Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards goes shirtless and packs on the PDA with rehab girlfriend Amanda Conner in new video - Apkcombat

Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards goes shirtless and packs on the PDA with rehab girlfriend Amanda Conner in new video

RYAN Edwards has flashed his shirtless body in a new PDA-filled video with his girlfriend Amanda Conner who he met in rehab.

The couple has not been shy about their relationship since meeting during his 28-day stay at a facility over the summer.

In one of the clips, the Teen Mom star was shirtless

Ryan, 36, appeared in a new video on Amanda’s Instagram profile this week.

The post was filled with PDA from the couple

The Jerry Springer alum edited several clips together to create a compilation dedicated to the Teen Mom OG star.

The post began with white words on a black screen, reciting the lyrics to My Heart’s A Stereo by the Gym Class Heroes.

Amanda first added a selfie of Ryan kissing her on the cheek while they lay in bed.

The MTV star’s gray hair was visible, and the Tennessee native flaunted her lip ring with a serious expression on her face.

A second photo showed the couple posing for another selfie while attending Ryan’s son Bentley’s recent wrestling match.

The father of three smiled brightly, wearing a gray hoodie and black gauge earrings.

Amanda again had a serious expression on her face as she matched her man in a white version of the same hoodie.

Next, the blonde added a video of Ryan laying on her chest as she spoke to the camera.

The mother of one seemed to be saying something intense, but her words were muted underneath the music.

A final clip showed Maci Bookout’s ex and baby daddy completely shirtless in bed with his new girlfriend.

Ryan’s tattoos were clearly visible as he smiled and laughed until the post closed out.

Amanda left her PDA-filled montage captionless.

The TV star began dating the 33-year-old mom over the summer of 2023 after they met in rehab.

The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed this week that Amanda was sued on March 20, 2023, after allegedly causing a car accident that left two people “permanently injured.”

However, the case appears to have been resolved just a month later, as the Plaintiffs asked the court to dismiss the complaint.

In the court papers, Pamela and Nancy Perry claimed Amanda was a “homeless resident” of Hamilton County in Tennessee at the time of the accident.

The documents alleged that Amanda “suddenly and without warning pulled out of a private drive onto Highway 153 and ran the red light thereby striking Pamela and Nancy on the driver’s side.”

The papers went on to say that “as a result of this collision, the Plaintiffs received personal injuries including but not limited to the neck, upper, mid and lower back.”

The court papers claim Amanda was “guilty of common law negligence in the operation of the Defendant vehicle in that she did not have the Defendant vehicle under due and reasonable control.

“She was operating the defendant vehicle without keeping a reasonably safe lookout for other vehicles traveling on the roadway, she failed to observe the eclectic signal device requiring her to stop and yield the right-of-way, she drove the Defendant vehicle into an intersection that was occupied by the Plaintiff’s vehicle, she failed to yield the right-of-way to the Plaintiff’s vehicle.”

Pamela demanded $150,000, while Nancy requested $75,000 from Amanda.

According to court papers, Amanda was unable to be served.

Then on April 27, 2023, Pamela and Nancy requested the court dismiss the case and the court granted the request, closing the case.

The incident came a few years after Amanda’s divorce from her ex-husband Brandon Hancock.

The U.S. Sun has previously reported on Amanda’s divorce from her ex-husband, which she filed on November 7, 2019.

The court papers read, “The parties have irreconcilable differences which require termination of their marriage.”

Amanda and Brandon are parents to their son, Brandon Scott Hancock II, who was born in 2013 and is now 11 years old.

The court papers claim neither Amanda nor Brandon had custody of their son at the time of the divorce, as “said child is currently subject to a custody order in favor of the maternal grandfather.”

Amanda and Ryan have not been shy about their relationship on social media

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