healing Ceremony

This episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills picks up where we left off last week. Sutton is finally giving in to all of the emotions she has had pent up inside of her for years and years, and it’s all coming out now. She is hopeful that the group can let go of things that are weighing heavily on them, but Erika makes a snide comment, causing the ladies to question all of this growth Erika speaks of. Plus, Kyle gets real with Dorit about the status of her marriage.

Kyle is the shoulder Sutton needs at this moment. Sutton tearfully explains how this ceremony to spread Merce’s ashes is so much more symbolic than most realize. Sutton has been angry over the loss of three very important men in her life, and now the emotions are finally coming to the surface.

Sutton states that by spreading these ashes, she is letting go of over two decades of her life. It is time for her to release the weight of her father’s death, the divorce from her ex-husband, and the loss of Merce. Sutton is now strong enough to do this alone, and so, with the help of her friend, Trevor, she opens up the Ziploc and moves Merce’s ashes to a box for ceremonial purposes.

The ladies pile into the Sprinter Van, and here’s hoping that the ride into town for this ceremony isn’t too long and windy — we don’t want to trigger an episode for Crystal again. The convo on board is light and funny.  They discuss the term bear (a fuzzy gay man), and Garcelle tells that group that Andy Cohen told her that he is a “powerful top” — not to be confused with a blouse, which is a feminine top. They all get a good chuckle over this as they pull into town.

While walking to the ceremony destination, Kyle has to be restrained from shopping until they arrive at a ledge overlooking the water. Sutton tearfully explains that she is not just letting go of Merce — it’s also about her dad and the end of her marriage. Sutton states that she felt lost and scared when her ex told her to get an attorney, and it is clear that she has been in a lot of pain regarding her divorce. Sutton’s sadness stems from three very important men in her life: her dad, Merce, and her ex, and now she is saying goodbye to all three of them. In a flourish, she dumps Merce’s ashes, only to have the wind carry them all over the women — I’m talking in their mouths, on their shirts, in their hair.

Sutton finds this funny, considering Merce always did like leaping, and after a moment, she opens up the floor to the group, asking them to share feelings or issues they wish to let go of to move on. Garcelle is the first to volunteer, and she explains that she wants to let go of feeling alone, which likely stems from abandonment issues due to her dad leaving when she was three.

Crystal can hardly get through her portion as she talks about her brother moving away to start his own life, probably forever, and Annemarie talks about her confident exterior and shares that she wants to be happy and at peace with herself. Of course, Dorit talks about her PTSD and how she wants to leave it in Spain, and Erika talks about the hurt over the past 2.5 years that many of the ladies have contributed to. She has turned a new page and has chosen to toss away her old life. Garcelle cannot believe that Erika would say the ladies caused her pain — all they did was “show her a mirror.”

Kyle wants to let go of the guilt she carries around for Lorene, her friend who committed suicide, and with the issues she is experiencing with her sister. In her confessional, Kyle admits she isn’t sure if her marriage with survive, but she isn’t ready to share that with the group yet. What she really wants to let go of is the uncertainty of the future. The group hugs it out, proving that sometimes it takes vulnerability to bring everyone together.

Crystal and Erika walk together post-ceremony, and Crystal apologizes if she contributed to Erika’s pain. Erika is thrilled that Crystal has the “balls” to say sorry… but she wishes others would get on board.

On the way back to the house, Sutton reminds the ladies that there will be a Flamenco dinner and that they will all be performing the dance, which they have apparently practiced (at least once) before.

While glamming, Erika admits to her team that she was a little crabby during the ceremony. She explains that she would rather have everyone sitting down to apologize to her, but she realizes she should just stop looking for it. While Kyle gets ready, she FaceTimes her daughters, and we see that she is caring more and worrying more now that everyone is more fragile due to the separation in the marriage.

The ladies arrive for the evening in red, a la the emoji lady. Well, everyone but Kyle, who dons electric orange. On the bus ride over to the event, they discuss getting remarried and the idea of a prenup. Kyle admits to just signing documents, and this causes the ladies to raise eyebrows, considering this is how Erika got into trouble (…and Teresa from RHONJ too!).

They find Manolo, their favorite tour guide, and he welcomes them with some music to kick off the night. They meet the owner of the Flamenco venue and learn the history of the place. Dorit attempts to impress the group by speaking Spanish in unnecessary circumstances, and they reflect on their favorite part of the trip. Kyle states that the honest, real moment with the ladies during the ash spreading ceremony is what stood out to her. Erika believes that this trip is a positive experience, but of course, Annemarie needs to bring the mood back down.

Annemarie questions what Erika meant when she said she is “letting go of certain things in her life despite what anyone might say.” Erika explains that she felt mischaracterized and misunderstood. When she found out her appeal was reversed, she couldn’t believe that no one admitted they were wrong about her/apologized.  Trust is earned, according to Erika, and so she has decided to take things step by step to see how it plays out with the group. With that said, Sutton makes a toast to Erika… but Sutton points out that some members of the group received invitations to her show in Vegas, whereas Sutton did not. Sutton is proud of Erika nonetheless and will support her (don’t forget Sutton was the one who chartered the PJ to take the ladies to Erika’s Broadway performance).

It’s time for the women to show their Flamenco skills, and Kyle is dying of embarrassment that she has to perform the dance in front of the professionals.  It’s funny how just a year ago, Kyle would have been doing splits, but sober Kyle is nervous! Dorit tries to back out, citing her dress and shoes, but Erika Jayne, ever performance-ready, refuses to hear any of that. Once on stage, Sutton realizes that friends become family, and right now, these ladies are her family. So long as they are laughing and having fun, she will take it.

Back in California, it’s business as usual. Garcelle unpacks new shoes, Crystal helps with homework, and Erika grinds literally and figuratively. Because Dorit feels disconnected from Kyle lately, she pops over to her house to support her and check-in. Dorit asks, “How are things with you and Mo-ster?” (LOL), and Kyle talks about seeing her therapist with and without Mauricio.

Kyle laments the lack of communication between her and Mo and that, coupled with traveling and work schedules, has caused a major rift. Dorit understands what a toll traveling takes on a relationship. Kyle wants Mauricio to know that time will not heal this — this marriage needs help. Kyle wishes Mauricio would give the same energy as he does towards The Agency to their relationship. She isn’t sure that she is a priority and their marriage is a priority to Mauricio. He needs to put the effort in to survive this.

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