Teen Mom’s Mackenzie Edwards Calls Out Estranged Husband Ryan Edwards’ New GF

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Teen Mom alum Mackenzie Edwards took to Instagram to express her disapproval of estranged husband, Ryan Edwards and his new girlfriend, Amanda Conner, on Monday, March 25.

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Mackenzie, 27, zeroed in on an Instagram post by Amanda, 33, who boasted of self-reliance through a lip-synced rendition of Webbie’s anthem “Independent,” adding in text, “Me singing this song knowing full well everything I have is because of my husband.” This came off hypocritical to Mackenzie, who responded by reposting Amanda, captioning the re-share, “Odd flex for someone that doesn’t support their kids but OK.”

Amanda’s indirect response came through a meme on her Instagram Stories a few hours later, downplaying any conflict with, “I don’t want nobody to ever feel like we beefing. You’re not important.”

The divorce between Mackenzie and Ryan, 36, was initiated by Mackenzie in February 2023 but was dismissed shortly after due to inactivity. The case saw progress when Ryan re-filed a few weeks later, citing the involvement of their two children and proposing a parenting plan for son Jagger, 5, and daughter Stella, 3. The split has been tumultuous, marked by Ryan’s accusations of infidelity against his wife at the time, his violation of a protection order, and multiple arrests involving threats and drug possession.

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Mackenzie Edwards Calls Out Ryan Edwards' NewGF
Mackenzie Edwards reposts estranged husband Ryan Edwards’ new girlfriend Amanda on her Instagram story on March 25, 2024. The repost is in response to Amanda’s supposed incorrect claim that Ryan supports her children. Instagram/Courtesy of Mackenzie Edwards

The split between Ryan and his ex escalated further when Mackenzie obtained a protection order from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department the month following their initial separation. Violating this order, Ryan found himself under arrest In February 2023 for vandalizing their shared home with threatening messages. His legal troubles continued with subsequent arrests in March and April 2023, facing charges from stalking to drug possession.

Most charges against the father of four were dropped on the condition he complete a substance abuse program. However, after leaving that program prematurely, Ryan received a prison sentence of 11 months and 29 days. Fortuitously, he was released nine months early in July 2023 and was mandated to enroll in a 28-day rehab program in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for opioid addiction treatment.

It was during his time in rehab where Ryan met Amanda and began a new relationship with her. This new chapter in his life was hinted at in August 2023, when he briefly posted a since deleted photo of the two on his motorcycle, igniting rumors about their romance.

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