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“She’s Pouring Boiling Water Over…”: Mike Tyson Once Revealed His Mother’s Dark Secret That Left Mark on His Life

Mike Tyson recalls a very bleak and devastating memory from his childhood about his mother. Mike Tyson is one of the most ferocious fighters of all time. Furthermore. Tyson was the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing. His exceptional manner of completing fights was due to the mindset he developed from a young age.

There was something special about Tyson’s mindset. However, the reason behind his extraordinary mindset lies a very bleak and disheartening upbringing he had.

Mike Tyson often speaks about how he did not have anyone who loved him until he found his coach, Cus. This statement highlights the lack of love and support he experienced as a child. Highlighting once such incident Tyson narrated a instance where he saw his mother violently behave in front of him.

Mike Tyson could not believe his eyes

“She’s Pouring Boiling Water Over…”: Mike Tyson Once Revealed His Mother’s Dark Secret That Left Mark on His Life

In his Autobiography, Mike Tyson recounted a chilling incident from his childhood when he was just seven years old. He witnessed a brutal fight between his mother and Eddie. The confrontation reached to a point where Eddie knocked out his mother’s gold tooth. However, what unfolded next was truly frightening.

Tyson wrote, “Once, my mother was fighting with this guy, Eddie, and it’s barbaric. Eddie knocked out her gold tooth and me and Denise are screaming. But my mother’s real slick. She puts on a pot of boiling water.The next thing I know she’s pouring boiling water over Eddie. He was screaming, his back and face covered in blisters. We put him on the floor. My sister takes a lighter and sterilises a needle and then, one by one, she bursts the blisters.”

In response to the attack, Mike’s mother heated a pot of water and poured it over Eddie, causing severe blistering. Overwhelmed with distress, Mike and his sister Denise couldn’t help but shed tears. Afterwards, the offered Eddie a small amount of comfort by giving him a quarter. In an attempt to alleviate his pain, they bravely popped the blisters using a heated needle.

Tyson opens up about his childhood traumas

In his autobiography, Tyson candidly revealed the lingering impact of his childhood trauma. One particular corner of his room remains a haunting reminder for him, as it was the site where he endured physical abuse at the hands of his mother. The mere sight of it continues to evoke distressing memories.

Tyson wrote, “Even today, I don’t like looking at a corner of a room. I still think of being in the corner getting beaten by my mother. Back then it was like ‘Holy Moly!’ but as you get older it seems funnier. But even though people think of me as ‘Mike Tyson’, this scary guy, I still have that fear today. That’s what happens when you’re a traumatised kid.”

During his formative years, this recollection caused profound discomfort for Tyson. Interestingly, despite his reputation as the formidable boxer, he has come to find humor in it now. Nevertheless, the fear associated with that experience remains deeply rooted within him. Tyson elucidates that this enduring fear is a testament to the lasting effects of trauma on children.


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