Scheana Shay Explains Why Brock Davies Gave Her Ownership of New Home, and If They Have a Prenup, Plus Says Husband Has Two Shows in the Works - Apkcombat

Scheana Shay Explains Why Brock Davies Gave Her Ownership of New Home, and If They Have a Prenup, Plus Says Husband Has Two Shows in the Works

Scheana Shay Explains Why Brock Davies Gave Her Ownership of New Home, and If They Have a Prenup, Plus Says Husband Has Two Shows in the Works
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Scheana Shay explained why she’s the sole owner of her and Brock Davies‘ new $2.5 million home in Sherman Oaks, California, while appearing on Jeff Lewis‘ SiriusXM radio show on Thursday.

Following claims of potential divorce or bankruptcy planning, the Vanderpump Rules star, 38, opened up about what led up to Brock signing over his rights to the home as she confirmed she is the “breadwinner,” revealed if the two of them signed a prenup, and shared details about two new shows Brock, 33, is developing.

“He signed, it was called like an Interspousal something or another,” Scheana confirmed on the February 22 episode of Jeff Lewis Live. “It’s our family home but I’m the one who put the downpayment on it. It is in my name.”

“He deeded his interest back to you,” Jeff, 53, replied.

According to Mercedes “MJ” Javid, 51, the legal filing made by Scheana and Brock, known as a “quitclaim,” was a smart decision for Scheana, who noted that she’s already been divorced.

“What you went through with [Mike Shay], it’s like, totally normal to do and no one should judge you ever, ever, ever for that. [It’s] smart,” she stated.

Shutting down the rumors of a divorce or bankruptcy, Scheana said that because she was the one who made the down payment on her and Brock’s home, her husband decided it should be solely hers.

“He was like ‘You know what? The next property that we buy together, both of our names will be on,’” she recalled. “But for now, I’m the breadwinner and he respects that and it’s our family home. He’s the one doing all of the work over there right now. I’m not doing sh*t. I’m just paying the mortgage.”

She then added, “We have a prenup.”

“[Brock] knew what happened in my first marriage, and so when we got married, he didn’t even question anything. He’s like, ‘Whatever you want. I want to be with you because I want to be with you. I didn’t care about anything else so whatever’s gonna make you feel the most safe, I will sign whatever you need to,’” she revealed.

While Brock owned F45 gyms in San Diego when the two of them first met, he sold them after the pandemic shut down the businesses. He also failed to hit it big with a fitness app launched last year.

“He did an online fitness app and then that didn’t completely hit the way we hoped it would, and so right now he’s actually developing two television shows, one that I believe sold this week,” Scheana teased. “He’s been meeting with different production companies, one is car-based, one is rugby-based. And yeah, he’s gonna get into producing.”

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