The Bachelor’s Jenn Tran Should Be The Next Bachelorette (I Think She’s Amazing)

The Bachelor season 28 leading man Joey Graziadei said goodbye to Jenn Tran, but she deserves to continue her journey to find love on her own season of The Bachelorette. Joey, a 28-year-old tennis pro from Collegeville, Pennsylvania, got his start as the runner-up of Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette season. After going through the heartbreak of that relationship ending, he happily began his own Bachelor season with his 32 contestants. Joey traveled all over the world with the women during his experience, including Malta, Spain, Canada, and Mexico, where he’ll hopefully get engaged to the love of his life.

The Bachelor's Jenn Tran Should Be The Next Bachelorette (I Think She's Amazing)

During The Bachelor season 28, Jenn, a 25-year-old physician assistant student from Miami, Florida, made it to Joey’s final six women until she was eliminated right before the hometown dates. Although Jenn and Joey had a very strong connection that began on premiere night when they shared a conversation and a kiss, when it came time to choose the women for his hometown dates, he felt that his connections with some of the others were stronger, so he sent Jenn home. Here’s why Jenn now deserves to star in her own season of The Bachelorette.

Jenn Tran Knows How To Have Fun

Throughout The Bachelor season 28, Jenn brought fun and excitement to the show. She had one of the most entertaining limousine entrances when she arrived in a go-kart. She later challenged Joey to a go-kart race. Jenn’s fun-loving personality was a bright spot during the Bachelor premiere, which can get serious at times when the leading man meets all of the contestants. In addition, when Jenn and Joey went surfing on their one-on-one date, Jenn embraced the challenge, even though she admitted that she was intimidated by it and terrified of sharks.

Jenn’s adventurous personality would make her a perfect Bachelorette. It’s always thrilling to see the couples trying new things together, especially when they’re pushed out of their comfort zones. This helps to create bonds between them as well. Jenn would certainly be an exciting Bachelorette, who would have a captivating season.

Jenn Isn’t Interested In Drama

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant Jenn Tran Meeting Joey Graziadei On Premiere Night

During the first half of The Bachelor season 28, some of the women were consumed by conflicts. Throughout the continuous drama brought about by women such as Sydney Gordon, Lea Cayanan, and Jess Edwards when they targeted and bullied Maria Georgas, Jenn managed to stay out of it, and keep her focus on her own relationship with Joey. This is important because it shows that Jenn was on the show for the right reasons. Jenn would most likely be the type of Bachelorette who would put a stop to conflict among the men. She’d be there for one reason: to find her future husband.

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant Jenn Tran Receiving A Rose From Joey Graziadei

Throughout The Bachelor season 28, Jenn knew that she had to make herself stand out if she wanted to capture Joey’s attention. She was unafraid to steal Joey away to spend some time with him, even if it was in front of the other women. This was seen when Jenn pulled Joey aside in front of the other contestants to teach him how to play the piano. Although the other women felt uncomfortable that they had to watch this, Jenn was able to tune them out and focus on Joey.

Jenn’s commitment to proving that she cared about Joey was most evident when she interrupted his interview during the final group date to give him a kiss. She did this in full view of the other women, and she didn’t worry if she’d offend them with her actions. Joey was enthralled by this moment, and it showed that Jenn was there for him.

It’s easy to imagine that Jenn would be the type of Bachelorette who would clearly express her needs and wants to the men competing for her heart. She isn’t shy about expressing her feelings, which is very important when the lead is dating so many men at once. Jenn would most likely be a decisive Bachelorette, who would confidently choose her future husband.

Jenn Is Open to Finding Love

During The Bachelor season 28 episode 6, Jenn was one of the first women to tell Joey that she was falling for him. Although he said in his confessional that he wasn’t fully ready to say it back, he also gushed that he almost jumped up and started dancing when he heard it. Jenn was willing to put herself out there for Joey, and let him know how she felt without hesitation. She’s kind, caring, and compassionate, which are all key qualities that a Bachelorette lead should have.

Unlike some of the other Bachelor season 28 contestants, Jenn was unafraid to express her true feelings to Joey. She was all-in on him, which is a fantastic sign that she’s ready to find her one true love. Readiness is perhaps the most important aspect of being the lead of The Bachelorette, and it’s what can help sustain the relationship in the real world too. In addition, Jenn proved that she’s open to finding love, and doesn’t have walls up, which is ideal for a Bachelorette lead.

Kelsey Anderson The Bachelor Season 28

Jenn Would Be The First Asian American Bachelorette

For many years, Bachelor fans have been asking for more Asian representation in the franchise. Jenn is Vietnamese, and, according to her ABC bio, she’s bilingual. Throughout her time on The Bachelor, she took pride in representing her culture. In a powerful Instagram post, Jenn discussed why Asian American representation on television is so important. She shared, “The lack of exposure directly correlates to the ignorance.”

Jenn revealed that many news articles about her included pictures of other Asian women who clearly didn’t look like her. Jenn left her Instagram followers with a message, writing, “Let’s continue to take accountability, learn from others and lead with love always.” On The Bachelor season 28, Jenn was committed to representing her Asian culture in a positive way. She deserves to be the first Asian American Bachelorette.

Jenn was a memorable Bachelor season 28 contestant who not only caught Joey’s attention, but stole the hearts of viewers as well. With her sweet personality and openness to the process, Jenn proved that she was on the show for the right reasons. Bachelor Nation wants more Asian American representation, and Jenn is dedicated to making that happen, so she should be the first-ever Asian American lead. She’s beautiful both inside and out, and deserves as much love as she gives to the world. Jenn should now be the star of her own season of The Bachelorette.

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