The Bachelor Season 28: Who Did Joey Graziadei Send Home During Episode 5? (SPOILERS)

The Bachelor season 28 episode 5 had two rose ceremonies during which leading man Joey Graziadei said goodbye to two women at each one–Edwina Dorbor and Allison Hollinger in Malta, and Autumn Waggoner and Madina Alam in Spain. During the first rose ceremony, Lexi Young (one-on-one date), Kelsey Toussant (group date), and Maria Georgas (two-on-one date) already had roses. Joey then gave roses to Kelsey Anderson, Katelyn DeBacker, Daisy Kent, Rachel Nance, Jenn Tran, Jess Edwards, Lea Cayanan, Autumn, and Madina at the rose ceremony.

The Bachelor Season 28: Who Did Joey Graziadei Send Home During Episode 5? ( SPOILERS)

Later during The Bachelor season 28 episode 5, Joey and the women traveled to Andalusia, Spain. While there, he had two one-on-one dates with Kelsey Anderson and Rachel Nance, who both received roses. He also gave a rose to Maria on the group date. During the rose ceremony, the group of women was narrowed down to ten, including Jenn, Kelsey T., Daisy, Lea, Lexi, Katelyn, and Jess, to whom Joey gave roses. Here’s what to know about the four women who went home on The Bachelor season 28 episode 5.

Joey Graziadei Eliminated Edwina Dorbor

Edwina is a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia. According to her ABC bio, she was born in Liberia and moved to the United States when she was 11 years old with her family. When Edwina was a child living in West Africa, she taught herself to crochet. She now runs her own crochet business, and has clients from all around the world. Some fun facts about Edwina are that she really wants to learn how to play tennis, she’s terrified of cats, and she once took a trip to Paris for the day because she wanted to see the Eiffel Tower.

In the beginning of the season, Edwina had a strong connection with Joey. After the Paint Battle group date, Joey chose Edwina to spend extra time with him, during which she opened up to him about her life. She told him about how it was hard for her to be vulnerable. She shared that, growing up in an African household in Liberia as the first girl child, she had to make sure that she took care of everyone from a young age.

Edwina cried as she explained to Joey that failure was not an option for her, and that she had to keep going for her family no matter what. Joey assured her that she was making her family extremely proud every day. Joey then gave Edwina a rose, and they shared a kiss.

Although they were forming a strong bond, Edwina didn’t have a one-on-one date with Joey during the season. When she was eliminated at the rose ceremony, Edwina said in her confessional that she was sad because she did feel a connection with him. She even saw him as a husband. However, Edwina was proud that she was leaving knowing that she gave a hundred percent.

Joey finally sent home one of The Bachelor’s main antagonists, Sydney, but another contestant has shockingly taken her place as the new villain.

Joey Didn’t Give Allison Hollinger A Rose

Allison is a 26-year-old realtor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She joined The Bachelor season 28 with her older sister and best friend, Lauren, who previously self-eliminated from the show. Allison’s ABC bio revealed some fun facts about her, including that she’s won many costume contests. Her drink of choice is a fruity gin spritz, and she loves getting dressed up for fancy dinners.

Throughout The Bachelor season 28, Joey and Allison had a sweet connection. They even shared one of the first kisses on premiere night. Allison was also a great friend to the other women in the house, especially Maria. However, she didn’t have the opportunity to go on a one-on-one date with Joey during the season, so they never had the chance to build a deeper relationship.

Joey Said Goodbye To Autumn Waggoner

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant Autumn Waggoner Promotional Photo

Autumn is a 26-year-old account executive from St. Louis, Missouri. According to her ABC bio, she has a loving family, in which she’s part of one of two sets of twins. Autumn enjoys college football games, live music at her favorite bars, and listening to Coldplay. A fun fact about Autumn is that she spontaneously got a lip tattoo at a music festival. She also enjoys getting rowdy while watching college football. In addition, Autumn doesn’t understand why going through TSA at the airport takes so long.

Autumn was a sweet Bachelor season 28 contestant, but she never received a one-on-one date with Joey during her time on the show. In Malta, she won the group date contest and had some alone time with Joey, during which they kissed. However, their connection with Joey wasn’t as strong as those of some of the other women. When Autumn said goodbye to Joey, they both expressed that they appreciated each other. In her confessional, she shared that the experience was a lot harder than she ever thought it would be. Autumn added that she guessed that Joey wasn’t the one, but she could walk away saying that she tried.

The Bachelor season 28 contestant Lexi Young shared a romantic one-on-one date with Joey Graziadei. Do they get engaged at the end of the season?

Joey Sent Madina Alam Home

Madina is a 31-year-old mental health therapist from Charlotte, North Carolina. According to her ABC bio, she comes from a close Bangladeshi family. Madina enjoys exercising, dancing, and watching The Great British Bake Off. Some fun facts about her are that she enjoys unwinding with a face mask and a cup of tea. In addition, Madina has never been camping, and she doesn’t think she’ll ever go in the future. She also likes color-coded organization.

Throughout The Bachelor season 28, Madina was at the center of some drama when she expressed her concerns about being one of the oldest contestants on the show. When Maria told another contestant that Madina should own her age because she was so beautiful, Sydney Gordon misconstrued this as Maria talking badly about Madina. Although Madina and Maria eventually smoothed things over, Sydney made it her mission to expose Maria as a bully, even though she wasn’t. After Sydney left, Lea continued the drama, even telling Madina that she shouldn’t be so nice to Maria if she was friends with Sydney.

When Madina left The Bachelor, she told Joey that it was so nice to meet him, and that he had a lot of great girls there. She said in her confessional that she was sad because she wanted to go on, but she was truly happy for him and the girls there. She concluded with, “You know, obviously, I wish the cards were different for me. I would love to be loved. That’s why I’m here. I’m proud of myself for coming here, and opening my heart to Joey. But, there was so much drama. I don’t feel like we got to know each other. Oh, I don’t know.”

As The Bachelor season 28 continues, the eliminations are sure to get even harder for Joey and the women. The connections are growing stronger and deeper, as Joey heads toward his season finale. Although it didn’t work out for him and Edwina, Allison, Autumn, and Madina, they’ll most likely appear in a future Bachelor franchise show such as Bachelor in Paradise or possibly even The Bachelorette. Hopefully, all of them, including Joey, will find the love they’re searching for.

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