The Bachelor Season 28: Who Was Right In The Maria & Sydney Drama?

On The Bachelor season 28 episode 2, Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon had a confrontation that escalated, but Maria was clearly in the right. Maria and Sydney were two of the 22 out of 32 original women who were competing for Joey Graziadei’s heart. Joey, a 28-year-old tennis pro, got his start as the runner-up on Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette season. He was left heartbroken when Charity broke up with him to get engaged to Dotun Olubeko. However, now Joey is ready to find his future wife on his own Bachelor journey.

The Bachelor Season 28: Who Was Right In The Maria & Sydney Drama?

The Bachelor season 28 episode 2 had plenty of romance and drama. From Joey’s beautiful first one-on-one date with Daisy Kent to Lauren Hollinger’s self-elimination, there were a lot of emotions. However, one of the most explosive situations was due to the argument between Maria and Sydney. Although Maria can be a bit loud at times, her intentions in these circumstances were pure. Here’s why Maria was right, and Sydney was wrong in their argument.

The Maria & Sydney Drama Explained

Maria and Sydney’s drama centered around the way in which Maria reacted to Madina Alam’s confession to the other women about her insecurities about her age. At 31, Madina is the oldest woman on The Bachelor season 28. She explained that for her to come to the show as a 31-year-old made her feel as though her time was very limited, and that she didn’t have the time to waste. She then immediately whispered to herself that she wished that she didn’t say that out loud.

Shortly after, Maria, who’s 29, was shown loudly talking to another contestant about what Madina said. She stated, “Madina, you are 31. Own it. Joey probably loves it.” She also said that it was “hot.” Maria’s intentions didn’t seem to be malicious when she was talking about Madina. In fact, it was just the opposite. Maria was complimenting Madina, and thinking that she should be proud of her age. However, Sydney, who’s 28, overheard the conversation, and said in her confessional that Madina was her girl, and she wasn’t going to tolerate it. She said that she was going to say something.

Taylor Wiens later was a friend to Maria and informed her that Madina was upset because someone had told her that Maria had said, “I’m old too,” in response to Madina’s concerns about her age. Lauren Hollinger, who’s 28, stated that what Maria said wasn’t offensive, and added that she was also “old.” Taylor explained that Madina thought that Maria was downplaying her feelings. However, Taylor didn’t seem to agree.

During the rose ceremony cocktail party, Maria spoke to Madina, who was setting up for her time with Joey. Maria asked her to explain to her what upset her, and Madina said that she was told that Maria said, “I’m old too.” Maria asked her if being their age made her upset, and admitted that she was “so confused.” Madina replied that nothing was making her upset and she was actually in a fine mood, and she was simply waiting for Joey.

Maria then explained to Madina that she doesn’t consider herself old. However, Madina said that Maria made her feel as though she didn’t think it was a valid reason to be upset. She told Maria that there was more to the story, which she wanted to explain to Joey. Madina asked Maria if they could have a different conversation, and Maria told her that she’d love to talk to her after Madina spoke to Joey.

Maria wanted to know who told Madina about what she said, so she confronted the group of women before the rose ceremony, asking who it was. Sydney immediately said that she heard Maria say something very loudly about age, but she wasn’t even in the conversation. She said that Madina was her girl, and she thought it was very condescending and belittling of Maria to say it. Maria asked her to repeat what she heard her say. Sydney said it was Maria’s tone that bothered her when she said, “I’m old too.” Maria explained that she doesn’t think that women aged 29-31 are old, but Sydney told her that she was belittling Madina’s feelings.

Maria responded to Sydney by saying, “No, you’re right. I respect that she’s going through that. Let me promise you something. I would never, ever age shame someone.” She explained that she felt for Madina, but she wanted her to own her age. She said that she not only thought that Madina was a hot 31 year old, but that she was beautiful inside and out. Maria said that she didn’t think that Joey would ever look at Madina and say that 31 was too old for him. She stated that, if anything, it would be an “advantage” for Madina.

Maria then asked Sydney to just come to her next time, and Sydney said that she absolutely would. Maria then apologized to the other women, saying that she didn’t want this to be a thing. She then said in her confessional, “This was so dumb. That was probably the dumbest fight [in] Bachelor history.”

Why Maria Was Right

Maria’s comments about Madina came from a place of support, not malice. What Sydney overheard was Maria relating to Madina, and saying that they should be proud to be some of the older women on the show. Sydney should’ve spoken to Maria before she told Madina anything because she completely misinterpreted what Maria had said. It was wrong for Sydney to go behind Maria’s back. Maria even told Taylor, “It’s kind of scary to think about because I’ve been so nice to everyone, and they’ve been so nice to my face.” Maria also told Taylor that she didn’t want anyone else involved, but she loved that Taylor was by her side.

In addition, Maria said that she wasn’t even upset with Madina because she was being told things. She had the maturity to try to speak to Madina, instead of talking about her behind her back. She wanted to put a stop to the rumors, and confronted the group to find out who was talking about her, so that she could clear the air. Maria’s goal was to diffuse drama, while Sydney’s was to create it.

Why Sydney Was Wrong

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant Sydney Gordon Meeting Joey Graziadei

Sydney’s actions were immature. She wasn’t even in Maria’s conversation, but she said in her confessional that she was “talking s***.” When she added that Joey should know because she didn’t think that he wanted somebody like Maria, it appeared more like she was trying to eliminate Maria then stick up for Madina. Later, Sydney called Maria “annoying” in her confessional as well.

At the rose ceremony, Sydney was the last woman to receive a rose. In her confessional she said, “I definitely got drawn into some drama tonight. I’m happy with how I handled the situation, but as the roses dwindle, I’m really shaken up.” However, Sydney wasn’t “drawn into” drama at all, but instead she created it. There was no reason for her to tell Madina what Maria said when she wasn’t even in the conversation. She completely twisted Maria’s words, which ended up hurting Madina even more.

Where Do Maria & Sydney Go From Here?

Montage of The Bachelor's Joey Graziadei with rose petals

As the rose ceremony ended, Maria looked to the future, stating, “I have no idea what can happen next week, considering I don’t even know what the hell happened this week.” She also admitted that she doesn’t trust Sydney, and that Sydney wasn’t a friend to her. She explained, “If you’re willing to start something over something so stupid, it makes me wonder what else you’re capable of.”

Maria was right to be concerned. In the previews for The Bachelor season 28 episode 3, Sydney doesn’t seem to want to let her disagreement with Maria go. She was shown telling her, “You’ve created such a hostile environment.” Maria then responded, “You’re making me feel like I’m in a horror movie.” In another scene, Sydney leaves the group of women, stating, “I’m done feeling attacked tonight. I’m gonna head out if anyone wants to join me.” In her confessional, she says, “I cannot let a mean girl be a mean girl. It’s definitely something I’m gonna have to address to Joey ASAP.”

Joey is then shown telling the cameras that the idea of the women not showing him all sides of themselves scares him. Sydney then says, “Joey’s going to see her true colors.” Then there was a clip of Edwina Dorbor saying her confessional, “I don’t think anyone’s getting bullied. I feel like people have blown it out of proportion. It’s just ridiculous.” Maria then laments, “It’s not my fault. I don’t know if I can convince him that I’m not that person.”

Although The Bachelor producers are infamous for manipulating scenes to pull in viewers and some of this could have happened differently, it seems as though the conflict between Sydney and Maria doesn’t end quite yet. It’ll be very interesting to see how Joey actually responds to Sydney’s claims if she tells him. Sydney seems determined to make Maria into the villain of the season, but Maria hasn’t done anything to warrant this kind of response. It’s unfortunate that, once again, the focus is being taken away from the Bachelor love stories in order to showcase the drama between the women.

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