Austen Kroll has been a popular name in the Bravo-sphere as of late with the recent end of Southern Charm‘s eighth season and the wrap-up of BravoCon ’22. Now that filming has ended, Kroll is back on Bravo for season 2 of Winter House, which premiered in October ’22.

With Kroll being on-and-off three different shows, having a popular podcast, and a beer company, he’s practically everywhere for Bravo fans. However, even with countless hours of footage, there are plenty of things that fans don’t know (or forgot) about the one and only Austen Kroll.

Trop Hop Has Won Awards

It was recently announced that Southern Charm was getting a spinoff show called Southern Hospitality about Leva Bonaparte’s restaurant. However, fans wouldn’t mind a series on Kroll’s start-up, Kings Calling Brewing Co.

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Austen’s brewery produces his well-known beer, Trop Hop. The IPA has gotten solid reviews and is in various breweries throughout Charleston. On Instagram, Austen shared a big step for his brewery: “Trop Hop IPA and Trop Hop Luxury Light Lager took home Silver Medals in the Carolina Championship of Beers this year.” On top of bringing home the silver medal, Trop Hop is also expanding to Florida.

His New House Is Better Than His Bachelor Pad

The male cast members of Southern Charm aren’t always likable compared to the women. A big reason for this is how immature they act for their age, which bothers most of their female friends. For years, Bravo fans saw Austen live in a bachelor pad of sorts, which wasn’t always clean or put-together.

In June 2021, however, Kroll moved up and bought a brand new home. According to Bravo, his new pad has 10-foot ceIlings, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an open floor plan. When asked what the vibe was like, Kroll said it’s “trying to be sophisticated” while “still having fun.”

Austen Is Not From South Carolina

It’s been mentioned on the show, but Austen is not a native of Charleston or even the state of South Carolina. According to Romper, Kroll was born in Washington D.C. before his family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.

In season 8 of Southern Charm, viewers saw how emotional it was for Austen and his family to sell his childhood home. He told the cameras that his parents were moving closer to Charleston to be near Austen and his sister Katie. Although Austen isn’t from Charleston, he’s certainly made himself at home and doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon.

He’s Been Longtime Friends With Other Bravolebrities

Funny enough, Austen is friends with other Bravolebrities on shows like Southern Charm. Kroll has met a ton of other Bravo stars from being on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live and attending BravoCon

He’s created lasting friendships with the cast of Summer House (even appearing in season 7), and he’s also been seen with the cast of Vanderpump Rules. In fact, on a panel with the Vanderpump Rules cast at BravoCon ’22, it was noted that Austen hooked up with VPR alumni Kristen Doute.

He Studied Abroad

Kroll joined Southern Charm in season 4 as a friend of Shep Rose’s. Kroll had just moved to the area and knew Shep from college. Shep and Austen are close, but they rivaled each other continuously in the series.

According to Bravo, Kroll attended The University of Alabama where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management in 2010. What’s more interesting is that Austen spent a semester abroad studying in Prague, Czech Republic, where he was also a member of the fraternity, Kappa Sigma. Austen may be a part of some of the funniest Southern Charm memes, but he’s educated and more intelligent than he lets on.

A Former Housewife Called Austen “Overrated”

Austen has his ups and downs as being a likable cast member on Southern Charm. He has moments where he’s caring and logical, but he also has drunken scenes that don’t end well.RELATED:9 Most Likable Southern Charm Cast Members (& 8 Fans Can’t Stand)

On an episode of Watch What Happens Live, former The Real Housewives of New York‘s star Eboni K. Williams proved that she was not fond of Austen and didn’t find him likable in the slightest. According to Reality Tea, Eboni had to choose Bravolebrities she’d go on a date with. When Austen’s face popped up she immediately said “No! Next!” She continued saying, “No, no, no. Next, next, next. No. He’s overrated.” Austen never responded to Eboni’s dig.

Austen & Craig Didn’t Talk For Months

There are plenty of fake things about Southern Charm, but the ups and downs of Craig Conover and Austen’s friendship is not one of them.

While Southern Charm viewers have seen Austen and Craig’s vicious fights over the years, one in particular stopped them from talking. In an interview with US Weekly, Craig said the two didn’t talk for two-three months after filming Summer House. “When I found out he was kissing Lindsay after kissing Ciara I was just like, ‘dude that’s literally everything Lindsay wanted to happen.'” Thankfully, the two resolved their issues and are friends again.

Shep Introduced Him To His Charleston Friend Group

Shep and Austen had one of the best friendships on Southern Charm and have about seven years between them, which had fans wondering how they became friends in the first place, especially with Austen being new to Charleston.

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Bustle reported that the only real information about their fast friendship was through Bravo: “After relocating to Charleston, Austen and Shep became fast friends and found each other to be worthy competitors when it came to getting the attention of ladies.” Even though Kroll and Craig are closer these days, he and Shep are still close.

Pillows & Beer Has Rave Reviews

December 2020, Craig and Austen teased a new project they were working on together. And in January 2021, the first episode of their podcast Pillows and Beer was released. It’s been almost two years since the start of their podcast and it’s still going strong.

Although Austen and Craig have their highs and lows, it’s an unpopular Southern Charm opinion to not enjoy their friendship. On Apple, the podcast has 4.4 out of 5 stars and over 2,000 positive reviews.

He’s Still Friends With His Exes

There were countless reactions to the season 8 reunion of Southern Charm, especially when it came to Kroll’s love life. With Madison LeCroy engaged, fans wanted to know where he stood with castmate Olivia Flowers.

At the reunion, the two mentioned they were no longer dating, but that didn’t mean they weren’t still friends. At BravoCon ’22 there were multiple reports that Austen and Olivia were still close. He was also seen chatting with several of his Bravo exes, including Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller.