Steve Kerr Has “Never Been The One” Says Happy Stephen Curry, As Pivotal Detail Stands Out From $35 Mil News

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since we heard about Steve Kerr and his contract extension worth $35 million with the GSW franchise. Fans couldn’t be happier to note that Coach Kerr is going to continue his legacy with his Warriors. Some even went a step ahead and started to inspect the trio’s contracts along with their coach’s. And as it turns out, in 2021, Stephen Curry inked a four-year, $215 million max extension with the team. This meant that his contract would expire after the 2025-26 season. And guess when Coach Kerr’s 2-year extension ends? In the same year as his!

This comes as great news for the Golden Boy, who wouldn’t have to deal with a new coach in between, which would be a hassle. And he made it clear that he doesn’t want a new coach either. “Hell no,” he told The Athletic when asked about it. “There’s a handful of player-coach and trio-coach stories in league history that are comparable to ours,” he added.

Steph even applauded Kerr’s consistency throughout the years, especially his way of dealing with the highs and lows. Tipping his hat off to Kerr’s contributions, Steph said, “People think it’s easy. But with success comes expectation. The nuance of keeping things together and managing not just in here, but managing up as well, it’s hard. It just reminds you of the special personality and character you have to have to do this job.”

Above all, Steph commended Kerr for never taking all the credit for the team’s success. “Also, he’s never been the one, even from Day 1, who said he was the reason or the key. … He’s never had the aura that it’s him and only him. That was key.” When Kerr came in, he was welcomed with a great roster, but he was able to use that to make something special, and therein lies Kerr’s greatness, Steph explains.

A championship with Kerr and Steph at the helm

Steve Kerr’s contract extension with the Warriors came at a time when there were uncertainties regarding his leadership as the team struggled to make an impact this season. It got to a point where no one would have been surprised if Kerr was sacked. However, the Dub Nation is still banking on the “Curry era.” This means they would have to build around Steph; they did this by re-signing Draymond Green and bringing in Chris Paul.

The biggest piece of the puzzle was Steve Kerr, as it aligned with Steph’s wishes to continue working with him. Moreover, the Warriors could also try to retain Klay Thompson who is in the last season of his five-year contract extension. The franchise is hell-bent on bringing home another Championship and they plan on making it happen with Steph at the center, headed by Kerr who has already brought them four Championships.


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