Stepһen Curry Advіsed to Leаve $215 Mіllіon Wаrrіors Contrаct for Dreаm Antһony Edwаrds Pаіrіng - Apkcombat

Stepһen Curry Advіsed to Leаve $215 Mіllіon Wаrrіors Contrаct for Dreаm Antһony Edwаrds Pаіrіng

Right after winning his fourth championship with the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry said, “I don’t want to leave ever. I want this to be my one and only home.” This was back in 2022 when the Warriors were a championship-winning franchise. Two years on, while Curry’s perception may not have changed, many feel that a fifth championship with the Warriors may not be in the cards. But could it happen with the Minnesota Timberwolves?

For quite some time now, there have been rumors that the Warriors would trade for Karl-Anthony Towns. And together with Curry, they’ll fight for a ring. But in this hypothetical, brought up on The Old Couple radio show, they painted a picture of Steph teaming up with KAT and Anthony Edwards to potentially fight for a championship in Minnesota. Could the Chef drop his $215 million contract with the Warriors (which expires in 2026) and move on to greener pastures with the Ant-Man?

In a conversation with Martin Weiss, NBA analyst Chris Broussard asked whether Curry would leave the Warriors to chase another title. Echoing almost every Warriors fan’s sentiment, Weiss replied, “I would like to see him retire a Warrior even if his championship-winning days are over.” However, if winning another ring is the goal, Broussard argued that doing it elsewhere would be a big deal. That’s where the Timberwolves hypothetical came into the picture.

“Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, the Warriors traded him to Minnesota for Mike Conley and a couple of other players – to a team that is young, in the top half of the West, got another star next to him like Anthony Edwards,” said Weiss. For Broussard, Stephen Curry’s move would take place solely depending on his contribution to the team. “I think the key would be what type of role did he play. If he’s just kind of a role player, averaging 14 points a game, and it’s Edwards and KAT carrying him, he’s just doing his little bit, that’s different. That, to me, is not worth it.” 

“But if he were to go to Minnesota, give him 25 [points] a night, and Anthony Edwards is giving him 24, 26, then that’s a whole different story,” added the analyst. When Broussard mentioned that winning a championship elsewhere would add to his legacy, he referenced that the 36-year-old is in the “GOAT point guard conversation.” And a fifth ring could potentially solidify his status as the GOAT if he switches teams, builds it around himself, and wins.

When it comes to a partnership with Anthony Edwards, it’s quite well-known that Curry holds the 22-year-old in a very high light. Following the Warriors star’s 2023 Curry Camp, Complex asked him if there was anyone in particular whom he thought would have a chance to be special. Reminiscing about the 2018 edition of the camp, Curry revealed, “Anthony Edwards, for sure.”

“He just had a different demeanor and different competitive presence out there on the court during our camp sessions and even in the showcase game that we had. There were just plays that he made that nobody else really could,” he added. Together, along with Karl-Anthony Towns, they could be a formidable trio.

Although Stephen Curry has reiterated how he wants to stay with the Warriors until the end, he did reveal where else he could see himself. “If there was a team that I did want to play for that was not named the Warriors, [the Hornets] would be it.” That said, knowing Curry’s run, the chance of these hypotheticals turning out to be true boils down to his will to make a move.

The Warriors’ window & Stephen Curry’s choice

Would the Chef even want to trade to Minnesota? Here’s a brief history for you to help decide. In 2009, five teams passed on the “skinny kid” from Davidson. That “kid” is now the undisputed king of the 3-point shot, a 9-time All-Star, a walking highlight reel, and the architect of 4 Golden State Warriors championships!

It was Curry’s draft night, and the Minnesota Timberwolves held the fifth and sixth picks that year. Their then-GM, David Kahn, snatched Spanish prospect Ricky Rubio at five and Syracuse’s Jonny Flynn at six. Curry, meanwhile, slid to the Warriors at seven, a decision that made waves through the league. Neither Rubio nor Flynn panned out for the T-Wolves, and Kahn was fired within four years. The draft night debacle remains one of the biggest drafting blunders in NBA history.

Fast forward to the present. The Warriors recently extended Coach Steve Kerr’s contract until 2026. Klay Thompson has been downgraded to a more reserved role, potentially leading to a smaller contract. Draymond Green’s deal runs until 2026 with a player option for the following year. Barring any unforeseen epic-ness, 2026 marks the potential expiration date of the Warriors saga. The Warriors have three seasons to orchestrate a potential three-peat, a victory lap for this legendary crew.

However, with the franchise currently struggling to find its lost form, is that even a possibility? What do you think? Will Stephen Curry see out his NBA career with the Warriors, or could he chase that fifth championship elsewhere? (Probably not in Minnesota; if you know, you know!)

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