‘Still terrifying’ – Mike Tyson shocks fans as he shows off ferocious punching power in brutal pads session

Mike Tyson continues to prove that age is just a number as he showed off his brutal punching power in a pads workout session.

The 57-year-old has kept himself in peak, physical condition since returning to the ring for his exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jr in 2020.

Known for his knockout power, the two-time heavyweight world champion boasts 44 stoppages from his 50 wins.

Tyson showcased his brutal punching power on the pads to leave fans shocked

And in a video shared by coach Rafael Cordeiro on Instagram, ‘Iron Mike’ showcased his trademark hooks, with fans left blown away by his ferocious power and speed.

Replying to the footage, one user said: “Dude is still a machine.”

The former heavyweight champion is known for his explosive power and speed

Another messaged: “Mike is a scary man.”

A third added: “Even at an older age don’t think anyone would wanna mess with Tyson.”

This person then remarked: “He is lightning. My favourite fighter of all time.”

Meanwhile this fan simply stated: “Still terrifying.”

Tyson was recently in Francis Ngannou’s corner, where he almost masterminded a shock victory over Tyson Fury.

The MMA legend floored the ‘Gypsy King’, but was on the wrong end of a points decision in their October dust-up.

Tyson last fought in 2020, where he and Roy Jones Jr clashed in an exhibition bout

And Tyson could once again train ‘The Predator’ when Ngannou pits his wits against Anthony Joshua on March 8.

Ngannou’s striking coach Dewey Cooper expects the pair to continue working together, as he told talkSPORT: “Whatever way Francis wants Mike Tyson to be involved, he will be.

“I love Mike, we go back way before any of this Francis Ngannou–UFC stuff was happening anyway.

“So, I hope he will come through like he did last time and keep implementing his mentality and technique.

“I’m sure he will, but either way, [Ngannou] is going to be prepared and ready to go against Anthony Joshua.”


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