Stephen Curry Betrays Golf Buddy Patrick Mahomes with Biased Super Bowl Prediction

Stephen Curry finds himself officially between a rock and a hard place. With the Super Bowl LVIII just around the corner, the Warriors superstar’s loyalty is tested. On one side is his golf buddy and close friend, Patrick Mahomes. On the other side is the San Francisco 49ers, his home team.

Not to mention the 49ers were present last night and rooting for the Dubs as they won against the 76ers. Yet, the post-game presser saw Steph treading a fine line.

Stephen Curry takes his picks for the Super Bowl

The presence of San Francisco footballers definitely would give rise to the next question – Curry’s prediction. And his response was quite diplomatic. “I mean, obviously, being here [in the Bay], you’d love to see the Niners get it done. I do love Mahomes and Kelce,” Steph said, suggesting he wouldn’t mind if the Chiefs won it too.

Elaborating further on their camaraderie, Chef Curry says that the trio played golf this summer and have a pretty solid relationship. The friendship of Mahomes and Travis Kelce is a rare bond; one not found easily. And it seems like they extended an invitation to Curry to be part of the same.

He says that the Curry family also has a “win-win” mentality. So, whoever wins it all is a victory in the books of the Curry household. And if that wasn’t confusing enough, the 4x champion added, “obviously the hometown team — how long has it been since they won? You’d love to see that.”

So while Stephen Curry would love to see his home team grab that long-evading trophy, he wouldn’t be upset if the Mahomes-Kelce duo repeated their win. Meanwhile, the 49ers took some time off to watch San Francisco’s basketball hero do his magic. And maybe, get his full support for the NFL championship.

The 49ers receive wholesome support from Chef Curry

Brandon Aiyuk, Ray-Ray McCloud III, and Deebo Samuel were among the pro footballers in attendance for the Warriors vs Sixers game. Seeing San Francisco’s beloved football players in the arena motivated the Golden State to put a dominant performance against Philly.

After the game, Curry met with them, signing customized jerseys while also giving them a boost of confidence. Right before leaving the court, he shouted, “Go get it done! Lets go!” clearly communicating his excitement about the thrilling match.

Making an impressive comeback vs the Detroit Lions, the 49ers showcased their sheer will in getting the Vince Lombardi Trophy. So it was no wonder that having them sitting courtside was an extra motivation for the 119-107 victory.

With Curry making his preferences known, all that’s left is to wait for February 11th. Since Steph is okay with either of them winning, what is your pick? Don’t let your loyalty to Curry influence your decision and let us know in the comments!


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