Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ ex David Eason ‘ran over puppy with car’ as daughter ‘witnessed incident,’ court fi…

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans slammed her estranged husband David Eason, claiming he “ran over a puppy and killed it” while his daughter “witnessed the dog dying.”

In Jenelle’s petition for a domestic violence protective order exclusively obtained by The U.S. Sun, the reality star said the newest alleged dog-killing incident with David, 35, happened during an argument at their home on February 6, 2024.

David Eason is facing new allegations over killing another pet dog after his estranged wife filed a domestic violence protective order against him


David Eason is facing new allegations over killing another pet dog after his estranged wife filed a domestic violence protective order against himCredit: The US Sun

In her complaint, Jenelle alleged that David ran over a puppy with her Toyota during an argument in February


In her complaint, Jenelle alleged that David ran over a puppy with her Toyota during an argument in FebruaryCredit: TikTok / Jenelle Evans

David was served at the boat he is currently living on


David was served at the boat he is currently living onCredit: The US Sun

Jenelle, 32, asked for the protective order for herself, and her three children, Jace, 14, Kaiser, 9, and Ensley, 7.

The U.S. Sun obtained exclusive video of the moment David was served with the shocking papers on Tuesday.

“David has an argument with Jenelle outside of house in the driveway,” the disturbing complaint for an order of protection read.

“David storms off, gets into Jenelle’s Toyota Sequoia to drive away without asking Jenelle’s permission, pulls out really fast, ran over a puppy, and killed it.

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“Kids were at school but stepdaughter [David’s daughter Maryssa, 16] was home at the time and witnessed the dog dying. David also witnessed the dog dying,” the complaint alleged.

It was unclear which dog David allegedly ran over, however, Jenelle recently posted to social media claiming David harmed “two of the puppies.”

Her post read, “Why don’t you ask him what he did to 2 of the puppies? He wants to talk sh** about me well he’s the one that didn’t keep them safe. One of them was his daughters [sic].”

As Teen Mom 2 fans know, David was accused of shooting dead the family French bulldog Nugget in 2019- an incident he later admitted to in a chat with People.


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It’s unclear if Nugget was one of the animals Jenelle was referring to in her recent post.

Jenelle outlined a litany of other alleged behavior of David’s in her request for a restraining order.

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans’ ex David Eason served with court summons while he’s living on boat in nasty split


In her complaint, Jenelle claimed that David “has exhibited emotionally abusive behavior to and in the presence of the minor children.”

Jenelle alleged in the complaint: “Defendant’s behavior causes a heightened level of anxiety for all three children in the home and he has a history of physically acting out to include punching or hitting holes and walls, throwing objects, stealing items from Jenelle.”

“These former acts of physical intimidation have given plaintiff PTSD and she is scared this behavior might happen again soon. Some of those behaviors were in front of the children over the years.”

Jenelle went on to claim David “frequently makes public posts about [Jenelle] disparaging her as a mother and wife,” which she said also impacts her son, Jace, as he is in school and old enough to see these attacks on his mother.

David currently has a no-contact order against him for Jace, and a pending felony charge after he allegedly strangled the teen in September of 2023.

“[Jenelle’s] son [Jace] is 14 years old and old enough to read all this online, in addition, this causes anxiety for [Jace] outside of the home and at school from classmates reading these public posts as well.”


Jenelle brought up several instances of alleged abusive and violent behavior by David in the court filing, most of which have already been made public.

Jenelle discusses the widely reported incident in which she called 911 in October of 2018 after she claimed David attacked her and hurt her collarbone.

“David and Janelle were hanging out with friends and David got into an argument and tackled Jenelle to the ground,” she alleged.

“David put Jenelle’s arm behind her back and David was on top of her pushing down on her chest so hard her ligaments tore at her collarbone,” the reality star alleged.

“While David was on top of Jenelle she screamed and cried, ‘You’re hurting me. Oh my God, please get off!”‘

“The hospital said Jenelle’s collarbone was not broken, but torn,” she added and said that she still has chest tightness from that incident to this day.

In her filing, Jenelle also references the time she and David split after he shot dead their dog Nugget.

She moved with Kaiser and Ensley to Tennessee and filed a restraining order there.

In the filing, she said the protective order was also being submitted as evidence, which The U.S. Sun covered in full detail late last year.

Jenelle also said that David had moved out as a result of the criminal no-contact order against him after he allegedly strangled Jace.

She also detailed one argument where David was allegedly incessantly texting her and at one point told her she “only cares about penis.”


Jenelle also questioned in the filing if David was somehow responsible for the alleged break-in at her home on February 24th of this year.


Jenelle and David’s relationship timeline


Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans met David Eason on Tinder in September of 2015.

Jenelle got pregnant in April 2016 and announced she suffered a miscarriage, then she became pregnant again with her and David’s daughter, Ensley, a few months later.

The pair got engaged in February 2017 and tied the knot that September.

A year after saying “I do,” Jenelle called 911 and accused David of assaulting her outside their home. She would later call the incident “a drunk and dramatic misunderstanding” and said she was “fine.”

In around May 2019, David shot and killed their French bulldog puppy named Nugget. Weeks after the incident, CPS took custody of all of the children, including their daughter, Ensley, Jenelle’s son, Kaiser, and David’s daughter, Maryssa.

When her children were returned to her, Jenelle fled to Tennessee with Kaiser and Ensley and filed an order of protection against David in October. She ultimately dropped the case and went back to him.

In the following years, the couple sparked split rumors as the pair would often unfollow each other on social media and update their Facebook relationship statuses.

As The U.S. Sun exclusively reported, on February 23, 2024, Jenelle filed for separation from David. She stated that she filed the documents with “the intent that the separation be permanent” and claimed that Eason had “exhibited concerning and at times disturbing behavior towards [her]” throughout their marriage.

“A Hispanic male tried breaking into the back sliding glass door and broke the lock. The door had to also be taken off the rollers because the male tried getting in really hard.

[David] told [Jenelle] the next day, ‘Don’t expect them to ever find you find him,’ and that ‘You’re not going to find him so just forget about it.’

“[Jenelle] believes and therefore alleges upon information and belief that David orchestrated this attempt to break in due to his comment and not being emotionally supportive to [Jenelle] or showing him theory empathy at all.”


Jenelle also accused David of stealing several items including her child’s Oculus glasses, valued at $250.

She accused David of stealing “credit and debit cards as well as IDs and a license.”

She said she was “not able to withdraw cash for five days while taking care of three kids at home alone due to not having her ID.”

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She also alleged he took her 300 blackout rifle and knowing David has a gun is frightening “due to his erratic behavior and physical outbursts.”

He also allegedly took “her BMW keys and the keys to her Bayliner yacht boat.”

David was served with the summons for the restraining order on the couple's boat that he has been living on, on Tuesday


David was served with the summons for the restraining order on the couple’s boat that he has been living on, on TuesdayCredit: The US Sun

In her complaint, Jenelle said David's daughter, Maryssa, witnessed the dog dying


In her complaint, Jenelle said David’s daughter, Maryssa, witnessed the dog dyingCredit: Instagram/j_evans1219

Jenelle filed for separation from David in February


Jenelle filed for separation from David in FebruaryCredit: Instagram/j_evans1219

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