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Summer House: 8 Shocking Signs Lindsay Hubbard Is The Ultimate Villain

Lindsay Hubbard may be a star of Summer House, but she’s also the ultimate villain on the hit reality TV show. Here’s why.

Summer House's Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard may be a star of Summer House, but she’s also the ultimate villain on the hit reality TV show. Summer House season 8 hits the airwaves on February 22, and plenty has happened since the last season. As one of the best reality TV shows, it’s no surprise the Summer House season 8 cast is back for more. Lindsay has been on the show since Summer House season 1 but has been revealed as a villain over the past few seasons.

Lindsay was one of the original cast members of Summer House, which premiered in 2017. The show follows a group of friends who share a summer house in the Hamptons, exploring their friendships, relationships, and experiences. As one of the main characters, Lindsay is known for her involvement in the drama and conflicts that often unfold among the cast members. Those relationships have become increasingly fraught.

Lindsay Always Caused Drama On Summer House

Perhaps most importantly, Lindsay consistently causes drama on Summer HouseAside from an infamous feud with former friend Danielle Olivera on season 7, many altercations have occurred over the years. The shared living situation in the summer house has created conflicts over cleanliness, house rules, and lifestyle differences. Lindsay has been involved in discussions and arguments related to these dynamics. Lindsay also stirred disagreements that often revolved around loyalty, trust, and communication breakdowns.

Lindsay Essentially Made Carl Quit His Job At Loverboy

Loverboy is a beverage company founded by Kyle Cooke, another cast member of Summer House. While Carl chose to become sober, he was still involved in Kyle’s business. However, when he was with Lindsay, this relationship ended. As Carl continues his sobriety journey, he’s chosen to become involved with Kyle’s business again, promoting the non-alcoholic drinks in the line. Lindsay wasn’t supportive of the partnership, and it’s good that he’s back. Hopefully, Kyle and other friends continue to support Carl’s sobriety.

Lindsay Turned Carl Against Kyle, His Best Friend

Kyle hasn’t always been an angel in his relationship with Carl or other cast members. He cheated on Amanda when he was blackout drunk and criticized Carl’s past drug use. However, Lindsay cutting Carl off from his best friend wasn’t cool. Maybe they needed space or to talk things out, but it’s generally a red flag when one person wants their partner to abandon relationships with close friends. Kyle and Carl are friends again since he and Lindsay broke off their engagement.

Lindsay Always Talked Down To Her Boyfriends

Lindsay wears flower wreath on head in Summer House

Lindsay’s communication approach in relationships has been discussed on Summer House. There have been instances where she expressed frustration or disappointment with her partners, leading to confrontations. The specific ways she may have talked down to her boyfriends can vary based on the context of the conversations and the dynamics portrayed on the reality TV show, for example, the scene with Everett Weston in season 2. Lindsay tended to talk down to her boyfriends.

Lindsay Isn’t Always A Girl’s Girl

Paige DeSorbo Summer House

Lindsay may have had a close friendship with Danielle Olivera, but she hasn’t been friendly with the girls on the show. She never liked Paige DeSorbo or Hannah Berner and didn’t try to be nice. Girls who are mean to other girls tend to have a villainous streak, and Lindsay is no exception to this rule. Paige and Hannah have since left the show and are much better off without mean girl Lindsay.

Lindsay Seems To Thrive In Toxic Relationships

Summer House's Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera

Lindsay’s romantic relationships have been a consistent source of drama in Summer House. For instance, conflicts with her ex-boyfriend Everett were featured prominently in earlier seasons. Additionally, her involvement in romantic entanglements within the house has led to tension with other cast members. Lindsay and Carl seemed happy but were in nearly constant couples therapy. Lindsay is living in her shared apartment with Carl, which they both pay for as they pick up the pieces from their relationship.

Lindsay Turned On Danielle In Summer House Season 7

Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard Summer House

Danielle and Lindsay may have been best friends, but Lindsay turned on her friend in Summer House season 7. Lindsay may have been intentionally cold towards Danielle at the reunion, but Danielle was purposefully vindictive. If their relationship lived in a vacuum, it would be easy to see Danielle as the bad guy. However, given the rest of Lindsay’s track record, it’s clear she plays a big part in the villainy of their friendship.

Lindsay Made Carl Look Like The Villain Following Their Break-Up

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke from Summer House

After Lindsay and Carl’s breakup, she made him look like the villain following their split. The pair were set to tie the knot in November 2023 and called off the wedding just 2.5 months beforehand. While Lindsay blamed the leaked letter on Carl, he was just trying to do right by their guests. However, Lindsay was vocal about feeling blindsided by Carl. While it’s still unclear what split them up, they spent a lot of time in couples therapy. Their communication broke down, which isn’t surprising, considering Summer House‘s Lindsay is the show’s villain.

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