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The Bachelor Season 28: Lexi Young’s Age, Job, Instagram & More

The Bachelor season 28 leading man Joey Graziadei is choosing his potential wife from 32 contestants, and Lexi Young is one of those women. Joey, a 28-year-old tennis pro from Collegeville, Pennsylvania got his start as the runner-up on Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette season. Charity and Joey fell in love, but she broke up with him because she felt an even stronger connection with Dotun Olubeko. She and Dotun eventually got engaged in the season finale. Joey was heartbroken, but he later happily accepted the role of the Bachelor. He’s now ready to continue his journey to find his future wife.

The Bachelor Season 28: Lexi Young's Age, Job, Instagram & More

Throughout The Bachelor season 28, Joey is already forming some deep relationships. With 32 contestants, Joey’s season has the most women ever to arrive at the Bachelor Mansion. From his first impression rose winner Lea Cayanan to his first kiss of the season Jess Edwards to his one-on-one date recipient Daisy Kent, Joey has been building connections. In addition to these Bachelor season 28 contestants, Lexi is one of the women who’s captivated Joey, especially when she won the talent show with her sweet words about him and her talent as the World’s Best Kisser.

The Bachelor Season 28: Lexi Young’s Age

Alexandra “Lexi” Young is 30 years old. She was born on July 15, 1993. Lexi’s zodiac sign is Cancer. Joey was born on May 24, 1995, which makes him 28 years old and a Gemini. Not only are Lexi and Joey close in age, but their zodiac signs are highly compatible. Although Cancers and Geminis can be very different, they balance each other well, and have the potential to build a lasting relationship.

The Bachelor Season 28: Lexi Young’s Hometown

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant Lexi Young Posing In A Purple Dress

Lexi currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. However, this is not the only place where Lexi has lived. During The Bachelor season 28 premiere, Lexi shared with Joey that she was originally from Toronto, Canada. According to her ABC bio, she moved over 15 times during her childhood.

The Bachelor Season 28: Lexi Young’s Job & Education

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant Lexi Young Posing In Black

Lexi is a digital strategist. She’s currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. According to her ABC bio, Lexi graduated in the top 1% of her MBA summer program at MIT.

The Bachelor Season 28: Lexi Young’s Hobbies & Interests

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant Lexi Young Posing In A Green Dress

Lexi is a hard worker, but she does have some hobbies and interests that help her unwind. According to her ABC bio, Lexi loves to play poker. She also can’t live without her self-tanning mousse. In addition, Lexi has a life goal to run a marathon.

The Bachelor Season 28: Lexi Young’s Endometriosis Journey

Lexi has been very open on the show and on her Instagram account about her journey with endometriosis. In her premiere night package, she revealed that she might not be able to have children. In a series of Instagram posts, Lexi shared her experience with endometriosis. In one post, she wrote that she’d “silently suffered” through it since she was in middle school. She shared that she was diagnosed in early 2019, and had endometriosis surgery in April 2019. Lexi is now making it her mission to spread awareness about endometriosis and offer support to those who have the condition as well.

In one of her Instagram posts, Lexi wrote about how she spent years being told that her pain and symptoms weren’t real. Lexi also opened up about how “navigating this invisible chronic illness” has meant that she’s had endometriosis surgery,“fears of potentially never being able to have children and burdening my friends and family,” egg freezing, “endless” medications that make her feel like a shell of herself, and more days than she can count of looking fine on the outside while feeling “stabbing pain” on the inside.

In another post, Lexi spoke about how having endometriosis affected her decision to go on The Bachelor. When she was in the process of deciding if she would join the show, she had to consider if she was healthy enough. Unfortunately, endometriosis doesn’t go away, and she has flares often. She said that she was glad that she went on ThBachelor, but she did have a lot of endometriosis pain while she was filming. Lexi explained that there were nights and rose ceremonies in which she had to change what she was wearing because she had “endo belly,” and the other women were surprised to see how different she looked from her usual day-to-day body. She said that it would “hit her out of nowhere.”

However, Lexi declared that she still did it, and she had an “incredible experience.” She added that living with an invisible illness and dealing with a disease doesn’t mean that people can’t live their lives and go after their dreams. She admitted that five years ago, she would’ve been in the mindset that she couldn’t do it. She would’ve been very nervous to open up about her infertility in a romantic setting, but now she was confident enough to do it. Although it was very challenging for her, she was so glad that she did it. Lexi concluded by saying, “I think it just proves that endo warriors, and women with endo are so strong and take things on every day.”

What Lexi Young Is Looking For On The Bachelor Season 28

Montage of The Bachelor's Joey Graziadei with rose petals

According to her ABC bio, Lexi is ready to find “the one.” She has achieved a lot in her life, but she now wants someone to share in her many successes. Lexi is “loyal kind, and smart,” and is searching for a “stable man who will stand by her side through the good and the bad.” Lexi stated that when she loves, she loves deeply. She is a self-described “ride or die” for the person she loves. On The Bachelor season 28 premiere, Lexi told Joey that she was only on the show because he was the Bachelor.

Joey seems to check all of Lexi’s boxes for what she’s looking for in a man. He proved during Charity’s season that he would put her first, and stand by her no matter what. Joey also seems to be the kind of person who loves very deeply. It’s very romantic that Lexi joined The Bachelor specifically for Joey. It proves that she’s really there for him, and is on the show for the right reasons, which is very important.

The Bachelor Season 28: Lexi Young’s Instagram

Lexi can be found on Instagram at @lexicoletteyoung. At the time of this writing, she had 12.7K followers. Her page has several pictures of herself with her loved ones. Lexi’s most recent posts are about her endometriosis journey and her experience on The Bachelor season 28. In one of her posts, Lexi highlighted the sweet moment during the week 2 cocktail party when she painted a funny picture for Joey.

In another post, Lexi showcased the Bachelor season 28 women posing in their cocktail party dresses, captioning it, “Golden hour with the best girls.” This seems to indicate that Lexi has made some lasting friendships on The Bachelor season 28. Lexi seems very excited to be one of the women competing for Joey’s heart on the show, and she’s sure to post a lot more about it as the season continues.

Lexi is also using her platform as a way to spread awareness about endometriosis and other chronic illnesses. In one of her Instagram posts, Lexi stated that she wants to “help shed light on the seasons of darkness endometriosis can bring.” She hopes to spread awareness for those who have the condition and other chronic illnesses, and “continue the important conversations that need to be had around infertility.” It’s so brave and admirable of Lexi to use her Instagram page to share her story and offer help and support to others who need it.

Lexi is a courageous, kind, and charismatic woman who is a bright light on The Bachelor season 28. Hopefully, Joey will propose to her at the end of the season. However, even if they don’t, it’s easy to imagine Lexi joining the cast of another Bachelor franchise show. Whether she gets engaged to Joey, looks for love on the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise, or becomes the lead of the next season of The BacheloretteLexi deserves to find the love that she’s searching for.

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