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The Bachelor’s Sydney & Maria Feud Has A Clear Winner, According To Charity Lawson

The Bachelor season 28 contestants Sydney Gordon and Maria Georgas are engaged in some intense drama, and now The Bachelorette season 20 star Charity Lawson reveals that she’s Team Maria. The Bachelor season 28 leading man Joey Graziadei got his start as the runner-up in Charity’s season, so she knows him very well. Joey has been navigating the complicated conflict between Sydney and Maria, which stemmed from Maria saying that Madina Alam, who was concerned about being 31 years old, should own her age because she’s a beautiful woman. Sydney misconstrued this comment as Maria belitting Madina’s feelings.

The Bachelor's Sydney & Maria Feud Has A Clear Winner, According To Charity Lawson

In a video shared to Reddit by Marinezareen16, Charity, who’s currently performing on the Dancing With The Stars 2024 tour after placing fourth in DWTS season 32, shared that she supports The Bachelor season 28 contestant Maria in the Maria-Sydney feud.

In the video, Charity speaks to some people on a street and says, “The age thing is stupid.” The people agree wholeheartedly with her. Charity then says, “And we are Team Maria!” The group of people then cheers as Charity smiles. In the comments section of the post, Reddit user wasabipeas1996 wrote, “She is so cute, a DOLL.” Reddit user MotorMyOla declared, “She’s such a girl’s girl! Love her!”

Sydney & Maria’s Bachelor Season 28 Feud Explained

Maria & Sydney from The Bachelor season 28, with lightning bolts surrounding them
Custom Image by César García

After Sydney told Madina that Maria was talking badly about her, Maria explained what actually happened to Madina, and they were able to get past it. However, Sydney wouldn’t drop the issue. She decided that Maria was a “mean girl” and a bully, and made it her mission to tell Joey about it. However, Sydney’s reactions have been so extreme that it seems as though she might be a producer plant added to the show to create drama.

Joey has expressed concern that it’s impossible for him to know what really happened between Sydney and Maria because there’s so much that he doesn’t see when he’s not with the women. In addition, it’s hard for viewers to know what they’re missing because of how The Bachelor is edited. However, it’s clear that Maria is trying to put an end to the drama so that she can focus on Joey, while Sydney continues to make it worse. It’s hard to watch Maria being bullied week after week, but it’s good to know that fans are seeing the truth about what’s really going on.

It’s fantastic to see Charity taking Maria’s side in The Bachelor season 28 drama. Although Maria is outspoken, she clearly has a good heart and is in no way a bully. Since she was a contestant in Zach Shallcross’ Bachelor season, Charity knows firsthand how the producers might twist what happens in order to create a dramatic storyline. In addition, it’s very important for prominent Bachelor Nation members to speak out on behalf of contestants like Maria, who are clearly being bullied themselves on the show.

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