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Sarah Herron Shares She Has Reason to Celebrate After Difficult Year

Former “Bachelor in Paradise” and “The Bachelor” contestant Sarah Herron has had a very difficult year. Now, however, she has good news to share and fans are thrilled for her.

Herron has been quite open over the past couple of years about her journey to build a family with her husband, Dylan Brown. She has posted a lot on her Instagram page about pursuing IVF, and Bachelor Nation was overjoyed in October 2022 when she shared via Instagram she was pregnant.

Sadly, in January 2023, she revealed she had lost her son, Oliver, at 24 weeks. “On January 28th, at 24 weeks old, our beautiful son Oliver Brown was born,” she shared in an Instagram post. “He passed away in his dad’s arms shortly after,” she explained.

Additional unsuccessful attempts with IVF took place after that, and in December 2023, Herron shared the latest big step in her journey. She had her last two embryos implanted, and now, she has shared joyful news.

Here’s what you need to know:

Sarah Herron Is Pregnant With Twins

Fans knew that Herron was anxiously waiting to know if her last embryo transfer was successful. Via her Instagram Stories on January 4, she gave everybody something to celebrate. “Two little blueberries,” she teased.


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Her followers needed no further explanation. They knew she meant that testing revealed she was expecting twins. She showed the photo and “Two little blueberries” caption again in her next Instagram Story but added “(holy crap)” to it.

Herron shared additional information after that. “Obviously, it’s very early still. We are just so happy that these little mosaics implanted and have strong heartbeats.”

The former “Bachelor in Paradise” star continued, “Seeing them before our eyes after such a painful year was a true gift. The road ahead is unknown.”

Despite the uncertainties about what is ahead, Herron noted, “Right now we celebrate this massive win for our little family, and we take comfort in the gifts Oliver is sending us.”

On January 5, Herron returned to her Instagram Stories to give her supporters additional updates. She shared, “Thank you all for ALL of the love and support! Your messages are so comforting.”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” star noted, “Trying to reply to as many of you as I can. Just know, reading your messages and comments means so much to me!”

Herron Admitted the News of Twins Hit Her Hard

Then, Herron got to the pregnancy update. “Okay so obviously everyone is asking me how I feel physically and emotionally… Yeah there’s no joke, like, when you find out you’re having twins, it is…I mean, I was just, like, in shock.”

“I knew, transferring two embryos that obviously that was a possibility. But, like, I didn’t really think it would happen,” Herron admitted.

The former reality television star explained, “So, for the first 48 hours I was in complete shock and went through all of the, like, how are we going to do this, how am I going to do this, how am I going to hold two babies with one hand?”

As BabyMed shared, Herron was born missing part of her left arm and her left hand. The missing limb was due to a condition called amniotic band syndrome that occurred during her mother’s pregnancy.

After that, she shared, “Like, how, it’s just double everything. Double car seats. Double cribs.” She also realized, given how much she and her husband love traveling, that twins meant “Double plane tickets. Like, it just hit me really hard at first, and then I woke up the next day and was like, you know what? We’re going to figure it out and it’s going to be a challenge but we do this and I’m so excited.”

As Herron worked through those thoughts, a new wave of worries hit her, she revealed. “And then of course you go through like all the logistics of, like, our house isn’t big enough. Like, this is my apartment. We have a very tiny apartment. We’re going to have to move. Uh, no, we’re not, we’re going to figure it out.

Setting aside worries about the physical challenges, Herron talked through some big emotional ones too. “And then, like, emotionally, I was, like, you’re so emotionally happy and still sad. Like I still felt grief and sadness that it’s, like, I’m, like, ‘Am I going to forget about Oliver now?’ ‘Am I going to move on from Oliver too fast?’”

She explained, “Because this is the month that we lost Oliver, so it just, yeah, that has been hard because you go from being really happy one minute to like crying again the next minute.”

Herron told everybody that physically, she is feeling “pretty good.” She is, however, “very tired and pretty nauseous…Like, hit by a truck tired.”

Bachelor Nation will be eager for additional pregnancy updates as they hope along with Herron that this pregnancy is healthy and safe.

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