The Bachelor: Lea and Sydney Not Getting Dates With Joey Proves The Show Doesn’t Care About The Women

On The Bachelor season 28 episode 2, Joey Graziadei went on his first dates with the women–two group dates and one one-on-one–but two of the women, Lea Cayanan and Sydney Gordon, were left out, proving that the producers don’t care about the women, but instead want to create drama. At the premiere night rose ceremony, Joey narrowed down his group of women from 32 to 22. During episode 2, his first group date consisted of nine women–Erika Cardenas, Evalin Clark, Jess Edwards, Kelsey Toussant, Lauren Hollinger, Lexi Young, Maria Georgas, Rachel Nance, and Taylor Wiens. The second group date included ten women–Allison Hollinger, Autumn Waggoner, Chrissa Perez, Edwina Dorbor, Katelyn DeBacker, Kelsey Anderson, Madina Alam, Marlena Haddad, Jenn Tran, and Starr Skyler.

Who Is Lea Cayanan From 'The Bachelor' Season 28?

The Bachelor season 28 leading man Joey gave his first one-on-one date to Daisy Kent. This meant that just two women, Lea and Sydney, were forced to stay home at the Bachelor Mansion without dates, and therefore had no time with Joey. Oddly enough, Joey had given Lea his first impression rose the previous week. He chose her because she had rejected an advantage in the form of a card that gave her the opportunity to steal a one-on-one date from any woman before hometowns. However, Lea burned the card in the fire. Lea and Sydney being left out of the dates proved that the producers don’t care about the women for several reasons

The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 2 Had Three Date

If The Bachelor season 28 only had one group date, then it would’ve been understandable for some of the women to be excluded. However, Joey had two group dates and a one-on-one date, so there were plenty of opportunities for everyone to have the chance to spend time with him. The group dates were quite large, so there was no reason to leave anyone out.

There easily could’ve been one or two more brides on the Bachelor season 28 wedding date or one or two more competitors in the Paint Battle date. Adding another one or two women to the mix wouldn’t have made much of a difference as far as time with Joey was concerned. With such large groups, leaving out only two people seems random and cruel.

Lea Cayanan Might Have been Manipulated

It’s very interesting that Lea was one of the women who didn’t receive a date. Perhaps when the season was planned, the producers were trying to manipulate the situation with Lea’s card. It’s possible that they didn’t give her a date because they wanted to set up a situation in which Lea would have to at least consider using the card to steal the date from Daisy. However, this didn’t happen because Lea burned the card.

Of course, this is all just speculation, but it’s very strange that the first impression rose winner was cast aside the following week, leaving her to wonder why, after she thought that she and Joey had a strong connection. It all seems like a scheme by the producers to create drama. Now Lea is going into week 3 at a huge disadvantage, leaving her to wonder if she set herself back by burning her advantage card. Lea has been completely manipulated by the producers since before the season even began, when they gave her the card during Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette “After the Final Rose” episode. They’ve been very unfair to her.

Lea was very upset when she found out that her advantage would involve her having to steal Joey away from another woman. She cried that, not only would she be forcing Joey to go on a date with her, but she’d be hurting the woman from whom she stole the date. Knowing that Lea is such a thoughtful and empathetic person, the producers should’ve rewarded her actions by allowing her to go on a date with Joey. Instead, they made Lea feel even worse about her choice by making her question her decision to burn the card

Sydney Gordon Started Drama With Maria Georgas

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant Sydney Gordon Posing Outdoors

The lack of a date seemed to take a toll on Sydney too, who created unnecessary drama with Maria Georgas. When Madina expressed concern about being the oldest women on The Bachelor season 28, Maria told another woman that Madina should be proud of her age and own it. Sydney overheard her, and completely misconstrued the situation, telling Madina that Maria was talking behind her back and belittling her feelings. Maria eventually confronted Sydney, and now Sydney is on a mission to tell Joey what she thinks is the truth about Maria, although Maria really didn’t do anything wrong.

Perhaps Sydney’s actions came from a place of insecurity about not having any time with Joey during week 2 because she wasn’t included on any of the dates. While it doesn’t make it right, it’s more understandable when producer manipulation is taken into account. Although Sydney said that she was doing this because Joey deserved to know the truth, it’s possible that she was also trying to stand out to him after not having any time with him.

By becoming Joey’s friend and confidante, Sydney could make up for the lost time that she didn’t have because of being left out of the dates. Of course, it’s unclear if Sydney is really a villain or not, and this is all speculation. However, if she had some time to build her own connection with Joey on one of the dates, maybe none of this would have happened. Sydney would’ve been secure enough in her own relationship and not felt the need to sabotage amother woman

If half of the women were left out of the dates, then it would be understandable. However, leaving out two out of the 22 women seems very odd, considering how large the group dates were anyway. However, The Bachelor season 28 producers know what happens to the contestants when they’re left at the mansion to wonder what’s going on with the other women and Joey, and why they were left out. They become insecure and paranoid, which leads to drama. There really doesn’t seem to be any clear reason why Lea and Sydney were excluded, so it appears that the producers don’t care about the women. Instead, they want to create drama, even if it means manipulating everyone and hurting them in the process.

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