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Rumored ‘Bachelor’ Winner Spotted Wearing Ring Before Season Finale

Fans are loving Joey Graziadei as the season 28 lead for “The Bachelor.” He quickly started developing feelings for several of his bachelorettes, and spoilers regarding who receives Graziadei’s final rose have been floating around. That person recently shared a video on social media that had some fans wondering if she had just confirmed the spoilers.

We're Still Recovering From The Golden Bachelor's Shocking Exit

Warning! Major “The Bachelor” spoilers ahead!

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers Suggest Daisy Kent Is Engaged to Joey Graziadei



Back on November 23, 2023, spoiler king Reality Steve shared “The Bachelor” spoilers regarding Graziadei’s final rose ceremony. At the time, he revealed on Instagram that Grazaidei’s final rose went to Daisy Kent.

On February 22, Kent shared a video on her Instagram page. She noted that it was National Margarita Day, and declared it was time to have a margarita. In her caption, she joked, “I don’t make the rules.”

Kent filmed the video in her car, wearing sunglasses as she filmed. At one point, she reached up and pulled her sunglasses away from her eyes. That particular moment caught the attention of some “Bachelor” fans.

People noticed that Kent was wearing a ring on the ring finger of the hand she used to pull down her sunglasses. Could have been an engagement ring from Graziadei? That is what some “Bachelor” fans wondered.

One follower gushed, “Ok, we just saw your engagement ring!!!”

Another commented, “I caught your ring on your finger!! I sure hope so!!”

Someone else asked, “Is that Joey in your glasses?”

“If you look at Joeys clips of the finale, the engagement band looks the same,” pointed out one of Kent’s fans.

Bachelor Nation Protocol Is That the Engagement Rings Can’t Be Worn Day-to-Day



Kent’s post generated quite a bit of buzz in “The Bachelor” subreddit too. While a few people also thought perhaps Kent was wearing an engagement ring from Graziadei, most others pointed out reasons why it was unlikely.

As many fans of “The Bachelor” pointed out, the standard procedure in the franchise is that the ladies don’t get to keep their ring while the engagement remains under wraps. In addition, it appeared that the way Kent was filming reversed the image so the ring was likely on her right hand, not her left.

“They are not allowed to keep the ring until after the finale airs. They usually get the ring backstage at the [After the Final Rose] according to past contestants,” a Redditor explained. “None of them will ever be photographed with their ring on before the finale airing,” she continued.

“I almost want to guess she’s got the video flipped and that’s actually her right hand? Or she’s trolling us hahaha,” suggested a different Redditor.

“She has been wearing a ring for a long time. This isn’t new,” noted someone else.

“I think she’s wearing rings on her ring finger in her reels intentionally to keep people guessing. Clearly not an engagement ring but people eat it up,” added another poster.

Regardless of whether or not Kent was wearing a ring on her left hand that appeared to be an engagement ring, there have been doubts about “The Bachelor” final rose spoilers.

Eagle-eyed spoiler fans have seen signs they believe suggest someone else receives Graziadei’s final rose. “The Bachelor” finale will not air for a few weeks yet, and until then, many fans will speculate about every tidbit they see on social media.

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