Southern Charm Season 10: Who’s Returning & Who Got Fired?

Southern Charm season 10 should be on the way soon, but not everyone will be returning to the next season. Who’s returning, and who got fired?

Southern Charm season 9 cast
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  • Venita Aspen’s return to Southern Charm season 10 is unclear due to mixed reception and social compatibility issues.
  • Olivia Flowers allegedly won’t return for season 10 due to past controversies and personal reasons.
  • Craig Conover is likely to return for Southern Charm season 10, excited to share new developments.

Southern Charm season 9 may have finished months ago, but there are already hints about who will return for Southern Charm season 10. As one of the best reality TV shows, Southern Charm focuses on socialites living and working in Charleston, South Carolina. While there has been a rotating cast of characters throughout the seasons, some stalwart cast members, like Shep Rose, remain integral to the cast.

The Southern Charm season 9 finale didn’t disappoint. Jarrett “JT” Thomas confessed his feelings for Taylor Ann Green to Rod Razavi before the party, while Madison LeCroy expressed concerns about having another baby. Later, JT professed his love to Taylor, but she didn’t reciprocate, while Shep rejected the idea of getting back together with her. Austen Kroll and Olivia Flowers’ conversation also went south. Tensions escalated between JT and Austen, resulting in a physical altercation. With all the drama afoot, who is likely to return for season 10?

Taylor with Shep and Austen in the background from Southern Charm


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Venita Aspen

Status Unclear

Venita Aspen Southern Charm Season 9

It’s unclear whether Venita Aspen will return to Southern Charm season 10. Her reception has been mixed since being introduced in season 7 as a friend of Madison LeCroy and Leva Bonaparte. Venita is a fashion influencer and businesswoman who brought some much-needed diversity to the show. After Kathryn Dennis’ racial controversy, Venita and Leva were stuck educating her on the sensitivity of her actions. However, she’s been labeled as unlikable, as she doesn’t seem to gel socially with the rest of the group. Time will tell whether she’s invited to return.

Olivia Flowers

Allegedly Not Returning

According to @bestofbravo, Olivia is allegedly not returning for Southern Charm season 10. First appearing on season 7 as a friend of Kathryn, information about Olivia sent shockwaves through the Southern Charm season 9 reunion. It was revealed Olivia had previously hooked up with Thomas Ravenel, who had a notoriously tumultuous relationship with Kathryn. He was fired from the show due to sexual assault charges.

Taylor Ann brought up Olivia’s hookup during the reunion, and it was clear that Olivia was upset with Taylor bringing it up.

Despite Thomas’ absence from the series for about two seasons, his presence still looms large due to ongoing legal and custody battles with Kathryn over their children. Taylor brought up Olivia’s hookup during the reunion, and it was clear that Olivia was upset about it. She clarified that the encounter occurred when she was around 20 years old and drunk, long before she knew Kathryn or considered herself friends with her. It’s unclear whether this moment led to her not getting asked back, but she allegedly is done with the show.

Craig Conover

Likely Returning

According to US Weekly, Craig Conover is returning for Southern Charm season 10. At a Panera promo event, he shared with the news outlet that he was excited to share new things and include Shep in his assertions of a great season. Still going strong with Paige DeSorbo from Summer House, Craig is excited about new developments in the upcoming season. Despite initially denying romance rumors, Paige and Craig became official in October 2021, and they’ve since been open about their relationship on social media and in their respective shows.

Southern Charm cast members together for a photo shoot


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Leva Bonaparte

Likely Not Returning

Now that Southern Hospitality is doing well, it’s likely Leva will leave the original series, Southern Charm, behind. Similar to Lisa Vanderpump’s focus on Vanderpump Rules, Republic Garden & Lounge is the focus of Southern Hospitality. Unlike the typical Southern Charm cast, Southern Hospitality features individuals with various backgrounds, including Maddi Reese and Bradley Carter. With the show entering its third season, Leva will likely say goodbye to Southern Charm and focus on the spin-off.

Jarrett “JT” Thomas

Likely Returning

Southern Charm Season 9's Jarrett "JT" Thomas

While not confirmed by Bravo, JT will likely return for Southern Charm season 10. The season 9 newbie was already in the Southern Charm social circle. The 38-year-old works in real estate and runs a collection of luxury vacation rentals in Charleston. He hasn’t announced whether he will return, but it’s likely a yes.

Rod Razavi

Allegedly Not Returning

Southern Charm Season 9's Rod Razavi

Rod was introduced in Southern Charm season 9 due to his interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with Olivia. Despite being a fresh face on the show, Rod quickly became a staple in the Charleston socialite circles on the show. Following Olivia’s brother’s tragic passing from an accidental fentanyl overdose, Rod decided to take a step back from pursuing her romantically.

Following Olivia’s brother’s tragic passing from an accidental fentanyl overdose, Rod decided to take a step back from pursuing her romantically.

The scandal involving Olivia leaving her bra at Austen’s place strained Olivia and Rod’s relationship. Rod admitted the situation was challenging for him, particularly “bra-gate,” but he supported Olivia. Since he’s no longer pursuing a relationship with Olivia, who’s probably not coming back for season 10, it’s likely Rod isn’t returning either.

Southern Charm cast members together for a photo shoot


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Rodrigo Reyes

Status Unclear

Rodrigo Reyes Southern Charm Season 9

It’s currently unclear whether Rodrigo Reyes will return for Southern Charm season 10. While Rodrigo was new to season 9, he quickly became a familiar face among the crew. Rodrigo is an interior designer with a long-term relationship with his boyfriend, Tyler. Despite being new to the show, Rodrigo was friends with most of the cast before he appeared in season 9.

Madison LeCroy


Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy with Husband Brett Randle in the background

According to US Weekly, Madison is confirmed to return for Southern Charm season 10. The news source noted that Madison shared in an Instagram Story that “of course” she would be returning for season 10 and will even host the first party. Madison, who has been a fixture on the show since season 6, hinted at an exciting start to the new season. Throughout her time on the show, Madison has showcased different facets of her life, including her family and relationships. Settled in Charleston with Brett Randle and her son Hudson, Madison is sure to start the season with a splash.

Austen Kroll

Likely Returning

Austen Kroll Southern Charm Season 9

While not confirmed, Austen Kroll is likely to return for Southern Charm season 10. His main plotline in the previous season involved a potential romance with Taylor, who previously dated Shep. Taylor and Austen were both adamant that they had only kissed, even when pressed to say more. Craig suggested longstanding sexual tension between Austen and Taylor at the reunion, implying that their flirtation predates Taylor’s relationship with Shep.

Austen admitted to the kiss but said they decided against pursuing a romantic relationship, opting instead to remain friends. He expressed regret for not being forthright about the encounter. Shep expressed doubts, and Olivia also believes they were withholding the full truth. It could be fun to fully explore Austen and Taylor’s connection in season 10, but Craig alleged that Austen is dating someone new.

Southern Charm Olivia Flowers in blue dress with orange background


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On Thursday’s episode of Southern Charm, it was revealed that Olivia Flower’s brother Connor Flowers suddenly passed away. Austen Kroll could relate.

Taylor Ann Green

Status Unclear

montage of Taylor Ann Green and Worth Green from Southern Charm
Custom image by César García

It’s currently unclear whether Taylor will return for Southern Charm season 10. A tragic event that occurred before season 9 filming might impact whether she returns for another season. Taylor’s brother, Worth Green, passed away unexpectedly in June 2023. His cause of death wasn’t explicitly stated. The loss of her brother occurred just months after the death of her co-star Olivia’s brother, Connor Flowers, from an accidental fentanyl overdose.

Shep Rose

Likely Returning

Shep Rose Southern Charm Season 9

Rumors have been swirling that Shep will leave Southern Charm since around the end of season 7. As one of the last long-standing cast members on the show, Shep has utilized the platform to bolster his business ventures and net worth. It may be worth it to say goodbye, given he’s milked his presence on the show for all it’s worth, including starring in a spin-off called RelationShep. However, Shep is allegedly returning for Southern Charm season 10, according to Craig’s interview. With so many cast changes, it’ll be good to have some familiar faces.

Southern Charm is available to stream on Peacock.

Sources: @bestofbravo, US Weekly, US Weekly

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Taking reality series to the south, Southern Charm is a Bravo TV series set in Charleston, South Carolina. The show follows various affluent socialites in Charleston as they explore and explain the area’s culture, history, and politics. Relationships will fracture, evolve romantically, and spiral in several strange directions as these individuals live and thrive in their southern lifestyle.

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