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Teen Mom Tyler Baltierra slams daughter’s adoptive parents, says ‘I couldn’t get their approval if I was Mother Teresa!’

TYLER Baltierra has taken a swipe at his first daughter’s adoptive parents, in a scathing online rant directed at a fan.

Tyler Baltierra lashed out at the new parents of his first daughter

The Teen Mom star and his wife, Catelynn Lowell, have had a rocky relationship with the girl’s new parents.

Tyler, 32, and Catelynn, 31, had first child Carly in 2009, before they were married. At the time, they made the decision to put her up for adoption, and Brandon and Teresa Davis took her in.

Despite giving her up, the Teen Mom couple, who would later get married and welcome three more children, maintain a relationship with Carly and her new parents.

However, they have butted heads over decision like allowing Carly to appear on the show, which David and Teresa disapprove of.

Now, there appears to be some new tension over Tyler’s new job – peddling racy pics on OnlyFans

The cash-strapped reality star charges a monthly fee of $30 for people to get NSFW photos and videos.

When a fan on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, questioned how their 14-year-old daughter Carly, and her adoptive parents, would respond to the racy pics, Tyler fired back at the fan – and more.

“Idk I’ll prolly just move back into a trailer park where I belong,” Tyler tweeted sarcastically at the suggestion Carly might not approve of her dad’s near-naked pics.

Then Tyler turned his attention Brandon and Teresa.

Brandon and Teresa Davis adopted Carly after Tyler and wife Catelynn gave her up

“(And) as far as B & T go, I couldn’t please them or get their approval if I was damn Mother Teresa herself.”

Tyler concluded, “Besides, I refuse to live my life trying to live up to anyone’s expectations besides my own!”

It’s not yet clear how Brandon and Teresa reacted to the snap.

Last year, Tyler and Catelynn had an emotional reunion with Carly – and MTV cameras were rolling.

The visit marked the longest stay the reality TV couple has had with their daughter since placing her for adoption as teens themselves.

At the end of their few days together, the pair were left emotionally drained and viewers felt for them.

Tyler cried and sat in silence after saying their goodbyes as Catelynn chatted with family about Carly, revealing the ways in which she’s similar to them.

The mom of four then delivered an emotional message to her daughter in a confessional, reminding her several times how “loved” she is by her birth parents.

She cried as she recalled her struggle to come to terms with the decision to place Carly for adoption, confessing that keeping her would have been “selfish.”

Since then, Tyler and Catelynn have been faced with financial difficulties.

Now, Catelynn and Tyler have turned to OnlyFans for money, as she manages her husband’s account.

Tyler charges $30 a month to view his X-rated content.

Tyler and Catelynn had an emotional reunion with their daughter

Earlier this week, Catelynn, 31 – who runs his account – shared a sneak peek of content fans could get if they subscribed to her X, formerly Twitter, account.

In a variety of NSFW pics, Tyler, 32, showed off his toned body while wearing small amounts of clothes.

A few pics in particular grabbed fans’ attention as the Teen Mom star wore a tiny red thong while posing in the kitchen of their home.

In one pic, he showed off his butt while also flaunting his large arm tattoos and resting his hand on the counter.

In another shot that was taken on a lower level, the TV star didn’t shed a smile while he showed off his bulge.

“Come see what everyone is talking about,” she captioned her post.

Tyler has previously bragged that he pockets over $100,000 on the site and is in the top bracket of creators.

“It’s making well over 6 figures already & has stayed in the top 1%! So everyone who chooses to hate can keep on hatin & we’ll just keep on rollin I guess!” Tyler finished.

The couple have been experiencing financial difficulties

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