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The Bachelor’s Joey Graziadei Reveals Who Should Be The Next Bachelorette

The Bachelor season 28 star Joey Graziadei revealed who he feels should be the next Bachelorette during the epic Women Tell All special. While Joey was likely feeling somewhat uncomfortable during The Bachelor: Women Tell All after being confronted with a lot of heavy emotions from his exes, the lead took everything in stride throughout the event. As his journey to find love on The Bachelor season 28 comes to a close, Joey has been responsible for creating a safe, validating environment on his season. Though he has had to break some hearts, the women seem happy with Joey’s journey.

This Contestant Is Shockingly Emerging As The New Villain Of The Bachelor Season 28

“Of the women that were present, definitely Rachel and Maria.”

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Joey revealed who he believes would make the best Bachelorette. “Of the women that were present, definitely Rachel and Maria,” Joey explained, citing his two most recent boots. “Those two, they have a lot to offer. They opened up a lot to me. It was exciting to know that I would get a chance to…write my own story [after The Bachelorette]. Both of those women deserve that.” While Joey didn’t wind up with Maria Georgas or Rachel Nance, he hopes to see one of them lead the next season of The Bachelorette.

Joey Graziadei Says Racist Comments About Rachel Are “Unacceptable”

While Joey hopes to see one of his exes lead The Bachelorette season 21, he felt compelled to speak about some of the hate he’s been seeing online. Addressed during the Women Tell All special, Rachel’s emotional revelation to host Jesse Palmer about the hateful comments she’s been receiving was difficult to watch. The behavior, which was admonished by Rachel, Jesse, and Joey, isn’t new to Bachelor Nation, but Joey hopes to put a stop to it. “To have unwarranted hate, I don’t understand it,” Joey shared. “I think it’s just a reminder to be kind, because people don’t understand.”

Rachel, who was eliminated during clips shown on the Women Tell All special of The Bachelor, explained that she’s been receiving racist, insensitive comments since her hometown date aired just weeks ago. Though she was excited to see her family represented on screen, the backlash against Rachel has been vicious online, and though she was hopeful that she wouldn’t deal with much vitriol, the hate has clearly taken a toll on her mental health. Rachel shared tearfully with Joey, Jesse, and the audience that it’s been a tough time, but Joey made it clear that he didn’t condone the hate.

Joey’s time as The Bachelor will be coming to a dramatic end in the next episode of the season, which will be a three-hour finale that finally answers the question of who the lead will end up with. Though Joey has been having a hard time choosing between his finalists, Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson, the fact that he was able to comfortably sit down with so many of the women of his season was a first in Bachelor Nation history. The drama between the women may have been rife on The Bachelor: Women Tell All, but Joey escaped unscathed.

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