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Teen Mom: Clues Ryan Edwards Has Moved In With His Girlfriend Amanda Conner (And Other Scandals Explained)

Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards has pending legal issues from threatening his ex-wife Mackenzie Edwards, but that hasn’t stopped him from moving in with his new girlfriend, Amanda Connor. Ryan and Amanda met during a time when Mackenzie initially filed for divorce, and Ryan diligently pursued therapy following an intentional drug overdose. Ryan faced a DUI incident in 2023 and must stick to a rigid regimen involving regular Vivitrol injections, random hair follicle tests, and court-mandated counseling sessions. Ryan also has a court appearance scheduled for April 23, 2024. Nothing about Ryan’s troubled past and present seems to bother Amanda.

Ryan has battled drug addiction throughout his and Mackenzie’s relationship, which became a significant problem on February 10, 2023, when authorities arrested Ryan for violating an Order of Protection against Mackenzie. Ryan and Amanda haven’t let issues with his ex-wife or legal matters stop them from taking their relationship to the next level. The Tennessee locals appear to have cohabitated. Although Ryan remains coy about his and Amanda’s romance on social media, Amanda isn’t shy. Amanda has dropped several clues that she and Ryan have moved in together. It appears the couple have more than a living situation in common.

Ryan Met Amanda In Rehab

Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards

Ryan, famed for his toxic relationship with soon-to-be ex-wife Mackenzie, moved on to greener pastures with Amanda. Rumors swirled when Ryan completed a court-ordered rehab stint over the summer of 2023, when the two crossed paths. Their connection deepened during his stay at Oasis halfway house in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Although details of their romance remained veiled, Ryan dropped a hint by posting – then deleted – a snapshot of them together on his motorcycle in August 2023. Speculation heightened when Amanda shared a photo of a motorcycle keychain engraved with their names on November 22, 2023, In Touch Weekly reported.

Amanda Documented Their Moving Process


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Bài viết do Amanda Conner (@amandaa_conner) chia sẻ

Ryan has taken a monumental step forward in his personal life, with his girlfriend Amanda unveiling their move on February 14, 2024, via Instagram Stories. Amanda shared two snapshots, giving observers a sneak peek into their moving process. The first image, sourced from the Instagram account TeenMomChatter, depicts Ryan poised to set up a sizable TV in their new residence, signaling the couple’s commitment to crafting a cozy space together. Another image showcased Amanda’s playful side and her donning charming cow slippers nestled among the house’s furnishings as she affectionately declared, “Our new home,” accompanied by a radiant smile emoji.

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Amanda Has a Criminal Record


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Ryan has entangled himself with a partner no stranger to legal woes. Amanda has an explosive past, marred by repeated run-ins with the law since childhood. In a particular incident from May 2022, Amanda faced charges spanning possession of controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, and fraudulent credit card use. Amanda even appeared on Jerry Springer, The U.S. Sun reported. Despite the dismissal of drug charges, Amanda’s rap sheet continued to expand, with a subsequent DUI arrest in June 2023. Granted a discharge for rehab – Amanda’s redemption journey mirrors Ryan’s struggles, and audiences wonder if this could make or break the couple.


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