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The Bachelor Season 28’s Sydney Gordon Needs To Stop Playing The Victim In Maria Feud

The Bachelor season 28 episode 3 brought the drama as Sydney Gordon continued her one-sided feud with Maria Georgas, and now fans are speaking out about how she has to stop playing the victim. Sydney, a 28-year-old vintage store owner from Newport, Rhode Island, has decided that Maria Georgas, a 29-year-old executive assistant from Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada, is a “mean girl,” and has made it her mission to convince Joey to eliminate her from the show. However, her plan has backfired on her, as many fans believe that Sydney is the true villain of the season, and want to see her leave the dating series.

The Bachelor Season 28's Sydney Gordon Needs To Stop Playing The Victim In Maria  Feud - IMDb

In the comments section of a Bachelor Instagram post, The Bachelor season 28 fans spoke out against Sydney.

Instagram user @juliaafitzpatrick wrote, “Sydney playing victim…” Instagram user @lamorelaura responded to her saying, “I can’t even take her. Why is no one sticking up for Maria and putting Sydney in her place??? They could stop it right now and move on but they are letting her control the situation.. very frustrating to watch.” Instagram user @lvny7 speculated that it was The Bachelor producers who are creating the drama. She wrote, “The producers setting up this ridiculous attempt at drama has worn itself out. Either get some creative staff with new ideas or just stop.”

Sydney & Maria’s Bachelor Feud Explained

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant Sydney Gordon Promotional Photo

Sydney and Maria’s feud began when Madina Alam expressed her concerns about being one of the oldest contestants on The Bachelor season 28 at 31. Maria spoke to another contestant about how Madina was so beautiful and should embrace her age, rather than feel bad about it. Sydney overheard Maria, and accused her of talking badly about Madina. Sydney then tried to convince everyone, including Joey, that Maria was a “mean girl” and a bully, playing the victim every time Maria tried to defend herself. Maria, who said that she’d been bullied in the past, was baffled by Sydney’s reactions. The other women were also tired of Sydney calling Maria a bully, when she clearly wasn’t.

Sydney’s reactions to Maria are so off-base, that it really does appear that she might be a Bachelor producer plant. In her confessional, when she played the victim by asking what Maria wanted from her (a limb?), her reaction was so strange that it seemed scripted. In the previews for The Bachelor season 28 episode 4, Sydney and Maria were shown on an infamous two-on-one date with Joey, which is further proof that, even if the producers aren’t setting up the drama, they’re definitely encouraging it. Also, the other women should speak up more to Sydney’s face about how Maria isn’t a bully. It was refreshing to see Autumn Waggoner say, “Enough is enough,” after the pool party.

There have been many Bachelor villains throughout the years, but Maria isn’t one of them. No matter how much Sydney tries to make Maria out to be a bully, it’s clear that Maria has tried multiple times to squash the argument between them. Even Madina told Maria that she didn’t think she was a bully. It’s very strange that Sydney won’t drop this issue, when it really has nothing to do with her. Sydney needs to stop playing the victim with Maria and bullying her, and focus on her relationship with Joey, before it’s too late.

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