‘RHOC’ Shаnnon Beаdor’ѕ Ex Slаmѕ Her Wіth Promіѕѕory Frаud Suіt After DUI Drаmа - Apkcombat

‘RHOC’ Shаnnon Beаdor’ѕ Ex Slаmѕ Her Wіth Promіѕѕory Frаud Suіt After DUI Drаmа

Shannon Beador is not catching a break anytime soon from her ex-lover, John Janssen, as he is determined to collect an alleged loan.

The “Real Housewives of Orange County” star’s former beau recently sued her to recover his $75,000 debt. While this legal drama is disappointing for Beador, she hopes it will end her chapter with Janssen.

Shannon Beador Allegedly Borrowed Money For A Facelift

Janssen filed his case against Beador at the Orange County Superior Court, suing her for breach of oral contract and promissory fraud, among other things. The end game is to collect the $75,000 he claimed she repeatedly failed to repay him.

In the complaint, the Bravolebrity’s ex recalled she required his financial assistance twice in 2022. Beador reportedly borrowed $40,000 via wire transfer on Jan. 23, 2022, for a facelift procedure.

She collected the second loan of $35,000 on May 20, 2023, which Janssen sent to her via personal check. The peeved ex claimed Beador agreed to pay back the money with interest; however, she failed to do so despite multiple requests in 2023 and 2024.

Janssen, per the legal documents obtained by PEOPLE, is fighting to recover the total amount, plus accrued interest, costs, and reasonable attorneys’ fees. Meanwhile, Beador claimed they could have settled their differences without the court drama.

The Bravo Star Is ‘Shocked’ By Her Ex’s Lawsuit

The “RHOC” alum addressed Janssen’s lawsuit in an emotional statement, noting that things shouldn’t be playing out the way they are. Nonetheless, she isn’t fighting against the case because she wants a swift resolution.

“I am shocked and disappointed that John has filed a lawsuit. My attorney has been in constant communication with his counsel,” Beador explained, adding:

“I agreed to pay John what he wanted because I knew that attorneys fees would surpass the amount sought, but more importantly, to eliminate the negative emotional components that come with a lawsuit.”

“It is important that I continue to focus on the positive aspects of my life and move forward,” she continued.

Beador Attempted To Pacify Her Ex


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Beador noted in her statement that she tried to sort the loan drama behind the scenes, but Janssen refused, stating: “John declined the offer because he refused to sign a mutual non-disparagement agreement.”

Additionally, she stressed her desire to permanently end her relationship with her ex, saying: “I was hoping that if I met his baseless demand, we could at least use this as an opportunity to bring complete closure to this chapter in my life.”

Beador, per Janssen’s attorney, also described the money as a “gift” — something her ex vehemently refuted and allegedly has proof to back his narrative.

“Ms. Beador’s defense that Mr. Janssen paid her the $75,000 as a ‘gift’ is completely meritless, which their e-mails and text messages will show,” Edson K. McClellan of Rutan & Tucker LLP claimed.

The legal representative continued saying, “Mr. Janssen is saddened that Ms. Beador’s unwillingness to repay the loans made it necessary to file this lawsuit.”

Inside The Former Couple’s Relationship

The Bravolebrity was previously married to David Beador from 2000 to 2019, a longtime union that concluded with a costly divorce. Following the end of their chapter, the reality TV star met Janssen through mutual friends.

Beador confirmed their romance in July 2019 with an Instagram post of the pair in Newport Beach. At the time, a source raved about her newfound happiness, calling Janssen “the right guy at the right time.”

Janssen also gained a favorable reputation with Bravo fans for supporting his then-lover through “RHOC” seasons 15 and 16, with the duo’s relationship appearing stronger by 2022. That April, Beador told longtime host Andy Cohen the pair had discussed marriage.

“We do talk about it, but it’s not something that we need to rush to do,” she revealed. Unfortunately, seven months later, Janssen changed his mind and ended their relationship.

Shannon Beador Was ‘Blindsided’ By Their Breakup


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The former couple broke up shortly after filming for “RHOC” season 17 concluded in November 2022. At the time, Janssen claimed it was “super hard” to end things with Beador as he loved her “more deeply than any woman” in his life.

Despite his profound affection for the reality TV star, Janssen stressed that he no longer believed in their relationship. As for why he pulled the plug after the Bravo show concluded filming, he explained that he didn’t want their breakup to play out on TV.

Meanwhile, Beador claimed she was “blindsided” by their split as nothing seemed out of place until a week after RHOC season 17 concluded. In her words:

“We were in a great place. But seven days later, when the cameras were down, it was a completely different story. He told me he was done with the relationship.”

Beador Embraced Sobriety After DUI Arrest


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Last December, Beador made waves for embracing sobriety following her DUI arrest three months earlier. She was spotted drinking water at the second season premiere of Amazon’s “Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis” series.

While other guests indulged in alcoholic beverages at the event, eyewitnesses claimed Beador kept her temptations at bay and appeared to be in high spirits. She seemed to have learned a valuable lesson about drinking since her DUI arrest.

In September, the Bravo star was slammed with three misdemeanor charges for driving under the influence. However, she took a plea deal to receive three years probation, 40 hours of community service, a $390 fine, and an order to participate in the First Offender Alcohol program for nine months.


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