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The Bachelor Season 28: Maria Georgas Being A Front-Runner Proves The Show Doesn’t Care About Its Lead

Maria Georgas from The Bachelor season 28 could be faking her interest in Joey Graziadei and might eventually break his heart. The 28-year-old tennis teaching professional Joey from Collegeville, Pennsylvania had placed second on season 20 of The Bachelorette and is taking a second chance at love. 32 women were ready to fight for Joey’s heart in the premiere and one of them was Maria. Kleinburg, Ontario, resident Maria works as an executive assistant. She is the daughter of Nick Georgas, the CEO of Jubilee Candy Corporation. Maria loves a good disposable camera photo shoot, dreams of eating sushi in Japan, and is obsessed with horror movies.

During her introduction, Maria told The Bachelor cameras that she had been single for five years. Maria exclaimed that she was over casual dating. She mentioned how seeing her parents separating and divorcing while she was growing up affected her outlook towards relationships. She said she tends to push people away, but Maria didn’t want to run away from a chance with Joey this time.

Maria Might Be Putting On An Act

Maria Georgas from The Bachelor Season 28 With Joey Graziadei

While Maria didn’t get the First Impression Rose, she did make a lasting impression on Joey and the viewers during The Bachelor season 28 premiere. Maria was the second lady to make an entrance, and she stepped out of the limo waving the Canadian flag. She gave the flag to Joey, so he could keep it inside his coat pocket. As she left, Maria told Joey, “Remember that” while pointing at the flag and asked him not to “take it out.” The flag was blurred on screen and sparked reactions across the internet as fans were confused and curious about the censored flag.

According to USAToday, the flag was blurred out because the National Flag of Canada is protected by trademark laws and unauthorized for commercial use. The Canadian government’s Trade-marks Act implies that any commercial entity, including television networks such as ABC, must obtain permission to display the flag in a commercial setting. The unusual blurring of Maria’s maple leaf flag made her a memorable contestant within the first ten minutes of the premiere. It’s likely that Maria predicted a situation like this would happen and deliberately decided to carry the flag with her.

Maria’s An Influencer

Maria wasn’t satisfied with Joey’s response when he told her Remember the Titans was one of his top three movies. It almost seemed as if Maria didn’t even know about the movie’s existence. I didn’t know Denzel Washington was in it, and I love Denzel Washington…” Maria later said in her apology on Instagram stories. It’s unlikely that Maria had not heard of Remember the Titans before, especially since she starred in a 2000s Hollywood movie herself. Maria has an IMDb page that reveals she’s starred alongside Vin Diesel in The Pacifier.

There are more things that Maria hasn’t revealed about herself on The Bachelor. This includes the fact that Maria is also an influencer and had been a social media star well before her reality TV debut. Maria’s Instagram page currently boasts over 53.5k followers. Maria appears to have already done brand collaborations on her IG and The Bachelor will open new doors for her as a social media celeb. While a psychic reading left Maria thinking Joey could be her future husband, she may have left out the part where the psychic told her about the millions of followers she was going to gain after her The Bachelor debut.

Maria & Joey’s Connection Seems More Surface Level So Far

The Bachelor's Joey Graziadei with The Golden Bachelor women behind him

Her goal was to have a committed, serious relationship, and she was excited about Joey being The Bachelor. Even before meeting him, Maria had guessed that Joey was sweet and confident in what he wanted. There was “something” about Joey that intrigued Maria. She claimed she was interested in finding out more. Upon meeting him, Maria said that Joey was a “catch” and she said she thought she had a “good connection” with him after their first interaction. Maria expressed curiosity about wanting to see what was “beneath that.” Maria declared that she didn’t want to be one of the girls Joey kissed that night.

She kept insisting that she wanted to see what was “beneath” the initial attraction, but she also didn’t want to make efforts to win Joey’s heart. There was nothing romantic about Maria asking Joey about him liking scary movies or her asking him to talk about his top three movies. The interaction was comical, and Joey tried his best to flirt with Maria and lure her with a kiss. She didn’t expect Joey to give her the First Impression Rose. As Joey deduced, Maria is going to keep him “on his toes” as she might keep him guessing about her real feelings towards him on The Bachelor.

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