“Tell him he’s a nice guy, he might shoot you,” Mike Tyson EXPOSES rapper 50 Cent’s ‘tough guy’ persona to best friend Tony Yayo

Mike Tyson is known as the youngest heavyweight champion to emerge from the sport of boxing. In addition, Tyson had one of the most dominant careers in the heavyweight division. Subsequently, Tyson was infamously known as the ‘baddest man on the planet’ during his prime because of his persona. Throughout his life, he has been involved in several controversies and made several questionable comments. As such, Tyson once spoke about the famous rapper 50 Cent‘s gangster persona and revealed the truth to Tony Yayo.

“Tell him he’s a nice guy, he might shoot you,” Mike Tyson EXPOSES rapper 50 Cent’s ‘tough guy’ persona to best friend Tony Yayo

As a rapper, 50 Cent does not shy away from expressing his background and the street life he has had. Furthermore, in most of his lyrics, he reflects on his street credibility and his feuds and beefs. 50 Cent has also been shot multiple times, and during a 2000 incident, he was shot nine times. However, while talking about 50 cents, Mike Tyson stated,

50 is a nice guy, but he acts like he’s the murderer. Yeah, I know that’s the way they hide his heart. But if you tell him he’s a nice guy, he might shoot you, you know.
During the Hotboxin with Mike Tyson podcast, Yayo brought up Tyson’s persona and comments. Tyson responded by laughing and stating that he was an entertainer. Subsequently, Tyson brought up Yayo’s best friend, 50 Cent’s persona, and how he is a nice guy in reality.

As such, Tyson even claimed that 50 Cent tries to hide that but still might shoot you if you call him a nice guy. Hence, Tyson’s honesty about his past as well as his humorous observations about 50 Cent’s character made for an interesting conversation.

50 Cent speaks about buying Mike Tyson’s house

Tony Yayo, 50 Cent and Mike tyson

50 Cent once purchased Tyson Mansion, a 55,000-square-foot mansion, and was not satisfied with the decor. During an appearance on ‘Live with Kelly and Marc’, 50 Cent revealed this interesting story and his problem with Tyson’s home. 50 Cent revealed that the house was big and had a lot of stuff.

Subsequently, 50 Cent mentioned light fixtures on the wall, which the rapper found very ugly. As such, 50 Cent decided to hire an interior decorator because he had no idea what to do with such a massive space. The interior decorator also remarked about the fixtures and asked if they could be removed, and 50 percent agreed.

However, the interior decorations revealed that they were made from 10-karat gold. In response, 50 Cent hilariously asked them to put it back, and later 50 Cent got the house done according to his specifications.


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