Teen Mom’s Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards attempt to hash out divorce issues in mediation – but negotiations fall through

TEEN Mom stars Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards have attempted to hash out their divorce issues in mediation, but negotiations have fallen through as the exes remain married.

Mackenzie, 28, filed for divorce from her husband Ryan, 36, on February 28, 2023 after getting married in 2017.

The U.S. Sun previously reported the divorce was dismissed on February 19, 2024, because there were no filings in the case for 270 days.

Now, The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal Ryan and Mackenzie tried to resolve the divorce in mediation after a Tennessee judge dismissed the case.

Court papers reveal Ryan and Mackenzie both appeared for mediation on February 21, 2024.

They were “unable to settle the case,” according to the filing.

Ryan has no lawyer, as he is representing himself in the divorce.

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, court papers filed on February 19 read, “It is ordered by the court that this case be, and the same is hereby dismissed, without prejudice, with the cost taxed against the plaintiff.”

A clerk for Hamilton County explained to The U.S. Sun of the court’s decision, “There was never a Final Decree on this case. It sat for over 270 days with nothing filed so it was dismissed on Procedural Steps.”

The parties have 30 days from the order to reopen the case or it will remain dismissed, according to the clerk.

In Mackenzie’s divorce petition obtained by The U.S. Sun, she claimed Ryan is “guilty of inappropriate marital conduct” and that “irreconcilable differences” exist between them.

Mackenzie listed their separation date as January 2023 after Ryan “became erratic and violent.”

She also claimed she filed a protection order request against him when he “became violent with her in front of the parties’ minor children.”

The former Teen Mom OG star also noted Ryan’s reported history of substance abuse.

She claimed in the papers, “Following service of the Order of Protection on Defendant he vandalized the marital residence to the extent it became uninhabitable.”

Mackenzie continued to allege, “In light of Defendant’s criminal and threatening behavior, criminal history and substance abuse, Plaintiff is afraid for the safety and well-being of the children in his presence.

“For these reasons, the Defendant’s parenting time should be suspended until further Order of the Court.”

She requested a temporary restraining order to keep Ryan from “taking the children out of her custody or from school or daycare providers until further orders of the court.”

Mackenzie requested to be the “primary residential parent” of the children, as she is “fit and proper.”

She requested Ryan provide child support for Jagger, 5, and Stella, 4, as well as alimony for her.

The MTV alum also requested he repay the cost of damages made to their marital home and that he pay court costs.

At the time, Mackenzie was granted temporary custody of their children and Ryan was prohibited from removing their children from her custody.

Ryan was served with the divorce papers, but he did not respond.

The last filing in the case was on March 30, 2023, when Ryan’s lawyer filed a motion to “withdraw as counsel for Defendant Ryan Christopher Edwards.”

Ryan and Mackenzie have had a tumultuous relationship since their split.

Mackenzie and Ryan’s marital issues began in early 2023 when he posted an X-rated photo of Mackenzie and accused her of cheating.

Mackenzie then filed a petition for a protection order against Ryan on February 8, 2023.

Mackenzie wrote in court papers of an alleged January 15, 2023 fight, “Arguing, Ryan punched holes in the walls and doors. [He] held me up by my neck to the wall. Threw me down in [the] hallway and said if he could not have me no one could.

“Opened pocket knife, put to my back like he was going to kill me. This was in front of children. I tried to leave, he smashed my phone, [and] took my car keys.”

In the petition, Mackenzie claimed of a January 24, 2023 fight, “[He] came into [the] bedroom where I was laying down. Pretending like he’s going to punch my face. Breaks [the] bed with me in it. Getting in my face [and] yelling.

“I went to get kids and leave. He wouldn’t let me leave. Threw me down in [the] living room. Threw menthol nicotine in my eyes.”

She then described a February 8, 2023, phone call where he threatened her, claiming, “Phone call threatening me, saying, ‘I’m not going to like what’s going to happen to me.’”

The former MTV star initially requested Ryan have no contact with her and stay away from her home and workplace.

She requested temporary custody of their children, though she did not ask they be protected from their father.

On February 9, the court issued a temporary order of protection.

Ryan told The U.S. Sun of Mackenzie’s claims at the time, “I don’t speak for her. I never wanted to hurt her, just tried telling her. I would have loved to work on it because I still at the time wanted to.”

Mackenzie did not immediately respond to The U.S. Sun’s request for comment on the petition.

The order of protection was dropped at a July 14, 2023 court hearing to allow Ryan to speak with their children through her.

Ryan’s lawyer said at the hearing that his client “wants to speak with them on the phone.”

The prosecution said Ryan’s estranged wife Mackenzie “understands it’s important for the kids to communicate through him, as they ask about him.”

Ryan was arrested on February 10, 2023, for violating the Order of Protection by contacting her father on February 9, 2023, advising him to let Mackenzie know he would be at the residence that same day to gather his belongings.

When authorities went to their home in an attempt to arrest Ryan, they found the home “sustained considerable damage.”

The U.S. Sun revealed shocking video of the destroyed home, including broken items, spray paint on the walls, and more.

A police statement of the arrest read, “Edwards was searched and found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and two bags of suspected narcotics.”

He was arrested at his place of employment and held on a $5,000 bond.

Ryan has been in and out of jail in 2023 on harassment, driving under the influence, possession of a controlled substance, and other charges.

Ryan was originally sentenced to 11 months and 29 days in Silverdale Detention Center in April for the charges.

He was released from prison on July 18 and entered Cadas Rehab in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to complete a 28-day program.

Ryan was then ordered to Oasis halfway house, which is on the same property as his rehab Cadas, during a Monday, August 14 court hearing after completing the 28-day program in treatment.

It seemed the two were attempting to reconcile, as Mackenzie joined him for a walk outside of his halfway house in August in exclusive photos obtained by The U.S. Sun.

But Ryan then began dating single mother Amanda Conner, who he met while in rehab.

The drama for Ryan and Mackenzie started again when they made a series of 911 calls on January 31, 2024.

The U.S. Sun previously reported on the chilling 911 calls.

In the first call, Mackenzie told a 911 operator, “I need to speak to an officer. My ex-husband tore up my house almost a year ago. He hasn’t lived here in a year and he’s trying to come over and get some things. I don’t want him here.

“I was just going to see if an officer can be close to my house. He tried to stab me a year ago and I’m just a little nervous.

Ryan and Mackenzie attended mediation in their divorce

“He wasn’t angry about it or anything, but just given the history, it just makes me very nervous.”

In the second 911 call, Ryan told a dispatcher, “Listen, I have an issue right now. I’m trying to get something out of the garage of mine where I live. My ex-wife still lives there. We still own the house. Is there any way I can get an officer to go with me?

“She’s still my wife. We’re just in the process of getting divorced. Right now I don’t think it’s a good idea if I show up without an officer because she is armed. I don’t know how else to explain it to you.

“She told me to bring a police officer with me so I would be more than happy to do that. It’s not a pressing issue, but it is an issue. I just don’t want any problems.”

While Ryan didn’t return to the home, Mackenzie claimed to authorities that he did text her threatening messages after he left.

In the final call, Mackenzie called 911 again to ask if an officer could come back to her home so she could file a police report.

The parties were unable to resolve their divorce issues

She said, “Police were just out here with my soon-to-be ex-husband. I need to go ahead and make a report because some of the stuff he said after he left here with them is a little concerning. I need to go ahead and do that.

“When Ryan left, he sent me a text, after he left with the police, acting like he was the victim. He said, ‘You’ll be hard-pressed finding a place to live and no one will survive anything because you can’t act grown.’

“He also let me know he was coming tomorrow to get weapons. I’m not sure what he’s talking about. He’s out of his freaking mind. I have that recorded.

“I have my personal pistol, but I don’t have any weapons that are his. Whatever weapons owned by us in our marital property over the last eight years are weapons I purchased that I don’t know what he’s done with.”

In one of the 911 calls, Mackenzie revealed Ryan is living with his new girlfriend.

Amanda confirmed the next step in their relationship after she posted a photo of him hanging up a TV.

Ryan has moved on with new girlfriend Amanda Conner

She then posted a photo of hardwood floors with the caption, “Our new home.”

A source previously told The U.S. Sun, “They met and started seeing each other at rehab.

“Choosing to use your time on and the type of people you’re surrounding yourself with is not OK. This girl is dangerous.”

A source close to Amanda previously told The U.S. Sun that she is infamous in Chattanooga, Tennessee, because of her bad girl reputation.

The insider claimed, “Amanda is trouble. She has been in and out of the system since she was old enough to catch a charge.

“She is not a good influence on Ryan.”

The U.S. Sun obtained court records from a handful of her arrests through the years, including possession of controlled substance charges.

Mackenzie dated single dad Josh Panter for a brief time during the separation.

The divorce was dismissed because there were no filings made in the case for 270 days

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