The Bachelorette season 21’s lead Jenn Tran is a first for the franchise in many ways, and the changes for her season are unprecedented. After competing on The Bachelor season 28 for Joey Graziadei’s heart, Jenn’s journey wasn’t everything she hoped. Though she had a strong connection with Joey, the lead wasn’t feeling as strongly about her. Jenn understood Joey’s choice to eliminate her before the hometown dates of the season but found herself heartbroken when she went home without a rose. Though her Bachelor journey was over, there were new things on the horizon for the New Jersey native.

Even after finding herself in the top five of Joey’s season, Jenn wasn’t certain that anything would change in her life after The Bachelor aired. As the season began to air for viewers, Jenn was catapulted to popularity along with Maria Georgas. Though it was clear The Bachelor producers were hopeful that Daisy Kent would become one of the popular faces of the season, Jenn and Maria stole the show. After a tense few weeks leading up to The Bachelor season 28 finale, where Daisy apparently declined the role of BacheloretteJenn was introduced as the franchise’s newest leading lady.

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Jenn Is Flipping The Script As The First Ever Asian-American Bachelorette

After years of selecting “safe” choices for The Bachelorette, the franchise seems to have made a decision between a few women who weren’t safe in several ways. Though Jenn wasn’t the only person in the running to become The Bachelorette, the series would’ve made history with a few different women in the leading role. With Daisy Kent and Maria Georgas in the running to become the lead of the next season, viewers were excited to see who would be chosen. Jenn wasn’t on most viewers’ radar, but her selection was exciting, as it was largely quite unexpected by Bachelor Nation.

Jenn was introduced as The Bachelorette after Joey and Kelsey Anderson’s sweet engagement aired on The Bachelor season 28 finale. Supported by the cast of the season, including Daisy and Kelsey, Jenn’s announcement as the lead was joyous for the franchise. Bachelor Nation host Jesse Palmer shared that Jenn would be the first ever Bachelorette of Asian American descent, glad to be able to provide viewers a broader sense of representation. Jenn explained that it was an honor to be the first Asian Bachelorette, and was happy to be allowing women who look like her to see themselves on TV.

Jenn’s Season Will Begin At A Brand New Location, Not The Bachelor Mansion

Jenn Tran from The Bachelor Season 28 with her and joey behind
Custom image by César García

With Jenn making history as the first Asian American Bachelorette, the series has also made some exciting changes to the format for her new journey. Jenn’s season will be one of the only seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette not to start at the famous Bachelor mansion. The typical mansion, where the majority of the seasons have had their opening episodes, may not be available for filming during the season, or there may be something larger that Bachelor Nation will have to be surprised by later. Jenn’s season started their filming at Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Santa Susana, California.

Jenn Tran Is A Current PA Student, Making Her Lifestyle Different Than Most Leads

Jenn is also making history with her career, as she’s the first ever Bachelorette to still be attending school while she’s leading the series. Jenn is in PA school and ultimately hopes to become a Physician’s Assistant. PA school can be difficult and hectic, but Jenn has been able to prioritize her journey as The Bachelorette alongside her education for the moment. Jenn hasn’t disclosed where she goes to PA school after studying at the University Of Wisconsin – Madison for her undergraduate degree. Still, the fact that she’s pursuing such a specific degree makes it clear she’s dedicated to success.

Jenn Is Interested in Multi-Cultural Guys, So She’s Hoping For A More Diverse Cast

The Bachelorette's Jenn Tran, with three of her potential suitors, surrounded by rose petals
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While there hasn’t been much buzz about the men who are cast on Jenn’s season of The Bachelorette, she shared during The Bachelor: After The Final Rose that she’s hoping to see a diverse group of men vying for her heart. While ABC has shared some of the men who could appear on Jenn’s season, the official cast has yet to be released. Jenn, who’s hoping to find someone that she can share her life with, is looking for love first and foremost. While she wants to meet someone she’s attracted to, The Bachelorette hopes to make a genuine connection.