The Bachelor Season 28 Finale Leavu Us Speechless: “Imagine How Much I Can Love the Right Person”

On January 22, 2024, the 28th season of ‘The Bachelor’ premiered. Joey Graziadei, a Pennsylvanian tennis coach, was this season’s bachelor, after receiving runner-up on ‘The Bachelorette’. The season started off with 32 contestants, including a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, a former aid to president Donald Trump, and even an extra from the Disney film, ‘The Pacifier’. Though this was a grueling season with different filming spots around the world, the season finale is what really got people talking. From the shocking finale, to the announcement of the new bachelorette, the latest season of the bachelor is definitely one that will go down in ‘The Bachelor’ history books.

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Granted, ‘The Bachelor’ is not one of the most progressive shows on television. The series has been criticized for not only being extremely exclusive with casting, as there has been very few people of color and almost no representation for varying body types or members of the LGBTQ community. ‘The Bachelor’ is a series that tends to pit women against each other for the sake of a male. Even though the premise of the show is that it is a dating show, the idea of women fighting over a man is a notion that many feminists would argue against. However, this season may demonstrate how the ‘The Bachelor’ is taking some steps forward, as our final two contestants developed a solid friendship, as well as the next Bachelorette being the first Asian Bachelorette in the show’s history.

The final two contestants of this season were Daisy Kent, an account executive from Becker, Minnesota, and Kelsey Anderson, a junior project manager from Leesville, Louisiana. While both women had expressed their love for Graziadei, only one ended up being able to marry him.

Daisy Kent’s final date was up first. Despite their relationship seeming to be going smoothly, their final date was more awkward, as Kent had been debating whether or not she should tell Graziadei she loves him. Even through this, Kent tells producers she isn’t sure what he thinks of her. Graziadei expresses he wants the best for Kent, though they might not end up together. During the nighttime portion of the date. Kent tells Graziadei that she loves him, but he does not reciprocate in the way she had hoped. Despite this, Daisy Kent remained positive and tried not to think about Kelsey Anderson being in the picture.

Kelsey Anderson’s final date went more smoothly than that of Daisy Kent’s. Joey Graziadei brings up a conversation that Anderson has with his sisters, in which she expressed that she is ready to be engaged. Anderson assured Graziadei that she is sure about him. This seems to have put the nail in the coffin for their relationship.

On proposal day, Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent surprised audiences by riding in the SUV together, hands intertwined. Prior to this, both contestants had a conversation, where Kent admitted to feeling unsure about what was to come that day. Even though she was on the fence as to what was going to happen, she knew that she shouldn’t feel this way on the day she would get engaged.

When they reach the beach, Kent is the first one down the aisle to meet Graziadei, where she ultimately breaks things off with him. Kent expresses that she knows that Graziadei will not end up choosing her, making both of them begin to cry. Before finally leaving Graziadei, Daisy Kent left audiences with the quotation, “Imagine how much I can love the right person”. This sentiment leaves audiences with advice and reassurance that someone is out there for anyone.


While Kelsey Anderson waited to comfort Daisy Kent, something was different about their interaction than most final contestants. Instead of Kent being upset, she was genuinely happy and excited for Anderson, exclaiming that Anderson’s deceased mother is smiling down on her and excited to see her engaged. With this, Kelsey Anderson received the ring and the final rose from Joey Graziadei

Though ‘The Bachelor’ feels like another way for women to compete against each other, this proposal day felt different. Between our final two contestants, there was solidarity, and even friendship and confidence. This was the first time in ‘The Bachelor’ history, that the runner-up was genuinely happy and excited for the winner. Both of these women were focused on themselves and their relationship with Joey Graziadei, rather than being focused on competing with each other. Their friendship was a symbol for women supporting women, even when reality television is susceptible for pitting women against each other. And though ‘The Bachelor’ is not an inherently feminist piece of media, the friendship of Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson

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