Teen Mom star Maci Bookout revealed where she stands with ex Ryan Edwards after they celebrated Easter together with their son, Bentley, and significant others.

“Ryan is doing really well,” Maci, 32, told Us Weekly on Monday, April 1. “I believe in a week, he’ll be a year sober, which I have never seen since his act of addiction really began. But he’s doing really well, doing the work.”

Maci then reflected on celebrating Easter with her husband, Taylor McKinney, Ryan and his girlfriend, Amanda Conner, with Bentley.

“All I say is hope and expectations are two different things. I’m still very, very hopeful every day. But I will also say that over the last year, I think expectations have changed a little bit too,” Maci continued. “He’s doing really well. It was really nice being able to have — for Bentley — all of his family in one spot. It was cool. It was great.”

Fans first got to know Maci and Ryan when they appeared on 16 and Pregnant to document the birth of Bentley in 2008. They split in 2009, and have continued to share the ups and downs of coparenting on Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG.

Maci previously revealed that Bentley and Ryan barely spoke in 2021, though the father-son duo seemed to reconcile in recent years. “[Ryan] calls pretty regularly,” the mother of three exclusively told In Touch in July 2023.

She added that she and Ryan were “better than we have been in the past,” and admitted that “conversations and a few therapy sessions together” helped get them to a better place.

“I think time definitely helped … us being able to genuinely have a conversation and make commitments to each other as far as what our role is to make a better relationship and really start a relationship, because we hadn’t had one in so long,” Maci added in a separate interview.

Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout Says Ex Ryan Edwards Is 'Doing Really Well' After Easter Reunion
Courtesy of Maci Bookout/Instagram

Not only has Ryan’s estrangement from Bentley been a hot topic on the show, but his legal problems in 2023 have also made headlines. He was previously ordered to complete a substance abuse program to avoid jail time, though checked himself out after two weeks and was sentenced to serve one year behind bars. However, Ryan was released nine months early and checked into a 28-day rehab facility. After he completed the program, Ryan moved to a halfway house to continue treatment in light of a judge’s order.

Ryan met Amanda in rehab, and they even moved in together in February. Meanwhile, he recently filed for divorce from his estranged wife, Mackenzie Edwards, after her divorce case against him was dismissed on February 19.