Sister Wives: “Pink Lady!”: All Meri’s Cutest Pink Outfits After Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

Since leaving Kody Brown, Sister Wives star wife Meri Brown is looking better than ever. Here are some examples of Meri looking great in pink.

Sister Wives Meri Brown in striped turtleneck looking shocked with photos of her and boyfriend Amos in the back
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Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Meri Brown called it quits after 32 years of marriage, and Meri has since been losing weight and looking better than ever. Meri was the first of Kody’s four wives, and they had one child together. She chose to live in a plural marriage for religious reasons, but she and Kody struggled to make their relationship work. Many years before their divorce, Kody and Meri had stopped living as husband and wife, and Kody had been painfully open about not being attracted to Meri.

Shortly after separating from Kody, the Sister Wives season 18 star started dating a new man. Despite all that she had been through, Meri seemed like she was on the mend after the devastating end of her marriage. After being rejected by Kody for years, Meri hoped she had found her happy ending with a man who wanted to be with her. Sadly, Meri was wrong, and the relationship ended, leaving Meri single again. Despite mourning Janelle Brown’s son Garrison Brown, Meri has stayed firmly on her path to health and weight loss.

Meri Brown Looks Gorgeous In Bubblegum Pink

It’s Her Power Color

Sister Wives Meri Brown smiling, wearing a pink sweatshirt, in an Instagram post

Sister Wives Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn brown on the Pickler & ben talk Show

Since leaving Kody, Meri has been more confident and wearing bolder colors. In April, Meri posted a Fridays With Friends segment to Instagram, where she wore a bubblegum pink sweatshirt and a figure-hugging pair of jeans. In the clip, Meri and her friend Jen are hanging out together. Jen is wearing pink sweatpants that match Meri’s sweatshirt. One Sister Wives fan in the Instagram comment section wrote, “Yes pink is your color,” while another wrote, “You ladies look great!” This isn’t the first time Meri has worn the color pink since losing weight, and it’s one of her power colors.

Meri has looked thinner than ever since the tragic death of 25-year-old Garrison. On March 5, Garrison was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his Arizona home. Garrison was the son of Kody’s second wife, Janelle, but Meri watched him grow up and considered him like a son. Since his passing, Meri has been posting photos of Garrison and talking about her love for him.

Meri Brown Loves Wearing Pink

She Rocks Salmon Tones Too

Sister Wives' Meri, Janelle and Christine Brown, with broken glass

Meri Brown from Sister Wives montage meri in foreground in red top orange background

Since her separation from Kody, Meri no longer spends holidays with Kody and the Browns. In November 2023, Meri posted a series of photos on Instagram from her Thanksgiving holiday with friends. The caption under the posted photos reads, “What a wonderful and beautiful Thanksgiving week with friends!” In several photos, Meri is wearing a top in a flattering salmon shade and a trendy paperclip-style necklace in gold. In the filtered photos, she is beaming happily and looking healthy and fit.

” Meri you left the ungrateful family brown and you look great. “

Though Meri is a single woman who lives alone, she doesn’t have to live a lonely life. In fact, considering Kody’s neglect of Meri, she was arguably much more lonely when she was still married to him. Fans in the post’s comment section agreed that Meri was better off without Kody. “Meri you left the ungrateful family brown and you look great,” wrote one person.

” You look ten years younger and just lovely, ” wrote another. ” You also seem to be less burdened. I am so glad you are out of the neglect, emotional abuse, and harassment. ”

Meri Brown’s Thanksgiving Post Caused A Sensation

New Normal

Meri posted another Thanksgiving photo to Instagram in November 2023. In the photo, she’s wearing the same coral top and paperclip-style necklace as in the other Thanksgiving photos, but this time, she is posing in front of Lake Michigan. She is beaming in the photo and looks healthier after losing weight. Before Meri left her plural marriage, she would spend holidays with Kody, her three sister wives, and their 18 combined children. Now, Meri barely talks to the other Browns and spends holidays with her chosen family of friends.

” Meri you look awesome . It’s almost like your reversing time. What’s the secret? “

Meri’s Thanksgiving posts caused quite a stir, receiving over 90,000 likes, and people had plenty to say in the comment section. “Meri you look awesome,” wrote one fan. “It’s almost like your reversing time. What’s the secret?” Another fan answered back, “Filters!” Meri has gotten a lot of criticism from fans over her heavy use of photo filters. Many Sister Wives fans argue that Meri looks great, and doesn’t need to hide behind filters.

Meri Brown’s Always Pretty In Pink

In Her Barbie Era

sister wives meri bed and breakfast, she's in pink, posing and smiling in front of the yellow and white house

Meri and her best friend Jen posted another Fridays With Friends segment to Instagram in April 2023. In the clip, Meri is wearing a pink zip-up athletic jacket, a nod to her fitness journey. After watching Kody neglect Meri for years, fans have been happy to see Meri finally in a good place.

” Glad Mery is out having fun with her friend ,” wrote one fan in the Instagram comment section. ” And after all those years with Cody, she deserves a drink…or seven!”

Meri isn’t the only Sister Wives star who left Kody and started along a path toward self-improvement and weight loss over the last few years. In 2021, Kody’s third wife, Christine Brown, walked out after 28 years of marriage. Then, in 2022, Kody’s second wife, Janelle, left after 29 years of marriage. Meri followed them out in 2023. All three of Kody’s ex-wives have lost weight since leaving him. As fans wait for Sister Wives season 19, Kody finds himself in an accidentally monogamous relationship with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown.

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