The Bachelor Season 28: Who Did Joey Graziadei Send Home Tonight? (SPOILERS)

The Bachelor season 28 leading man Joey Graziadei has been narrowing down his group of 32 women since premiere night, and, during episode 3, he said goodbye to three more women–Chrissa Perez, Evalin Clark, and Starr Skyler. So far, Joey has had four group dates and two one-on-one dates, one with Daisy Kent and one with Jenn Tran. Joey eliminated ten women on premiere night, and then three more during episode 2. In addition, Lauren Hollinger, who’d joined the show with her sister, Allison, self-eliminated during episode 2.
The Bachelor Season 28: Who Did Joey Graziadei Send Home Tonight? (SPOILERS)

Drama has been exploding between two The Bachelor season 28 women, Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon, and it dominated a lot of Joey’s time with the women. However, Joey didn’t eliminate either of them. Instead, he said goodbye to Chrissa, Evalin, and Starr, whose connections with him just weren’t as strong as others. Here’s what to know about the three women who went home.

Chrissa is a 26-year-old marketing director from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. According to her ABC bio, Chrissa was engaged before, so she knows that she’s ready for marriage. She really wants to meet a man who has no red flags. Chrissa has been a caretaker to many people in her life, and she is ready to receive the love that she’s given to others. A Bachelor Instagram post revealed that Chrissa’s mom had a stroke in 2014, and she took full guardianship of her little sister. She said that it was a turning point for her.

Chrissa’s ABC bio reveals that she has many hobbies, including reading Colleen Hoover books, going to breweries, and playing golf. She also loves a competitive game of Scrabble. Although she’s super athletic, she can’t ride a bike. Chrissa was born on Christmas in 1996.

During The Bachelor season 28, Chrissa didn’t have much airtime. On premiere night, she greeted Joey with a big smile and a hug. Chrissa told him that this was her “yes year,” so if there was a particular question that he wanted to ask her at the end, she’d say “hell yes.” Chrissa was part of the Bachelor Boot Camp during week 2. During the week 3 talent show, she caught everyone’s attention when she played the trumpet.

Evalin Clark

Evalin is a 29-year-old nanny from San Antonio, Texas. According to her ABC bio, she was born and raised there, and still resides there today. Evalin has a big family with eight siblings, and she’s ready to start a family of her own. Although she continues to live in her hometown, Evalin wants to see the world. She loves traveling. In addition, Evalin isn’t the kind of person to have a bucket list. She also loves the Broadway musical, Hamilton. Evalin also really wants to go on a lunch date with The Bachelorette season 20 star Charity Lawson.

Although Evalin might not have made a strong connection with Joey, she established herself as a Bachelor Nation legend during The Bachelor season 28. She arrived on a tennis umpire’s chair on premiere night, and caught Joey’s attention by acknowledging something he loves. However, later she was worried that she didn’t have the chance to speak to him before the rose ceremony. Evalin cried a lot, but Joey did end up giving her a rose.

The Bachelor season 28’s Sydney Gordon has created some drama on the show. Here’s why she might be a plant from the producers to stir up trouble.

During The Bachelor season 28, Evalin made her mark on Bachelor Nation history when she dove over a table in a wedding dress during the wedding group date, in order to sit next to Joey at the bride and groom’s sweetheart table. However, she was too late. Evalin’s literal leap of faith was one of the most memorable moments in the history of the show.

Evalin later impressed Joey by giving him a custom jean jacket that she’d made for him. Evalin makes customized clothing through her company, The Jeanie’s Creations by Evalin Marie. The jacket had a scene from a tennis court in Hawaii, and the words, “Eat Sleep Tennis Repeat,” embroidered on it. Inside the jacket was a rose, and the letters “4TRR,” which stood for “for the right reasons.” Joey loved the gift, and told her that it was one of the most thoughtful things that anyone had ever done. In her confessional, Evalin cried and said, “It was a big deal for me. I just gave him a piece of my heart in a way.”

Evalin also put her heart and soul into the week 3 group date, during which the women played tennis in costumes during the Bachelor Open. She was paired with Kelsey Toussant as Lobster & Butter, and she was dressed as a lobster. Evalin and Kesley won the game, and Evalin once again proved that she was willing to do whatever it took to win Joey’s heart.

However, Joey didn’t give Evalin a rose at the third rose ceremony, and she was eliminated. Before she went home, she said that she was sad to leave, but she had great things waiting for her at home, including a job that she loves and a family that she takes care of. She cried that the only thing she’s missing is someone to share that with. Evalin shared that she was going to go and take time to reflect and think about what she learned, and use it to find love. Evalin said, “I know my guy’s out there, and in order to find him, I have to leave.”


Starr Skyler

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant Starr Skyler Promotional Photo

Starr is a 25-year-old mental health counselor from Delray Beach, Florida. According to her ABC bio, she’s passionate about her work, and feels as though her career is what she was put on this Earth to do. Starr is Brazilian American. Her hobbies include trying new restaurants, having picnics on the beach, and going for runs. Starr does a great Britney Spears impression and likes her margaritas spicy. In addition, she admits that she’s always late.

Starr dazzled Joey during premiere night by opening a box with him that had paper butterflies in it. In addition, Starr was part of the Bachelor Boot Camp during week 2. Although Starr didn’t have much airtime, she did make it to the finals of the episode 3 Bachelor Open, with her partner, Rachel Nance. They dressed as Hot Dog & Bun, with Starr as the bun. She really embraced the activity, and proved to Joey that she was willing to put herself out there to win his heart.

Chrissa, Evalin, and Starr are three beautiful women, inside and out, who deserve to find the love they’re looking for. After they left, Joey told the other women that he was aware that he’d just let three amazing women go. All three of them will most likely turn up on another Bachelor franchise show, whether they join the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise, or take on the lead role as the next star of The Bachelorette. Hopefully, they’ll find the men of their dreams very soon.

The Bachelor is a reality dating series that premiered in 2002. It follows one man’s search for his potential fiancé among several different women. As they travel the world and have exciting one-on-one and group dates, romance and drama develop. The Bachelor has led to many popular spin-offs, including The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

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